February 1999

1.  To become a 'channel', it has to be a part of your higher spiritual agreement (usually made long ago.) We all have agreed to do different tasks on Earth. We find these by following what makes our ‘hearts sing.’ So if you are meant to channel, it will excite you, will resonate and feel right - from the heart - and not from the ego or mind.

2. You need to be balanced and centred, with Spirit in control. With a determination to stay aligned at all times to the Light, not just when channelling. To remain positive and non judgmental.

3. You need to have gone beyond the desires and dictates of ‘my will’ and reached a place of total surrender to Thy will. You - have to be able to get out of the way. This means beyond the influence of one’s emotions, mind or the ego that can be impressed by fancy names and startling information, that wants to be - known and well thought of - and may be steered from real truth, by succumbing to flattery. 

4. You need trust and confidence in your own inner knowing.

5. You need to be in a space of love and service with a pure intention to give only the Highest.

6. You need to be aware that there are different levels of Spirit, and the higher the level, the higher overall picture of truth is seen.

7. To understand that anyone can claim to be anyone they wish to, even claim to be well known Ascended Masters. This is free will and choice.

8. Be determined to get the highest level of truth. Much channelled material comes from the 4th dimension. The fourth is similar to the third, in that it sees a comparatively lower picture of truth.

9. One needs to understand the mechanics of the creation of reality. When this is understood, you know that when someone believes something, they add their power and energy to that reality. When it is passed on and others believe it, their weight is now also added to it. So it goes on, creating other possibilities for the planet. The negative forces rely on a lack of understanding in this area. Then know that if they can get mis-information issued, that for every person who believes it, more energy is added to that creation. This increases its chances of coming about. Fortunately, Lightworkers are fast regaining their mastery and discernment. When one understands the process of reality creation, and accepts responsibility, more attention is given to discernment. Of course, each individual accepting the material, is equally responsible. But just as we wouldn't deliberately hand out poison and hope someone realises it, let us not pass out material that we haven't discerned for ourselves. Everyone is learning, but if we each just do the best we can, and pass on only that which resonates.

10. One needs to be trusting but not na´ve, childlike but with inherent wisdom.

11. One needs either to be operating as Spirit in a multi dimensional way - meaning that you have the ability to ascertain 100% resonance of what is and what is not Highest Truth - OR understand the application of Universal law and don’t hesitate to use it. Universal Law covers your Right to ask any Being their intent. In the name of God, I challenge you under Universal Law and I ask you, in Highest Light Truth, are you …. whatever! (the Ascended Master …… from the 7th dimension and so on.) ALWAYS ask 3 times. You want to hear back 3 clear affirmative answers like YES - and nothing else. From then on, it is still your responsibility to apply all your powers of resonance and discernment to the material being channelled.

12. Asking ‘Are you of the Light’ is not enough. There are many Beings of Light in the astral plane, who have lots of fun pretending to be someone else. You are a Being of Light. Have you never told a lie in your whole life?

13. Be willing to acknowledge that there are two forces at work on any planet that is still in duality, as Earth is. Don’t give the negative forces any energy, fear or power. But don’t bury your head in the sand either. Pretending it doesn’t exist, is not helpful.

14. Wisdom is needed concerning the tactics that are used by the Negative forces.  Most of the misinformation comes disguised in with 98% truth, to try and make it more difficult to spot. This can only work when discernment isn’t applied. As of February 1999 the level of application of discernment is 76.8% among the Lightworkers. That is an overall figure, and does not reflect the level in the channelling itself. The figure for the channelling of Highest Light truth currently on Earth is 38%.

The planet is speeding into Full Light, but we could make it even smoother with these points intact. Let us soar into Highest Light, having fun all the way. Make it joyful.

Sandy Stevenson