The Universe is made of geometry and numbers. There are mathematical codes and equations for all types of expressions of Creation and if one were able to tap into these codes, one could begin to access the secrets of the Universe. The human body is made up of sacred geometry and mathematical codes that correspond to the codes of the Universe. One can work with these codes to bring harmony and balance in one's life as this brings about healing at the quantum level.


Sacred Geometry is the building blocks of the Blueprint of all of creation and forms the unmanifest and manifest worlds and is the basis of all form and Consciousness. On every scale from massive planetary and celestial bodies, every pattern of growth, change or movement will conform to the mathematical precision of one or more geometric shapes. Sacred Geometry is an ancient metaphysical science that explores the mathematical patterns inherent in creation and reveals the precise way that the Universe organizes itself. Sacred Geometry reveals the underlying connection between all things in the form of math, numbers and geometry that proves the hidden order behind creation.


Sacred Geometry through meditation or contemplation can reveal the nature, purpose and necessary education of the Soul. Our unique soul pattern holds mathematical patterns and geometric forms which dictate the pattern of our consciousness.


So, everything in the universe is either a composition of precise mathematics or holds mathematics within its energy field - as in the case for all living creatures including humans.


Mathematical codes are stored within the subtle energy bodies that surround each person. A major subtle body for this storage is called the mental body where thoughts are stored. Mathematical codes are being constantly adopted, exchanged and distributed between people and living creatures. These codes are also passed out into the environment as well as into the earth itself utilising the huge mathematical ley line energy structure in the ground throughout Earth.


As we know, the Light Force on Earth (Lightworkers) consists of millions of beings who came from all corners of the universe and other dimensions to help the Earth in her evolution. That includes evolved Cosmic beings, Old soul Starseeds, Star children and the panorama of evolved beings from the Angelic Kingdom.

All Lightworkers bring codes with them when they incarnate and they continue adopting and releasing codes throughout their life. Codes are vital to achieving the work Lightworkers came here to do.


Generally, the adoption and exchange of codes occurs without the conscious awareness of the individual. This was deliberately planned as it was thought observing the constant interchange of energy would be distracting to our work on the planet. While usually there’s no need to be aware we’re carrying codes, some Lightworkers are aware of this because their particular work requires their conscious understanding.


Lightworkers are constantly drawn to those people and places where their codes need to go. Many people are drawn to sacred sites around the world; places such as Stonehenge and Ayers Rock, have key vortex points that can carry the rapid distribution of codes through the planet. There are thousands of vortices on Earth that perfectly absorb mathematical codes. These vary in size from small to huge interdimensional portals.


The incredible light work being undertaken on Earth could not occur without Lightworkers, and nor could it occur without the massive interchange of mathematical codes that takes place all over the world.


This information may help explain why we sometimes feel drawn to go to a certain location – or country - or perhaps feel compelled to meet with certain people. This can be intuition directing us where our codes need to go – or perhaps to the people or places who will pass new codes to us. The interchange of mathematical codes on Earth is a major factor in the evolution of Earth and humanity, so it’s important to listen to our intuitive guidance.


Maintaining a loving space, aligning to light and listening to our inner- tuition, allows our role in the Divine Plan to unfold in perfection.


Love and blessings,


Sandy Stevenson

16th September 2018