Let us become the love and light, that each may see it as a beacon and follow it with trust and so link with the Divine Source.

Let us remember to laugh and have fun. Life is not a burden, it is pure joy. It is entirely up to us.

Let us recognise that we are but channels for the Divine Light and that it is not our ego-incarnated identity that originates the help we give, but the God/All That Is (however we perceive that to be) and we simply add our humble self to carry it in our own special and unique way.

Let us make the journey from the head to the heart, knowing that whereas the mind may lead us in circles, the heart will lead us home. Let us steer clear of 'shoulds' and 'musts' that stem from the mind and instead stay in the 'now' and experience the intuitive response of the heart with its right feeling, trusting that this is our connection to God and it will lead us to where we are most able to help.

Let us be grateful to each person that we have interacted with in our lives, thanking them within our hearts, for being willing to act as a mirror, reflecting to us that which we need to learn. Let us know that we magnetise these situations and people toward us, to show us clearly those areas of life where we need to be more unconditionally loving or to reflect positive qualities within ourselves that we may not have recognised yet.

Let us  spread only positive thoughts and discipline ourselves in this, realising that as we become more our true selves, greater care in this is needed.

Let us make no judgement of self or others, for each is seeking to learn and experience in their own unique way, to take that wisdom back to the whole. To realise that if there were only one way to do something, there would need be only one person.

Let us channel and spread Light across the Earth such as never before. Let us stand fully in our truth, willing and without fear, to speak that which comes intuitively from the heart. Let us be the Self that we truly are.

Let us who are granted the gift to teach, keep our costs such that many are reached. Let us encourage all to take back their power, to be the Master and seek the truth within themselves.

Let us be discerning and align with Light. There are many ways to learn and you may prefer to align your energies with those whose goals are similar to yours. Make no judgements of anyone and maintain unconditional love to all.

Let us trust the Higher God aspect of ourselves and have faith that all is well and in Divine order. To know that we do truly create our own reality and our own experience, to serve our highest good.

Let us  take full responsibility for our actions and thoughts, not just on earth, but across the  Universe, on all dimensions - realising that each action is interlinked with all realms and all beings. But let us also know that responsibility is not a heavy burden, but a joy that comes naturally and with ease, as we become more truly ourselves.

Let us not set our healing into rote procedure, but allow for fluidity and intuition to guide us through each moment, permitting the flow of divine energy to move through us.

Let us  be willing to release all that is not truly us. Let us permit the releasing of all buried emotions and thought and allow the mental and emotional bodies to integrate and blend into Spirit.

Let us be aware of the other kingdoms with whom we share this Earth. The lovely crystal and mineral world, the wondrous plants, trees and flowers and great oceans, all bringing to us a myriad of healing qualities through the exquisite vibration that can reach us all. Let us remember the world of the Elementals that maintain the Earth for us.

Let us seek to assist others to further awareness of a need for love and care of our precious animal and insect world on land and sea. Let us share our world in love with all God's creatures.

Let us, with integrity, speak only that which we know within as true, whilst making it clear to others, that it is only our truth as we perceive it and that each should take only that which resonates within the heart and sits comfortably in that place of the three fold flame; the love, power and wisdom, that resides within us all.

Let us always look higher, to see the greater picture and the divine order of all things and not limit ourselves to a third dimensional reality.

Let us also be grateful to the Ascended realms of Light, angels and guides, mostly unrecognised and unacknowledged, never failing to extend to us the gifts of their energy, presence and love. Let us release our fixed patterns about when, from whom and in what manner we will be presented with Universal truth. Know that each receives in his own way and that there is no set or right way. Perhaps the Angelic world and Ascended Masters of Light reach you in a way that best suits you.

Let us understand the right use of power and truth, gifted to all, as full Service to the Light is taken up. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Let us  realise that to be here is truly a gift of Grace and know that we may easily reach a place of peace, joy, love and fulfilment by realising that it is not my will, but THY WILL be done on Earth as it is in heaven.


Sandy Stevenson      




ęCopyright Sandy Stevenson