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Throughout our series of incarnations on Earth we have experienced many personal traumas. This is inevitable when living and learning in the third dimension.

Along with times of great joy and happiness, we also experience betrayals, loss of loved ones, great sadness, injustices and various forms of death at the end of each lifetime. These incidents leave us with lots of different emotions and thought patterns.  

We understand from our spiritual perspective, it is necessary for us to review these events so we see the truth of what really happened at the time. These things are never as they seemed at the time. We have to examine all the facets because seeing the truth will allow us to release the trauma, along with its associated thoughts and emotions.  

What usually happens is that we examine these events at the end of the incarnation they occurred in. However, becasuse they have so recently occurred, sometimes we put off looking at some of the more painful events experienced during our incarnation. We feel it may be easier to examine them at a future lifetime when they are not so painful. So we put it off and put it off. Lifetimes go by and these things remain with us waiting to be addressed. 

Then one day, we realise we have arrived at our last physical incarnation and many of these incidents with their pain, fears, thoughts and various emotions, are still with us. They sit buried and unknown, tucked away in the subtle emotional and mental bodies. All these traumas contain dense, heavy energy.  

All old souls on Earth are now completing their final physical incarnation. In order to proceed to the higher realms of existence for a more harmonious form of learning, all dense energies in our subtle bodies have to be brought to the surface, raised in frequency and released. Until and unless this is done, you would have to remain on a third dimensional learning planet, perhaps for a very long time. You would be unable to return home when your task on Earth is completed. Many planetary cycles are 26,000 years. This is not a desired option for any old soul I know.                                                                                                                           

The difficulty is that on a conscious level, we have no idea we have any buried trauma that needs releasing. Fortunately, on a spiritual level we do know.                                                       

 How do we discover these buried emotions?

We start to attract situations into our life that will show us we have specific emotions and thoughts that need releasing. We begin by attracting gentle, non-traumatic events to help us notice where we have a reaction that can throw us a little off balance. Perhaps we notice a stranger doing something to someone else that slightly offends or upsets us. These increase in intensity, if unhandled. 

There is always a choice regarding the way we view events in our life. 1. We can notice our own reaction and let it go and be grateful to this stranger for showing us this negative trait within ourselves. 2. We can ignore our reaction and condemn and judge the other person for their behaviour.  

Life situations will show us again and again all the specific emotions we need to release. In order for us to proceed home, we are shown all reactions that need transmuting into a higher level of light energy. If we don't understand the real reason for attracting and fail to handle them, we will go on attracting more people doing things to bring up this same response in us. The events and situations may be quite different, but are all intended to trigger the same response in us. The universe continues to do its best to get us to notice the buried pain. It begins to increase the frequency and intensity of these events. 

If we continue to blame others and fail to acknowledge and accept these areas of negativity and traumatic reactions within ourselves, life can start to get quite traumatic. Events will begin to be inflicted upon us by those closest to us, rather than by strangers. Loved ones are more effective in dragging our buried stuff up to the surface. As we care more about the people closest to us, they can usually reach us where others may have failed. Relationships with our family cannot usually be so easily escaped and we are forced to address things.  

Let the next statement reach deep within your heart and soul. The people doing these things to us are the people who love you so unconditionally, they are willing to create whatever circumstances necessary to help you see what you need to see before you can go home. These are the people who love you so much they are willing to risk being treated like the enemy, judged, criticised, yelled at, hated, trampled upon, scorned and abandoned. Of course, it doesn’t seem as though they love you at the time. It can appear they hate you as they often behave horribly. This is often quite uncharacteristic, unless they have been trying to show you this particular reaction for a long time. 

Every area of your life where you cannot maintain a harmonious balance of unconditional love, where you have negative thoughts and behaviour, where you can be thrown off your purpose and focus, where you blame others and fail to accept responsibility for your own life and its creations - will be presented to you. 

As we often have quite a few different reactions to release, we usually attract several different scenarios with different people, at any one time. It would take a long time if we only attracted one event showing us one reaction.                                                  

Aside from our own life situations, we can also view our reactions to various world events. We will hear about the events that produce a reaction in us.

For your sake and that of everyone around you – if you find you have a need to be right or have any feelings of self righteousness or thinking you are better than anyone else - it is time to let them go.  

None of us are above spiritual law. It doesn't help to pretend we are victims and aren't really creating our world. We need to stop blaming others. It is time to let go of unwanted emotions, exhaustion, struggle, pain, weariness and effort. Perhaps it's time to see the beauty of the truth we are being offered. The universe is showing us these things so we can let go of them. We are being helped to go home. Time to move into harmony, joy, love and happiness. 

You get a choice.  

The hard way to live is to continue to ignore your reactions.  To do so, rejects the spiritual understanding that we create all the circumstances in our life for our highest good. You can go on blaming everyone else for the grief they are causing you and play at being a victim of life. You can go on focusing on the apparent external circumstance and try to decide how you should go about handling that situation/person, etc. You can create bigger and bigger upsets in your life until things get so drastic they can no longer be ignored. Incidentally, at this point it also starts to impact as physical problems and illness upon the body.  

Or you can handle it the easy way. This would be simply noting your reaction and releasing it - whereupon you stop attracting the type of incident designed to trigger this reaction in you. When your reaction is no longer there, you don’t need to attract more incidents to show it. When the reaction is gone, the universe will change the events in your life to accommodate your new state of being.  

Having cleared a reaction or thought pattern, you will then attract a new set of circumstances to show you another emotion you have buried. You will go on doing this with every buried thought and emotion you have, until you are completely in balance and can maintain a place of inner calm and peace without getting upset. 

It is not wise to deny or suppress your emotions. Nor do you need to make any judgements about them or yourself. There is nothing wrong with emotions. They are OK and you are OK. It is just that at this particular time, it is better for you to release emotions that throw you off balance. In other words, release the emotions that throw you into a space of conditional love rather than unconditional love. Conditional love is the type of love where we say we will only love someone if they behave in a way we feel is acceptable. Unconditional love is when we just love someone, no matter their behaviour, colour, religion, beliefs, etc.  

This is truth. No matter the level of horrific trauma you are sitting in right now, start afresh with this new view. Do nothing else initially than go within and handle your own stuff. This is the correct handling. Concentrate on letting go of your own reactions. That is why the situation has occurred. It may not always be something happening to you personally. Many different scenarios are created to help us see our reactions. You may read something in a book or magazine, or have a reaction to a movie, or perhaps you hear news of something happening to someone else or in another country. There is no difference. The reason you saw that movie or heard about that thing is because you attracted it. 

Do not put your attention on the details and the significance of the situation itself. Do not worry about what reactions the other people involved need to let go of. We can often avoid looking at ourselves by putting our attention on what we think other people need to handle themselves. We somehow try to make ourselves right by pointing out what they need to handle. Yes, they may need to let go of reactions also, but this is not your problem at this stage. The idea is to just take responsibility for yourself and the fact you created this to help you become wiser, more loving and more balanced.  

When your reaction is gone, you will regain your inner peace concerning this area. Then the situation that caused it can and will change. Although there may be completely different types of events occurring that seem unrelated, if you examine your reaction to them, you will find an identical reaction. You are just being given different ways to see it. The significance of the event is not important. Whether you have attracted poverty, a partnership break up, are involved in family arguments, the house burning down or a court case, you still just handle your reactions. 

The way to release unwanted thoughts, reactions and emotions. 

It is time to let go of any weariness, tiredness, resentment, lack of confidence. It is time to trust again. 

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. A time for you. Handling unwanted reactions, emotions and thought patterns will change your life to one of balance, harmony, peace, joy, mastery and love.  

Choose a particular reaction you have noticed in yourself. In order to begin to handle it you will need to bring it to the surface. If you need to help it along, you can imagine the scenario again that triggered your reaction. Alternately, think of a particular set of circumstances that you know will provoke this particular emotion in you. 

Let the thought, reaction or emotion come to the surface so you are experiencing it fully. Then begin to flood your whole aura with Light. Have the intention that you wish to flood it with the exact frequency of Light that is right and comfortable for you. If you wish you can visualise a lovely golden flowing light. Let it pour down through you and your aura. We can all know how far out our own aura extends. This would include your emotional and mental bodies which are subtle energy bodies you have around you. You don’t need to think about how far out it is. In this case, just KNOW. Remember the area would include the space in front, back, underneath and above you. You can ask the angels to assist you to release the specific emotion or thought pattern.  

Once you have done it, imagine the same scenario again to see if your reaction has gone. If it has not, then let it come up to the surface again until you are feeling it. It may feel less severe now as some of it may be released. Your goal is that you no longer feel that reaction and can stay calm, balanced and centred when you think of that situation.  

You can then imagine the scenario again to see if there are any different emotions or reactions coming up. There are often several or more different things to handle from the same incident. As you know, when you encounter a trauma in life, you never just experience one emotion. You may have sadness, pain, feelings of abandonment, betrayal, etc. 

Once you can imagine that person or situation without it producing any unfavourable responses and you feel calm, comfortable and peaceful, you can stop this exercise. 

Use the same procedure any time you wish to handle unwanted responses. Just bring to mind whatever type of situation you know will trigger a reaction or response in you.  

When you have handled all reactions to any particular event, give the universe time to rearrange the events of your life.  

Now you are in a centred and balanced place with love in your heart. Spirit is now back in control. Now if any physical handling is needed on your part concerning this situation, it will be coming from a place of love and not from the reactions of your mind, emotions or ego. Now you are able to sense more clearly if it feels right for you to do something about the situation you attracted. It is very important to make sure at this point that you have truly let go of any decisions or judgements you made while you were still caught up in the emotions of the situation. If you haven’t let these go as well, they will affect your next move. 

If you take time each day to release your own reactions, you will attract less and less disturbance into your life. Slowly, as all these buried trauma reactions are released, your life will become more and more balanced and joyful. Struggle, effort and hardship will be replaced by the most amazing sense of well being, fulfilment and joy. Love will return to your life.  

Let us be incredibly grateful to each other for this precious gift we are giving each other now right across the planet. Remember that you cannot go home unless this buried stuff is released. All dense energy in your emotional and mental bodies must be released. You must be vibrating at a high frequency of light. 

One day you will understand just what a great sacrifice has been made by so many of your loved one to help you see what you needed so much to see. One day your loved ones will understand how great a sacrifice you made in your willingness to reflect to them what they needed so much to see. Everybody is helping everybody else – right across the Earth. 

Everybody is helping everybody else – right across the Earth.

Sandy Stevenson

December 2001



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