Discernment itself is neutral...

all events are neutral..

it is our perception alone that creates experience...

all are voices on the stair case of ascension

this one blossom child is a beautiful voice on the staircase

yet, staircase it IS

if we resonate with a step, there is still a seed that perceives that truth...

so, count it all as good and bless the perfection of each voice

there are no accidents

with that, I send you my love 





                            DISCERNMENT - THE  KEY WORD


Discernment has a vital role on Earth at this time. The vastness of its far reaching effects, both in its application or lack of it, are beyond imagination and comprehension. If we truly commit to the practise of discernment, the resulting outpouring of Light will transform the Earth in a moment.


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USE THE POWER WITHIN                                                                                          

It is very important for all Lightworkers to begin now to follow their own inner guidance/ intuition/ feeling of rightness/ excitement/ Spirit/ heart - 100% of the time, without reservation - in total faith and trust.

The greatest gift of pure Spirit is the Love, Power and Wisdom of Source. This magnificent Three Fold Flame lies within us all. It is our connection to Source/ All That Is/ God or whatever you choose to call Divine Creation. This is the source of our perfect intuitive knowing, available to each of us in every moment. It is always present and it is us who choose a) whether we are balanced enough to perceive it and b) whether we wish to follow the Divine Flow or our own will (Thy Will or My Will).

Some Lightworkers tend to believe everything they read or hear. They then become confused, when reading or hearing conflicting material. This can make them less certain, confident, powerful and committed. It also permeates the aura, and can make it harder to reach the higher levels of Light.

A failure to discern what 'feels right', impedes not only personal evolutionary progress, but one's agreements with others and your purpose here on Earth. It is perhaps time to look at some realities concerning channelling and other related areas. We could leave our blinkers on and not look, but that will not help us or humanity or the Earth herself. For the speedy conclusion of our agreements here on Earth, let us address this VERY easily handled situation.

1. KEEP A POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE There are millions of loving, exquisite, special Lightworkers all over the Earth. They are Awakened and lovingly dedicated to their Service on Earth. The vast majority of the entire Earth's population want to live in peace and harmony.

2. EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE IS EQUAL - this includes you.

3. BE A MASTER. Don't throw your intuition away.

4. REALISE THAT YOU ALWAYS KNOW when the energy being offered is loving and feels right. It is instinctive and usually immediate.

5. REALISE THAT YOU ALWAYS KNOW when someone or something is offering an energy that you would prefer not to support. It is instinctive and usually immediate. Often the 'think' process comes in at this point and we try to find a logical reason why we must have got it wrong. Sometimes we dismiss it by telling ourselves we are not being very loving or trusting. Sometimes we lack the confidence to trust our own perception, especially if everyone around us is of a different opinion. You will be a Master when you trust your own intuition and will stand by it, even if everyone else in the whole world should say it is not so. There are millions of people around the world who hold the same inaccurate belief patterns, so quantity doesn't necessarily signify truth.

6. NEUTRAL VIBRATION Realise that if you cannot feel a 'good' or 'bad' vibration, you may be experiencing a NEUTRAL vibration. Your next question could be WHY? Is this neutral vibration covering up an energy that is trying to remain concealed? Is it hiding a positive or negative energy?

7. DISCERNMENT IS NOT JUDGEMENT The idea is to intuitively perceive the energies being presented and decide whether it is an energy you choose to support or not. For the Highest good, you need to decide whether to add your energy and power to that person, project, workshop, tape, article, lecture, conversation, group, belief system, government, etc. If there is the slightest doubt about an area, perhaps it is best to wait until you are certain rather than jumping in and having to extricate yourself later. To observe that something is an energy that you choose not to work with, does not require that you make a judgement that it is 'bad'. You could view it simply as an alternate energy available as an experience in this universe, one that you do not wish to work with.

8. STOP BEING IMPRESSED and thinking that others know more than you. Regardless of who they are/ how famous/ how many books they have written/ how many workshops they've held/ whomever they are channelling or think they are channelling/ how powerful, intelligent, plausible or intellectual it sounds - DOES IT FEEL RIGHT? YOU HAVE A 100% ABILITY TO ASCERTAIN WHETHER SOMETHING RESONATES AS TRUE OR NOT FOR YOU. There are wonderful lecturers and authors delivering exquisite concepts of truth, but it will always be you who must decide upon the reality you choose to align with.


Many different levels of evolution are represented in the area of information being channelled.

The Right To Challenge is a part of Universal Law. It is the Right to ask of another Being his or her intent, identity, etc. The question you ask needs to be asked in the same words, three times. To comply with Universal Law, it must be answered in truth somewhere in the reply. If you want to check if a Being you’re in telepathic contact with, is indeed from a high dimension, you would ask the question three times and expect three affirmative answers.

An example of procedure would be:

In the Name of God Most High, I ask - are you the true Master of Light…......? (Name)

Yes or Yes I AM or I AM or I AM ….. ? (Name)

Repeat your question exactly.

Yes or Yes I AM or I AM or I AM ….. ? (Name)

Repeat your question exactly

Yes or Yes I AM or I AM or I AM ….. ? (Name)

The clearest answer will be a simple yes or no, and you can request this answer. If the answer is I AM, ensure there is no quiet 'NOT' at the end of it! You could then establish the dimensional aspect of that Being, by phrasing a question such as: 'In the Name of the God Most High, I now ask this same Being, what dimension are you in and what is your intention in communicating to me?' The procedure of three times always applies.

It will not be sufficient to ask 'Are you of the Light?' Many mischievous Beings in the Astral plane may well be of the Light, but will give you very misleading information, just to play a game. You are of the Light - have you never deceived or lied?

Don’t accept answers such as "This is a test. You should know" or "I can prove I am your guide/a Master, etc. I can tell you all about your life." Just about anyone can get this information by tuning in to the fields around you or the Universal records. You only want THREE AFFIRMATIVE ANSWERS.

This Challenge really needs to be asked each time you make a connection with someone, until you absolutely know their vibration. It may seem a nuisance, but it is well worth the trouble. It is also expected procedure, welcomed and highly desired, by the Heirachy of Light. They have a great understanding of how the practice of discernment by the Light Force, could produce a massive and instant change in the proceedings on Earth.

We have a wonderful opportunity now to take this planet into Full Light. Let us each do everything within our power to assist this. Although you may well be practising discernment in your life, you may be able to assist others who are not.

The need for discernment will go on as long as you are on the Earth. We always need to discern the energies that enter our world. It is totally up to each of us, to act as a Master and not need help every step of the way. Once you are following your inner guidance, it comes naturally and requires no effort whatsoever.

If everyone practised discernment, acting on their own authority, simply accepting that which resonated as true and discarding the rest, this planet would move quickly to a state of Peace.

God Bless You and May Rainbows Light Your Way Home.

In Light Service,

Sandy Stevenson




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