Written in April 2002. Updated February, 2005


This article, originally written in 2002, is being re-issued, as it may be time to remind ourselves that we could apply a little more discernment to all the channelled, verbal, written, and taped materials pouring out across the planet.


Discernment is not judgement. Discernment is intuitively perceiving an energy being presented to us and deciding whether we wish to add our support to that energy thought, idea, practice - or not. If you observe an energy we do not choose to support, you don't then need to judge it as 'bad'. You could view it simply as an alternate energy available as an experience in this universe, but one that you do not wish to work with.


We are bombarded with large amounts of emails, articles, channelings, event notices and world wide meditations. How are we responding to these? Are we always being discerning? Lightworkers, networkers, book publishers, magazine editors and workshop organisers could be more vigilant to the large amount of mis-information circulating within the Light Force. The situation can easily be changed, as any material not containing highest truth would soon disappear if we gave it no power or energy. We only need to trust our natural intuitive gift to see whether something resonates as true for us or not - instead of blindly believing everything we read or hear.


One example: No doubt we have all heard the terms ‘Starseeds,’ ‘Starchild’ and ‘Starchildren’. These original names, chosen eons ago, carry within the essence of the word, an inherent connection to Source. So, the word itself assists the bearer to maintain a higher level of energy and power that allows them to complete their work on Earth more easily.


We have recently seen a huge acceptance (I believe, without the application of discernment,) by Lightworkers right across the world of a new word (originally used by one US channel and picked up by everyone else) that replaces ‘Starchildren.’ Consequently, the originally divinely empowered word ‘Starchildren’ has almost completely been obliterated, thus losing a wonderful energy connection for all those children. You would need to apply your own discernment to this statement, of course.  


We are all amazing really. Everyone is special and brings their own unique gift and assistance to Earth. We are all achieving what we came here to do, even if we haven’t a clue what we are doing!!!! Isn’t it fortunate we don’t need to know what we are doing!! It is usually ego or the mind that requires such knowledge. Spirit simply moves in love, faith and trust, in the moment. And we are Spirit. We all have a wonderful gift of knowing when someone or something resonates as truth and right for us, and also when it doesn’t. We can all do this. It is only when we ignore our intuitive/gut feelings or lack confidence in ourselves, that we may not be as discerning as we could be.


We know our intentions. They are blazoned in gold across our hearts. We want the best for Earth. We want to help. We want to love. We want to do the right thing. We want everyone to be happy and free. We want to support the Divine Plan of Light. All we have to do is make sure our actions truly support our intentions. And that is really, really easy to do. The reason it is easy is because we always know, don’t we? Even if, for some reason, we push away that knowing, we still hang onto it someplace. It waits for us to look again, because we know that if we have accepted anything other than truth, we have violated our own goals and pure intent. All we need to be is ourselves. That is enough. Then discernment comes easily. Trust yourself. Accept only truth. Dismiss anything that does not resonate within your being.




You can use the checklist ahead to see how you are personally doing in the area of discernment.  Please be very honest with yourself. If we never admit we can do better, how can we ever hope to gain full mastery. You may like to pass this checklist on to others.



1. Do you believe, participate or follow any emails, articles, channelling, event notices or world wide meditations simply because they sound impressive, promise to achieve great heights, use flashy words, use lots of important sounding Master’s names or seem to offer amazing and glamorous outcomes?


2. Do you think an event must be connected to the Light, just because lots of Lightworkers attend it?


3. Do you let your ego decide whether to attend or take part in something?


4. Do you assume a book contains highest truth, because lots of people buy it?


5. Do you ever dismiss your inner gut feeling of discomfort about someone, because lots of people follow them?


6. Have you failed to check the source or whether something resonates as truth, because you feel that the person doing the channelling is a lovely person and so it must be alright? Is it possible that person may believe they are connected to highest light, but have never really checked that this is so?


7. Do you just go along with using essences, ash, healing water, electronic tools, symbols, processes, etc. because everyone else seems to be doing it or you think you may look stupid if you refuse?


8. Do you respond to requests that ‘sound’ important, even if they don’t resonate in your heart? Would you, for example, join in a request to pull the Photon Belt of Light immediately onto the Earth? Would you first consider the effect of sudden total light on a population of humans and animals who are slowly adjusting to the changes of light frequency on Earth?


9. Do you take part in suggested processes, DNA activation’s or join 'Orders', although if you were honest with yourself, it doesn't resonate, you are not really sure what they are or whether it is OK or not?


10. When you see Masters names you don’t know or names that seem similar to those you do know, do you assume it is you who is ignorant and that they must be OK? Do you see any difference in calling in a Master of the Hierarchy and calling in a Master of the Highest Light Hierarchy?


11. Do you really tune in to the rightness of words or channelings that ask you to change yours or the Earth’s state of being, path or DNA?


12. Do you assume a gathering is OK, because well known people speak there?


13. Have you allowed yourself to be persuaded to attend an event or workshop, read a book, visit a guru, use a product, go to a healer/psychic/spiritual shop/centre, even though it didn’t excite you and may have felt wrong?


14. Have you failed to follow your own feelings because you think other people know better than you do?


15. Do you ever hand your power to someone else because you lack confidence in yourself and hope they can help more than you can?


16. Have you believed something because of the apparent status or level of an incarnated or discarnate person providing the information?


17. Do you believe all the material, just because most of it resonates as true?


18. Do you check your inner guidance first, if you are asked to join with thousands or millions of others in flooding the Earth with light in the same moment?  Do you personally ensure that this particular powerful energy hit on the Earth is divinely guided or could cause earthquakes or other earth disturbances? 


19. Do you deny or ignore the existence of negative energy, because you think you are being judgmental? We forget sometimes that perception is an ability of Spirit. If we then judge that perception, by deciding it is good or bad, right or wrong, ugly or beautiful, etc. we take it into a 3D belief pattern of judgement and disconnect from the higher vibrations of spirit.


20. Do you just believe things like ‘hundreds of UFO’s are landing’ without checking your inner guidance, because you so much want something big to happen, so as to make a quick change on Earth?


21. Do you ever assume that the event or workshop you are attending is in highest light, because ‘the presenter must have checked’? Would this assumption be ‘taking responsibility for self?’


22. Do you get desperate and fail to trust the Divine Plan and its inherent perfection for the needs of everything and everyone on Earth? Could this condition make you less discerning?


23.  Do you believe everything that is said by a person you respect, just because you have been happy with everything they have said before? Does this take into account, that they may recently altered their own spiritual connections or that they may have failed to discern a particular statement they have repeated.



Discernment has a vital role on Earth at this time.

The vastness of its far reaching effects, both in its application or lack of it,

are beyond imagination and comprehension.

If we truly commit to the practise of discernment,

the resulting outpouring of Light

will transform the Earth in a moment.




A powerful Decree

 to ensure you are fully aligned to Source


"By Divine Decree, in the Name of God, ‘I AM’ One with Divine Creation, and through this Presence, I hereby transmute in this moment - every thought, condition, link, pattern, attachment, alliance, connection or allegiance to any negative Being, energy or object - that I have made, knowingly or unknowingly, in this Universe - where this is not in accordance with the Highest Source of All Creation and the Divine Plan for Earth.


‘I AM’ now fully aligned in all my lower and higher bodies to the Highest Source of All Creation.


I give permission under Universal Law, for any and all sacred codes and mathematical programmes that I am responsible for, that I carry, have carried or will carry, to be brought NOW into a state of purity in accordance with Divine Order and to be held in such a state forever, in accordance with Divine Higher Will."  



  (Repeat the entire decree a total of 3 times 

to comply with Universal Law.)      



Sandy Stevenson




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