Choices being made 

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                                         by Kuthumi    


There is a time coming ahead that is important for the entire planet. It will be a shift of energy that is somewhat as you have been reading as due on 3rd March. However, it is to transition over several days from the evening of the 2nd March until the 6th March. It will display itself by people feeling quite unsettled at times. It is a major shift in attention.

There is an impetus coming from the realms beyond, that is to assist people to begin to decide which way they prefer to go. From this point people need to really begin to make the choice of which side of the road they wish to play on. Although this has been going on for quite some years now, the deciding time was stressed most prominently at the time of the May planetary alignment.

The new impetus is encouraging this decision for all people on the planet who are as yet undecided and those who have not yet contemplated the idea of the choices being offered. There is no need for people to consciously be aware that a choice is to be made. They will simply have circumstances in their life arise that will require a choice be made. The decision thus taken will actually be a deciding of whether they wish planetary Ascension or not, for themselves at this time. The term ‘planetary ascension’ rather than ‘personal Ascension’ is used when it is the planet that is ascending and taking her life forms with her. The Earth will take those who are choosing this, plus every living thing that operates within the natural order in her sphere. It is a personal Ascension, but we tend to use the term ‘personal Ascension’ when individuals or a race of people are choosing to ascend, independent of the current evolutionary position of the planet they are on.

There is a great time ahead - for those who are moving toward Ascension will begin to seek out those who are also choosing such a destiny - and those who are desiring to play out a 3rd dimensional reality will seek out those with similar plans. A divide is occurring in a way. Of course, neither route being better than the other. It is simply a choice.

Therefore, be not surprised when people disappear out of your life. Let this go, with love. Surrender to the rightness of all perfection. Your decision - and their decision - are both right. Do you understand? Neither is to be judged or deemed to be more right than the other. Allow all that is, to be.

This is not something I have made up for something to say! This is a truth and is actually happening. It is necessary for this to occur now, as the planet begins a great leap forward in the consciousness of humanity. Each of the steps of the Divine Plan for Earth allow sufficient time for all people to be assisted into the correct place to make informed choices. Guardian angels are working constantly to offer many opportunities to people, to give them a chance to bring forth the spiritual qualities within themselves that will permit their movement into the natural flow of Divine order. Many dozens of significant opportunities are given and many of a more subtle nature, to encourage the person to act with their heart, with their integrity, with what feels right for them to do.

If a continual choosing takes place to play further in the 3D game, then the choice is made. The angels will then begin to offer opportunities for the individual’s advancement within that structure. If this involves plans toward relocation to another 3D sphere, then this also is incorporated into the plan for that individual. Whatever takes place, always the very best care and most perfect situation is placed before the individual.
There is no judgement in these realms of existence. We do not look upon decisions as often one would tend to do within a 3D framework. We see only evolution and the perfection of each choice.

This is a critical time in a way as it is very pronounced over this period in March, as I mentioned. If you observe, you may notice that various events on the planet over this period in March will reflect the decisions being made. It is not the end of the decision making, but it is a major leap in that direction. Many people have been led for some time now, being given the opportunities to make their choices, so this time of energy input will be, for all those people, the final choice moment.

Many Lightworkers have already experienced an interest in helping humanity further awaken and more will now find their interest goes in this direction. Many lightworkers that have had work to do within the sphere of other Lightworkers, may find those tasks are ended and new interests appear.

Although there are still those of humanity who are choosing which way to go, much of this attention that you, as a Lightworker, have agreed to place toward humanity is designed to assist those who have chosen to ascend. The overall goal would be to help them further align themselves toward this goal.

Not all Lightworkers are involved with this area. There are still many other functions that Lightworkers are involved in. Interest is the factor that shows you where your energy is to be directed.

Remember, everything is taken into account in a perfect plan. So work for Lightworkers can be literally anything. It cannot really be defined, for all things were originally undertaken to assist this planet. Caring for a child, being still, re-educating people, creating awareness of hidden crevices, cooking, street sweeping, going on holiday, sitting on a mountain top or an interchange of communication with a neighbour – are all a part of the plan. Do you see that everything can be an assistance to this beloved planet? We err sometimes, in a belief that some things are of a holy nature and others are not. Be ‘all surrendering’ and follow one’s dream of the moment, to bring about the best possible outcome for all life.

Hold on with faith, strength and courage, for all is truly as it seems. Your inner knowing can be relied upon. That special time has truly arrived for this planet – a time you have long awaited and I suspect at times wondered if it would ever occur!

NOW IS THE TIME. NOW IT HAS ARRIVED.                                 

With all my heart, I acknowledge you. With all my love, I bless you.


25th Feb 2001                   

Channelled by Sandy Stevenson