Completion of contracts

Many Lightworker and Starseed contracts are completed. others are completing soon. A lot of Lightworkers have finished their work here and are concentrating now on getting everything within themselves cleansed and into balance, which is a requirement to returning home. I think it’s obvious when we’re finished our work here. Our interest and excitement in what we were doing finishes. That is just one indicator. For those who aren’t listening to their intuition and are therefore carrying on with the same stuff they’ve been doing, they’ll find the universe stops supporting those actions. It no longer works. That is a pretty good hint to review our role here.


There are suggestions currently being channelled about the possibility of signing a new contract on Earth. That is indeed a possibility. I just want to mention some points regarding that to give a broader understanding in case there are some people who are unsure about that area. With such a major commitment, we really need to understand what committing to a new contract on Earth means. Ultimately the decision is yours as to whether you sign up for another period on Earth.


I have seen our original contracts along with the agreements concerning the completion of the mission on Earth, including re-uniting with our Twin Flames and returning home. Each person needs to check if that resonates with you as truth - as we always need to be the master and discern our own truth. In the end, the only thing that matters is that you follow your heart. That is your indication of Divine Order. It’s so easy for us to make decisions based on things such as a   fear of leaving the 3D world you have come to know’.


As you know, many of the Light force have been here since the time of Atlantis. That’s a long time on Earth in 3D. And during that time we were not always in a place of intuitive knowing. But 'intuitive knowing’ is a place you need to be now - if you are considering making a major decision such as whether to commit to a new contract on Earth.


From the time we originally signed our contracts to come to Earth, we’ve known the contracts would end now. And as we know, Divine Order is perfect. So, it goes without saying that the ending of contracts and the departure of many of the Lightforce is factored into the Divine Plan. And being a Divine Plan, we know also factored in will be a team of new Lightworkers to assist the future development of Earth. It's all pre-planned. Of course, what else would we expect of a Divine Plan. So, it is very important not to drop into head/ego and any sort of thought/belief pattern /guilt trip on yourself - that ‘the Earth can’t survive without your help’. If you wish to ADD support to the existing team, that is fine. But they haven’t factored you in! You were going home. It is a different way ahead, requiring different skills. Of course, you can always learn/adapt and give great help. We are masters - we can do anything.


For those people whose contract has ended or is about to end.

The contract you signed long ago said you ‘will complete your work on Earth and return home’. Your Twin Flames await your return, as you agreed with them when you left home and came here. Although I’m sure your Twin Flame will be understanding if you decide to do another major long term haul here - just for heavens sake make sure you are deciding that because that is what is resonating to the core of your being and is ultra exciting and is making your heart sing.


Of course, there are Lightworkers whose contracts are not ending now and they will know it from their own knowing and sense of rightness.


Life BEYOND 3D Earth is amazing and wonderful - a universe full of beautiful things. There is lots to do to help the universe up there as well – maybe you will wish to help in other areas - after a long holiday with your twin Flame, eh! After being here for a long time, its easy to be unsure anymore about what is ‘up there’ and decide it's safer to stay here with what you know. Don’t bother finding a thought pattern to fit your reason to stay. Because that is ALL it will be - a thought pattern. If you want to stay and its right and in Divine Order for you to do so – you will KNOW it. Your heart will be leaping with joy and you won’t need a thought pattern to justify your decision (such as ‘the earth needs my help!’).


I will now get off my soap box. I have a deep interest in ensuring the Starseeds (in particular) all get home. Going home was what was expected. If you feel bad about saying you want to go home, I suggest you look at where that emotion is coming from and release it. If you feel scared about leaving the 3D you know, I suggest you release that fear. Make decisions from your heart, not emotions!!! It’s OK to leave and it’s OK to stay, whatever is in Divine Order for you.


See you at the banquet,


Sandy Stevenson