In the name of the Father, Mother God and the Divine Christ Light, we ask under the Law of Grace -


For assistance in bringing peace and understanding to the people of this planet. To bring to them, a greater spiritual  nature and a trust in the Divine order of all things.

We ask for assistance to be given to the animal, insect, plant and mineral forms upon Earth, that they may bridge gently into the new planetary vibrations.

We also ask on their behalf, that human need and greed be abated, to bring about more tolerance of the brotherhood of these other life forms - that man may recognise the need for each to be loved and nurtured as he would himself seek to be loved and cared for.

We ask for assistance for our dearly beloved Earth mother, who has for so long borne the trials and tribulations of man in a state of disconnection from Source, plundering her shores and seas in his seeking to learn through ego and limitation, on his path to greater spiritual enlightenment.

We ask for ourselves in humility and grace, that we may be assisted to a greater wisdom and awareness of our own Divine self and higher presence in all things. To give ourselves fully to Spirit and to Divine service and that we feel the love and joy of the Divine connection of One.

That we come above all else, who we truly are and allow the transmutation of all that is illusion, to gently fall away.

We ask for the quieting of the mind, to permit great stillness, peace and silence within.

We ask for the love of God to pervade our space and fill our hearts that we may stand in our full I AM Presence.

 By the Divine Will and Grace of God - So Be It.   



Sandy Stevenson