Like most people who are awake, there are moments where we flounder between thinking the white hats are in control and are then thrown into doubt when something ‘bad’ happens and we start thinking the blacks hats must still be in control. That is exactly what is meant to be happening with us. I will explain why I think this is.


We are all in various stages of awakening and few are fully there yet. If you have even the slightest doubt about how the global situation on Earth is playing out; what the result will be; don’t trust the divine plan is working; making any judgements about anyone or anything; still conceiving of right and wrong, black and white (duality); think you know a better way it should be done; are emotionally attached to any outcome about anything (including who wins); have any criticism of our sleeping population; are making anyone wrong; are still being guided in your thoughts and actions by a major life belief pattern (e.g. geography, religion, education, etc.) think the outcome depends on everyone waking up; believe others will save us; -  then you haven’t yet understood the higher divine picture and are not yet fully awake. Some are on rung one of the spiritual awakening ladder. That is OK. Keep going. Lots of excitement in store.


Many have not yet grasped the immensity and importance of people power in this global happening. Without people standing up and taking back their power, there can be no planetary evolution. The evolution of a species needs to discover its own inner strength and become aware of its spiritual self. Becoming more aware, knowing, wiser, compassionate, loving, tolerant and understanding, raises our individual and collective light frequency. This is how the goal for Earth will be achieved. People are now seeing 3D for the illusion it is and not as they thought it was. As we discover the truth of our corrupt society and decide we don’t want to be part of that, it encourages us to release our attachment to that reality. And as we let go, our vibration is raised. The increase in light allows us to see a different dimension of existence we were unable to see before because we were not in the same frequency band. A higher frequency plane offers learning and growth through qualities of harmony and love.

Many facets are taken into account in handling this huge global awakening and humanity’s movement from 3D to 5D. It is so vast, it is impossible to grasp it all at this level. It is a brilliant plan that brings all corruption to the surface, reveals part and keeps part hidden, using immense strategy of 3D and 5D chess moves in perfectly timed moments, all being delivered in perfect mathematical sequence on a gradient scale to minimize pain and prevent large amounts of negative energy being dumped into the etheric energy field as people wake and go into shock. At the same time it is ensuring a state of play that keeps everyone moving to further awakening, understanding and increased people power.


Regarding our partial awakening, ask yourself this question. If those who are awake thought the white hats had total control of the situation, would we go on pushing? Would we keep researching, digging, passing on information to help people understand and awaken, reveal the corruption we find, look for answers, work on solutions, push ourselves to become wiser, stronger and smarter. Would we still align with those fighting for the cause, go to rallies, fight school boards, subpoena local councils, etc? Or would we breathe a sigh of relief, content it’s all being handled, sit back, put our feet up, chill in a hammock and let them get on with it? I think we have a good idea what would happen. Some would carry on, but many who’ve spent years pushing to obtain a result, would be joyful it’s all over and stand back. That action would have vast consequences for the personal progress of individuals who need to continue to gain inner strength and increase their light vibration. It would also be detrimental to the entire global awakening people with a ceasing of people power needed to transition to a new world.


As we continue on our path we are becoming more global with a broader understanding, awareness, compassion and alignment for other countries and their peoples. A big change in awareness. Who of us now doesn’t have way more understanding of American politics and their justice system, perhaps even more than our own. We see better how all countries are connected and involved and how they each matter. We are expanding ourselves globally. Things that previously felt remote to us, we now see are part of us and our future, such as the law passed this week removing taxation in El Salvador.


So, let us allow the free movement of doubt that takes us from one possible scenario to another. We can use those moments of doubt to help propel us forward in action, gain more confidence and certainty, more trust and understanding of the strategy and the plan, get smarter from working things out, increase our intuitive ability to know truth, release emotions and doubting mind patterns reflected to us. We can gain a lot of wisdom from our involvement in a unique strategy that is revealing a jigsaw slotting neatly into place. This is not all about now. We are setting ourselves up with experience and a deep knowing of what to allow and not allow as we move forward into our future in this universe.


Doubt will continue because it has a purpose to be there, until that purpose no longer exists. Don’t criticize yourself for having doubts. You are in the flow, walking your path of awakening and bringing Earth and humanity to its destiny.


There is no doubt of the outcome for Earth. It is blazoned in gold across the universe, embedded in mathematics written in the stars by the hand of Infinite Creation, recorded for all Eternity. 


Love always,


Sandy Stevenson