What are Timelines



 We are the life force behind the way we navigate the physical journey we experience in the world. Each of us has a unique frequency. It’s like a fingerprint that identifies us as a spiritual being. From a higher level it allows us to be instantly recognizable anywhere in the universe. So, the more we are our true selves, the more easily people can sense our vibration of frequency. You might have met someone you couldn’t connect with. The reason may be they are hidden behind many dense energy patterns they have unknowingly created around themselves and you can no longer feel the essence of the soul. At times where we are really being ourselves, we feel alive, happy, powerful and joyful. That is because we have dropped or let go of walls and barriers we erected in the belief they were for self preservation, but instead reduced our vibration and survival potential. 


When we incarnate into a physical body in a third dimensional (3D) world, our personal vibration is subject to constant change. This is a result of our thoughts, beliefs, how we conduct our life, wisdom, compassion and very much the love we give. All these play a part in creating the vibration of energy we radiate at any one time. Our thoughts, words and actions all affect our vibration. Our vibration is crucial because everything in our life is there because it matches, and is a result of, our vibration. It is a vital area because we draw to us, events, circumstances and people with the same vibration as our own. We really are quite powerful spiritual beings and together we create the overall reality we witness. Isn’t Jesus quoted as saying in John 14.12, ‘I say unto you, that he that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he also do’.


And now, we come to timelines and what they are. Timelines are energy fields created from the type of experiences, people and events we decide is real. We all have different beliefs and ideas about things, don’t we? The experiences we have, create our vibration. We are drawn to a timeline that matches that vibration. The universe presents us exactly with what we think it will. Simply put, the things we think about, come about.


Many timelines exist at the same time. These exist to match the different bands of reality that humanity believes. Timelines have always been a normal part of 3D and 4D existence. There may have been times in Earth’s history where there were only a couple of timelines, because the majority of Earth’s population only had only a couple of sets of beliefs. These days, with an extensive spread of information, many different ‘timelines’ become necessary.


When we receive communication, whether we see, feel, hear or read something - although we might not always realize it, we do have a response to it. It may be obvious or subtle, conscious or unconscious, quietly agreed or disagreed with, or dismissed. We may think we paid no attention to something, but it can still have an effect on us. If we really didn’t take it in, we would not be able to repeat any part of it, even a second later. But we could still have absorbed it, and if so it can affect what we think about life. It is the energy (frequency) that attaches to a thought, word or action that gives it life and frequency. Many frequencies exist we can’t see, like sound and light waves of phones, radio, TV, etc. but they are a part of our life and can affect us.


When we hear something we think is true or could be correct, we are giving it our tacit agreement that it is real. We are agreeing it is part of our world and saying ‘this is something I might experience’. How much we are influenced by something depends on how much attention, energy, significance, meaning or importance we give it.


Let us look at an example of different timelines. 


GROUP ONE. They believe crimes are committed daily, they can be cheated, have their car stolen, household items and cars are likely to break down, people have affairs, they can get sick, they need to live near a doctor or hospital and are a regular at the pharmacy for prescription medicines, , think many people are bad , their home can flood or be broken into, bank accounts can be hacked, they can be spammed, the death sentence needs to be applied, distrust of people, think people should be jailed for life, move early to a retirement village because they think it will be hard to do when they get older, have lots of fear about life and are full of judgements and negative criticism of people and most aspects of life. What we believe and our consequent actions create a specific energy frequency. With this set of beliefs, it would be quite a dense, heavy energy.  


Now, let us look at a different timeline. GROUP TWO. These people have a very different set of beliefs than Group One. They trust their fellow man, believe we can work in harmony with each other toward a common understanding rather than conflict, are quite positive, they like people, rarely judge because they understand everyone can have an off day, think people deserve to be treated with respect, trust that people are inherently good, rarely get sick and if they do they avoid chemical medicine for it, eat consciously and healthily, don’t think their car might break down, house will be robbed or an accident might happen. They will go to a timeline with people of similar beliefs. 


People from Group One, on hearing how Group Two perceives life, might say, ‘Well, they are in for a shock because life is just as we believe and all these things do happen.’ Note: And this is the point we need to understand. What Group One believes is indeed likely to happen, and their life will be full of people who agree with them. Group Two will also experience their reality and the people they know will agree that is how life is. This is the reason we think our beliefs are true, because we continually meet people who think the same way we do and confirm our truth. We are in the same timeline, because we have similar beliefs.


These are examples of two possible timelines, but there are other timelines of shades below, above and in between, from worlds of very dense energy to those of very light energy. Some people may believe a combination of both realities, so they join a timeline where both happen. It may not be easy to grasp this idea as we are not taught it in school or told by the media or even from our parents who do their best within their level of knowledge. Understanding how reality is created can make quite a difference in our lives and how we interact with other people. 


What is happening now on Earth is all the different timelines are converging. This is deliberate and essential part of the divine plan for the ascension of Earth and humanity. Something big is going on now in the universe and we are expanding our horizons to a new higher level of reality. We are increasing our own personal light frequency to a much higher frequency band. Humanity is shifting itself from the overall band of energy that makes up the reality in the third dimension, including the timelines. As you will have noticed, everything on Earth is now being revealed to us. This is causing all timelines to collapse into one reality where everyone will know and believe the same things. All humanity is coming onto the same page. In recent years, many things have been revealed that most of us had no idea about. Many people have expressed surprise and incredulity, wondering how we could have been so ignorant of the existence of these areas for so long. The answer is timelines. All the things we are only just discovering were already known by people living in that timeline reality! Timelines are now becoming one.


People change timelines. We can fluctuate between timelines, jumping from one to the other, as our own frequency changes. If we experience a big upward shift of consciousness, it can propel us into a different, higher frequency time line. A downward shift of consciousness can do the same thing, but into a denser energy time line. We may already find that some friends and family members with different realities than ourselves are no longer in our life. We all move in and out of timelines, and so it is possible not to see some people for periods of time because we, or they, jumped timelines. And as more timelines collapse into one, our band of reality is increasing greatly. That can mean people we have not seen for a long time, may reappear.


Important. The timeline leading the planet’s direction is always the one with the most energy given to a particular reality. So, if the majority of people on Earth believe what society is being told from popular newspapers, TV and the various professional bodies of society (medical, pharmaceutical, education, government, etc.,) and choose to create their life from a reality that has ruled humanity’s life and thinking for a long time, that timeline will be the most probable outcome for Earth’s future. However, if instead, the majority of people put their energy, focus and agreement into a different view, which could come about by people waking up to freedom, then that would become the leading timeline. It is the numbers involved and the amount of energy that determines the predominant timeline. And timelines change position. One timeline may lead for a short or long time. It can change frequently, especially when people are waking to new realities. The leading timeline, meaning it is the preference being made by the bulk of humanity, will receive the most energy and support from the universe.


We don’t know how long it will take for all the timelines to merge into one. We would love it to happen right now, but we need to be patient and allow things to occur at the right time to benefit the whole planet. However long it takes, let us enjoy this amazing journey. It is incredible to watch a world unfold, revealing all parts of itself to help awaken humanity to a different reality. To help the whole world let go of a reality they were entrenched in. Life on Earth has offered a wide range of experience to help us grow as spiritual beings. As everything on Earth continues to be revealed, we will grow in strength, awareness, insight, wisdom and compassion, with a greater love for all life. Together we will move forward in full agreement of the type of society we now wish to create.


As a strong, united force of light, humanity prepares to take up residence on a 5th dimensional planet that offers a new way of life, filled with peace, harmony and love.


In unity and love,


Sandy Stevenson

12th April 2023