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                                         You will need a quiet moment to read this!

Laughter is Light and seriousness is heaviness. All functions in life can be successfully carried out whilst maintaining love, laughter and detachment. The following article is quite ‘hard hitting’. Perhaps it needs to be! While reading it, please remain in a non - judgmental, high vibrational space. Keep a balanced viewpoint and a light heart and establish your own truth.

Discernment has a vital role on Earth at this time. The vastness of its far reaching effects, both in its application or lack of it, are beyond imagination and comprehension. If we truly commit to the practise of discernment, the resulting outpouring of Light will transform the Earth in a moment.

Before the article, there is a quote from Patricia Cota-Robles which I feel is appropriate when reading the article ahead. It is from ‘What on Earth is going on'.

Quotation from Patricia Cota Robles (www.1spiritcom/eraofpeace )

"We are not under any circumstances to use this information to judge, criticise or condemn ourselves or any other person, activity or organisation on Earth.

As you read these words, ask the Divinity blazing in your hearts to envelop you in a force field of Discernment and Illumined Truth. Ask that every trace of human consciousness drop away, so that you can clearly perceive any aspect of this information that will, in any way, enhance your ability to fulfil your Divine Plan and improve your ability to be an effective force of Light on Earth. See yourself as a detached observer, efficiently sifting and sorting through your information and beliefs, carefully selecting only the Pearls of Divine Knowledge that will accelerate your Ascension into the New Heaven and the New Earth. In order to prevent the forces of imbalance from succeeding in re-creating negativity on Earth, we do not have to do battle with them. We merely have to withdraw our attention from their activities of deception, and focus on the Truth. Without our energy to sustain them, their activities will simply dissipate and cease to exist. The law is ‘As I AM lifted up, all life is lifted up with me. "

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles USA   

Note: I have written a Decree at the end of this article that can assist with the above process.  

May I suggest you read 'Discernment - The Key to Light' -  as many times as you need to, in order to bypass any pre-set programmed patterns adopted over lifetimes, such as "It doesn’t apply to me" and "I am already very discerning". It can often help to read an article through a few times, to allow it bypass these programmes.


We are all aware that innocence is a beautiful spiritual quality, but where is the border between innocence and wisdom?

Light surges forth across the planet, carried by most people of Earth, many thousands of discerning Lightworkers and other realms of existence. However, if we are to swiftly co-create an outstanding result of peace and harmony on Earth, we all need to be in a discerning space.


Please don't read the following if you don't feel ready to treat it as a Master would. That means with an ability to discern for yourself, to confront it without going into fear - making judgements - or in any way reducing your exquisite levels of love and Light.

Article continues.

Perhaps a little more work is needed on our discernment as a Light team, because there are still quite a few misinformation channels (some major) being accepted by many of Earth’s Lightworkers.

One area - a major USA channel, churns out books and workshops that contain a subtle message designed to reverse the Divine Blueprint for Earth. The channel is a lovely Lightworker, but the source of the material is not.

This material is being implemented by lots of people who read the books and attend the workshops. With a massive failure by many to understand how these forces work, it is a miracle we aren’t going backwards! When someone connects to these energies, their well-being, blueprint and their work on Earth is affected.

This material is being absorbed by many Lightworkers across the world who are reading the books, offering to host workshops and book stores all   stocking the books. Perhaps we haven't all grasped how these opposing forces work. Remember most of the material offered is usually true. It is the other small percentage that is designed to throw us off our path!

God - I Am                                                                                                               

The second area is a total mis-identification with God. We could get into concepts of anti-Christ vibration here. This area is of far more importance than I can possibly portray here. We now have many Lightworkers connected to an incarnated person who is wreaking havoc on many levels. This is achieved by keeping people hooked into his energy, steering them off their individual mission tasks, and contaminating precious codings they carry for the successful completion of these tasks and Earth’s Divine Ascension plan. Of course, it all appears to be quite the opposite.

Some Lightworkers are doing what they truly believe to be their best. But if they have aligned to this energy, they will be doing different tasks that the ones they came here to do. They will be carrying contaminated codes where pure Light is needed.

You are a master                                                                                                    

There is no need to be worried. Don’t get into a panic and start wondering if you are perhaps connected to a non-optimum energy. You are a master and these things are not hard to detect, if you are willing to look. There is no reason to lapse into the third dimension of judgement, guilt, feeling stupid or anything like that. It is not necessary or helpful. Just check it out and if there is anything not optimum, let it go and carry on with your life. The Decree at the end of this article will help you make a fresh start. After you have done the decree, just make sure you follow your inherent gift of intuition from then on.

Trust your inner guidance                                                                                        

The interesting thing is that before these Lightworkers ‘went along with the masses’ in deciding this person had all this power and ability and so must be what he claimed to be!!! - they would have experienced intuitively that something didn’t resonate (now forgotten), perhaps even the physical body sent them a message of doubt. Re mass following – remember that quantity of believers doesn’t imply something is true. Just look at the many incorrect belief patterns held by millions of people on this planet.

The gift of Spirit                                                                                                           

It is not right for me to name names. For that won’t make it a truth for you. Power and knowing must come from within. It is up to you now, to find that ‘knowing’ in yourself. When an individual fails to trust in their own intuition and power, they throw away their gifts of perception and discernment. The good thing is that there is not one individual on Earth that doesn't have this gift. The only difficulty we ever have, is that we so often ignore or doubt the gut feeling we have when we just 'know' about someone or something.

Each of these two areas involve many thousands of Lightworkers. Fortunately, there are millions more who aren’t involved in these areas. One could ask how can these things happen. How could so many Lightworkers get pulled into believing claims by any individual to be ‘God’, an ‘Ascended Master’, or whatever - and give their power over to that individual? Of course, they don’t realise they are giving their power away!

The answer is possibly a combination of factors. Firstly, realise there is only the very purest intention on the part of the Lightworker. We are all really trying to do our very best to help bring Light to Earth. This is a fact.

Let go and let God                                                                                                  

After being a part of a 3rd dimensional world for so long, as we have on Earth, it can sometimes take a while to absorb a different reality. We now have to think of ourselves as a spiritual Being and to re-learn how to operate that way. After all life’s struggle and effort, it’s a bit hard for us to grasp we only need to surrender to Divine Order. Let Go and Let God. We have to trust that operating ‘in the flow’ brings about success, joy, love, fun and abundance.                                                                

Align with Source                                                                                                   

Some Lightworkers, through self doubts and a failure to trust themselves, begin seeking answers and power outside of themselves. This often comes from a genuine feeling they are not doing enough to help. Everyone so wants to get it right and not to do anything ‘wrong.’ So, it then seems to make sense to reach out to other individuals or groups who seem to be getting it right. At least then we feel sure that we are really helping. So instead of staying aligned to the power within - which is the true connection to Source/All That Is - we align with someone who claims to be or to represent that Source.

Remember you never need to focus on any one person or object to remind you that God exists. Simply go within to make your connection. By focusing on a particular person, you are actually handing over your energy and power directly to that person, through the ethers (energy beyond the physical). This action increases their power immensely, the amount being directly proportional to the amount of adoration being sent to them. A great deal of adoration gives lots of etheric energy (ethers) and allows incredible abilities to manifest. This tens to encourage further entrapment by increasing the adoration from people who get impressed by such abilities.

Now here is the tricky part. This needs to get past all attempts by this individual (on an etheric level) to stop people hooked into his energy, looking at this possibility. If they actually look at it and check it out, the truth will resonate. People do really know when something feels right or not, if they let is come. We only need to trust in ourselves.

Something else is happening here that most people are unaware of. When you align with a powerful energy, it is possible for that energy to place a part of themselves or their energy into your aura. Their energy merges with yours. This is way beyond telepathy. This can occur with any powerful Beings, whether Light or dark. However, with Light Beings it would only be done with your conscious permission.


This merging of energy causes a consuming adoration and devotion and a refusal to even look at the possibility of being ‘wrong’ about this person. This unwillingness to look ensures any material that may shed truth, is instantly dismissed and thrown away.

I know it is a bit of a ‘reality shift’ for people who have not run across the idea of beings placing energy within someone as a way of blocking Light. But, stranger things happen. A Being holding a vantage point within your space can now very easily steer you off into false directions. These directions will seem very worthwhile and ‘right.’ You will be being fed energy and thoughts that supports that idea. You are also often given an ego boost in some way, perhaps a visitation or a mention of the great importance of you or your job.

You do not need to be an avid follower of such an individual. Even tacitly agreeing to that energy is enough to do it. Perhaps you are listening to a friend who is linked with that particular energy or you are reading and happen to think ‘well yes, it seems as though they are doing a good job.’ In that moment you can unconsciously align to that energy without even realising.

You always know                                                                                                         

If you had listened to your intuition at that point, you would have felt the energy and disconnected from it. Yes unfortunately, it is quiet subtle. It needs to be so you get linked. Of course, all lessons such as this do ultimately assist us to become wiser and more discerning.

When you are aligned to Source, a natural intuitive discernment takes place. You don’t have to think about it. It doesn’t require any effort. In your natural state, you just perceive the various types of energy presented to you in life and you automatically align with those that resonate with you. Without judgement, you then just let things pass by you that you don't wish to align with.

PERCEPTION IS AN ABILITY OF SPIRIT. This is the ability to see what IS. If you then judge that perception, by deciding that it is good or bad, right or wrong, ugly or beautiful, etc. you would be taking it into a third dimensional belief pattern.

ALL JUDGEMENT REMOVES YOU FROM A SPACE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It disconnects you from the higher vibrations of Spirit and aligns you to a third dimensional reality and conditional love.

Sandy Stevenson


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