St. Germain

4th September 2014


Some activities developing on Earth are drawing a great deal of media attention. They are part of the unravelling of past historical events that were meant at the time to introduce elements of fear into the population. These are now being re-enacted to give the people of Earth a chance to introduce saner measures and to go beyond fear. It is all part of the Divine Plan for Earth and the Universe.

Choices are to be made. Choosing to get caught up in the energy of the atrocities, simply promotes more of the same. The answer to all events, is and always has been, love and compassion and tolerance. When mankind has learnt this, peace will be at hand.

When fear is chosen, this energy permeates the Earth and also the lower bands of the 4th dimension. Dense energy is limited to these bands, never reaching the higher planes of existence as there can be no negative energy in the higher frequencies of light. It simply cannot exist there.

The Light Force on Earth are the leaders who chose to reflect to the human population, and yes sometimes to each other, that nothing is senior to light and love. This requires each follow their inner calling in response to any situations occurring on the planet. That response is bathed in light; a positive and confident feeling of rightness one has when entering pure truth. If any one individual responds in a manner of fear, that is one less drop of pure light pervading the Earth and each one makes a difference.

Each individual contributes or detracts from the overall light of the planet, depending on what discipline they have taken to examine any patterns within themselves that believes dark outweighs light. Contributing to that thought, even for a moment, empowers it as an idea. When we turn on the light of awareness in our hearts and minds, wisdom and understanding replace confusion. Light turned on anywhere, banishes darkness.

The contribution you make to the Divine plan and the positive choices made in each moment, bring forth great surges in evolution for humanity. It is a great responsibility to maintain one’s own connection to the light. It is not always easy to withstand talk of dire consequences of events, as it can seem so convincing when we see grave situations occur. But withstand it we must. For a Lightworker to allow anything less than light and truth infiltrate their thoughts or actions, is a sure way to bring that Lightworker into an ineffective and overwhelmed state. This in turn affects all.

To successfully function in a space to carry out your original plans and agreements, requires trust in yourself. You all have that capability. When you adopt the thoughts and words of another, without due process of taking these truly within your being and ascertaining whether they be truth for you, you open yourself to the possibility of accepting less than highest truth.

There are many beliefs existing in the Earth plane and differing bands of reality. Everyone lives within the band of reality and belief patterns they have chosen to accept. Most people consider their beliefs to be exactly the way it is and it can take a lot of convincing to shift that certainty. There are different levels of truth, depending on one’s perspective. Truth from a third dimensional perspective is quite different than viewing the exact same situation from the 4th dimension, which is again different than the view seen from the 5th and so on up. Under Universal Law, it is not permissible for beings in the higher realms who are able to view a higher perspective of truth, to correct any inaccurate beliefs held by individuals on Earth. Indeed their words and actions must support the beliefs and truths you hold. You hold your evolution in your own hands.

As long as a person holds a certain belief, every aspect of their life continually reflects that belief and truth back to them. How easy is it then to assume we have the right truth about this. The Law of Attraction is possibly one of the most misunderstood concepts on Earth. Each person draws experiences and people into their life that ‘proves’ their belief to be valid. But the people and events are not there to support it, they are there because of it. The overall learning in attracting such events is to show you have that belief, thus opening up the opportunity to see it and change it.

When discipline is not applied to each thought; when we are not steadfast in our determination to live in truth; when we are so sure we are right and it couldn’t possibly be any other way; we limit the vast brightness of light we are able to offer this ascending planet. 

The way to highest truth is to remain uncompromising in heart and soul, aligning always to a high frequency of light and the deep resonance of truth that blazes therein. Thus each comes to a place of love for all creation.

Through the Majestic Light of All That Is

St. Germain

via Sandy Stevenson