A Planetary Update

There has long been a wish on this plane for the light to bring forth all its glory and sweep us away with its abundance and grace. We have relied on this in many ways. It is now time to understand the realities and process of masterful and realised evolution.  

It is time to bring forth into your consciousness an understanding of the inner qualities we all have that can bring us to a point of being worthy, for want of a better word, of receiving the gift of a transcended life space.  

It is with joy I can announce this day that such a time has come to this plane and the planet of Earth. She is now ready to leap into the known and progressive variations of the realm known as the 5th dimension. This is due soon and the final result will possibly occur within the next two years. Part of the transition of this experience is for her to slowly move her subtle bodies into the higher vibrations of light. This is occurring now.  

As she proceeds with this movement, she begins to embrace all those forms on Earth that have reached a similar vibration. Not only the minerals, the elemental world, the rivers and trees, but the animals and insects, and those of humanity and the Light Force that have proceeded into the applicable vibration. This is happening right now. Many of you may have experienced of late that you seem to be operating in two worlds or that you do not feel as though you are completely in this one. This is the sequence of transitioning from the third to the fifth. For the majority this is not something that happens in an instant. It is a much gentler programme of adjustment so that as each day and each week passes one becomes more familiar with the higher realms of existence in the 5th dimension and begins to adopt that reality as their life. This allows any fears of the unknown to gently transmute as new understanding occurs within the individual. Many, as I have said, are undergoing this process right now. You may notice that your sleep time is variable.  

As time proceeds over the next 12 months, and as more individuals increase their own vibration sufficiently, they will also be swept into the loving arms of the Earth Mother and taken to adjust to their new place of existence in the 5th dimension. There are some who will not stay within this 5th dimensional world but will return home. This particularly applies to many of the Light Force upon Earth.  

The time upon us now contains some changes compared to that originally planned long ago. The Earth itself moves sweetly into her new role in the higher planes of existence, however at this stage she intends to leave behind the physical frame she has used to operate here that provided sustenance for her life forms.  

This means there are some who will remain upon her frame in the times that lay ahead. These will be mainly those who choose an existence of learning that cannot be provided in the 5th dimension. These paths of continued understanding within the levels of third dimensional existence, which will be quite different on this plane in the future, will provide what these beings are seeking to gain greater understanding and evolution in this universe. Additionally, some will seek a different experience than that to be provided here and will transcend to attend other planetary third dimensional systems.  

The question now is one only. It is - what would you choose for your future? If you feel that your inner desire is to seek the harmony offered in a 5th dimensional plane, then you need to first of all recognize that although there is always assistance given to support such a decision, you alone are your own destiny. What is required is that you step now and grasp with both hands the future you are choosing. To be entered into the dimension the Earth is entering now, requires a continual effort on your part to remain in the required vibration from this moment forth. The way to achieve this is to seek a union with the Light. Reach out to the Higher Realms of existence; reach out to the angels, Ascended realms and guides, requesting that you are given every assistance permitted to help carry you to this goal. You are expected to take control yourself. Taking control means surrendering to the Highest Divinity within you. It means releasing and forgoing those activities that would bring you in a denser vibratory pattern of energy. It is said by the Higher realms of Light that for those seeking this path, you will ultimately be joyous of the effort you placed into this undertaking.  

It means you need to now align with God. You need to recognize that indeed you are God. And with this acceptance comes the knowledge that you must act in the way of God allowing yourself to flow with the beauty of creation along the quickly flowing current that forms the pathway to a higher world of existence, one full of beauty harmony, tranquillity and joy.  

If you are now choosing to remain within the platform of third dimensional existence, the instruction is little different. It is also to follow the inherent drive that you feel inside that seeks to find its outlet in understanding all that surrounds you. The universe is infinite and time does not exist in the realms of highest truth. Therefore, there is no time consideration to be taken into account. Only that you follow your chosen destiny, the one you choose for yourself.  

Bring peace to all your thoughts, no matter the world you choose ahead. Ultimately all paths lead in one direction. You will be reunited with loved ones, dreaming the dreams you have sought throughout eternity.  

So Be It.

I Am Chaldron  

Chaldron is one of the group of Highest Cosmic Beings who laid the Original Plan for Atlantis.  

Channelled by Sandy Stevenson     27th March 2011  



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