Universal Law –

what you send out comes back to you


The circle of life. Just like a boomerang, what we send out comes back to us. That applies to our thoughts, actions and emotions. Our emotions are located in a subtle energy body called our ‘emotional body’ and is a field of energy located just outside our physical body and part of our auric field. I’ve always suggested for people to resolve negative emotions that arise by feeling the emotion and then flooding light into their aura to increase the light vibration of the emotion. It can take a bit of practice. If you are finding it hard to do, you may find it easier to use a more detailed approach mentioned by the higher realms. That method is included in the material ahead.

Whatever is being emitted from the energetic field that surrounds you is what manifests the events in your life.

A composition of our thoughts and emotions are signals continually being sent out into the universe. Your emotions and thoughts create an energy field that works like a boomerang, meaning all you create comes back to you, in some form at some time. We ‘create’ and the universe responds perfectly. This is the way creation works. Your emotions and thoughts are therefore key to the signal being broadcast.

When emotion is controlled; suppressed; felt without acknowledgment or understanding it; when it is ignored or repressed; when it envelopes you without any knowing of what is it or why it is there; when you feel guilty and judge yourself (or accept others judging you) for having that emotion; when you replace it with another emotion in order to change/block it; or when it is skipped over, bypassed or denied – it sends out a signal saying ‘this is not resolved and needs to be recorded’. So, it imbeds itself into your field of energy. This is not an optimum state for the individual. Of course, eventually it will produce learning (but it could take lifetimes!) and that is beneficial but it would be optimum not to create the need for that learning in the first place.

How you respond to your emotions directly affects your energy vibration and what you will then attract in life.

So, the ideal way to handle unwanted emotion is to feel the emotion, identify it and see if there’s something you can learn from it. If you can see this type of emotion is not beneficial to your life, instead of burying it or immediately acting upon it, just sit with it. Begin to integrate it. Identify/name it as specifically as you can, e.g. impatience; a feeling of betrayal; a loss; a fear.

Have a look at why you are feeling it. It’s there to tell you something. If you can’t see why it is there, keep analysing it until it unravels into a clearer form. In the unravelling, other emotions may appear.

Because it is there to help you, gratitude and forgiveness becomes a part of the solution. So, thank it for being there. Incidentally, as it is often a person who provoked this reaction in you, if you are up to it, you could also be grateful to them. They are helping you, despite what you may think. You could thank them for the learning they are giving you. That means thank them etherically (i.e. telepathically) not verbally. But if you think they are aware enough to receive a verbal thanks and it would be real to them, you could also do that.

By handling unwanted emotions in this way, you integrate the qualities you are using to handle it, e.g. gratitude. So, instead of a misaligned, unqualified emotion registering in your energy field, you will have changed it to a balanced, aligned emotion with a higher light vibrational frequency. Instead of a wild, random, undisciplined emotion impacting on your field, now you have an emotion with a vibration that includes integrity, spiritual commitment, discipline, alignment, growth and expansion in relation to that emotion. The geometry of the energy field then resets itself and unifies in matching the resonance of what you are ‘sending out’. This takes that emotional experience into a higher and clearer space which in turn will now attract events/realities that match this higher frequency.

If you express negative emotions, the energy geometrical field responds accordingly and this is the reality it receives. It will mirror the exact frequency of powerlessness and lack of sovereignty you are emitting.

Negative emotions are described as any feeling which causes you to be miserable and sad. These emotions make you dislike yourself, others and life in general. They take away your confidence, make your mind unclear or even make your body sick. Examples would include anger, jealousy, fear, impatience, hate, cheated, betrayed, loss, alone, anxious, despair, annoyed, distrust, grief, humiliation, rejected, frustrated, nervous, wronged and unloved.

Positive emotions would include feeling grateful, joyful, cheerful, interested, happy, relieved, free, peaceful, loving, hopeful, loving, serene, purposeful, connected, confident, enthusiastic, healthy, spiritual and prosperous.

Your journey on Earth is one of merging your third dimensional self with the higher dimensional self. Different points or moments of increased awareness and greater understanding that occur in your life are key shifts, each taking you a step further into this integration. They may be small or large but each shift is an important key component and holds great value. Your inner reality has more influence than any external 3D social systems. These moments are where you step free of the linear time of a 3D world and align with Divine order. It is part of the journey of you blending your ego personality into your Higher Self.

You are becoming whole as an individual via moments of recognizing yourself as a creator, each point bringing you to a broader and higher understanding of the Truth of All That Is.