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January 2012

The moaning or groaning noises coming from inside the earth structure are a result of the separation of the core or main central system of the planet from the gravitational pull that the other planets have on it. This is being done by Gaia as she plans her movement of ascension to another dimension. She needs to guide her own way through this ascension without having energy pulls from other planetary systems, which could throw her off her trajectory. She has chosen as the most optimum way to create two worlds.

We have in essence two worlds.

One world is in a state of Ascension and is being created by the natural progression of evolution of the Earth Mother. It includes her plant, animal and other kingdoms, and those of humanity who have chosen to align with the vibration required to make that entry with her as part of their own future existence. This world will exist in the higher realms of vibrational energy, learning through a multitude of new experiences that involve harmony and working together in teams rather than as an individual learning experience. This is advancement to learning that can occur through an individual perspective only. It involves far greater wisdom, understanding, compassion and a wider perspective of what is good for the greater number of living components. It brings to the individual an increased awareness of the universe and its functions and a greater inner sense and development of unconditional love. This expands and expands and one attains higher degrees of vibration within the extensive 5th dimensional band of reality. It is a beautiful, ever increasing, harmonious experience based on the overall grasp of a state of union that exists between all living things and the creation of matter of reality. It is devoid of pain, suffering, trauma, discomfort and dense emotions. The Being who had the Earth as her solid physical form is graduating to a new place of evolution and will no longer be known as Earth or associated with that planet. This is the normal procedure and is the same as each of you experience when departed from this incarnation, you resume your own true identity and are no longer associated with the life you have led here.

The other world is being created by a sector of the human population who have chosen a specific band of reality to align themselves with. This world will be Earth in name and involves a continuation of the learning from an individualised perspective. However, many energy bands of Earth are being rejuvenated and increased in vibration, which allows this world that is remaining in the third dimensional density to begin to experience a greater similarity to the world that is separating into the higher ascension band. Many forces have come into play to assist this ‘world of Earth’ to begin a thousand years of peace, termed the Golden Age. Therefore, facets of life on Earth such as suffering will gradually begin to fade as more unity is examined and understood and adopted as a way of life.

This existence of reality is a new birthing, not simply a continuation of the previous. It needs to be so for many reasons. One reason being that owing to Numbers of Lightworkers and humanity choosing to ascend with their physical body, this planet will have a considerable number of people missing from its former existence. A percentage of these people will have ‘disappeared’ with their physical body. If this were to be remembered, the trauma it may cause could be detrimental to the evolution of the individuals remaining on Earth. So the Earth, in its ‘new’ creation, will contain no memory of the previous existence of those persons. It will be an inaccessible idea, much the same as ‘past life memory’ is not accessible. Where family and friends have departed in a manner that is known and acceptable and this can be fitted into the existing structure, this memory is retained. The procedure is called the Veils of Maya - forgetting.

In some other instances, the memory of departed individuals shall be retained. Where a person left with their physical body, but this person was of great significance in someone’s life, it may be in highest order that this person is remembered. However, the manner in which they have departed will be altered to an acceptable form of departure. There may also be instances where the person remaining is in Band 1 and happens to be very close to ascending themselves, so they may retain memory of departed persons.

You understand the essence of being a creator of your world means you will always get that which you expect from your own thought creation. Where you put a lot of energy into a particular thought, this generally places you into the direct experience of that creation. Where you have brushed up on the idea, but have not extended much energy into that creation, you will likely only be on the periphery, perhaps merely hearing of others experiencing such incidents. This, of course, means that everyone is right in their estimations of what the future holds for them.  They are creating it and therefore it will be so. For those of you who have aligned your thoughts with the idea of Earth ascending to the 5th dimensional, of course it will be so – but you will not get the satisfaction some of you have thought of saying to disbelieving friends, ‘See I told you so’ – as the Earth ascends. For your friends and family who are not in the same band of reality as you will not be experiencing the same as you are. Neither will they be able to say that to you, for the world they now inhabit will not contain you and will seem perfectly normal, just as they expected.


Archangel Metatron

Jan 2012