As long as we’re still experiencing detrimental effects from our present and past life negative incidents, we’re restricted in our expression, creativity and imagination. We get by; we have fun, we interact, we learn, we experience, we have times of joy and happiness, we share, we live – and it seems like it’s all going along as one expects life does, with ups and downs, good and tough moments. But as long as there are underlying unseen factors preventing us from being our real self – we’ve barely touched the beauty and knowing of who we are.  

The planetary timing for Lightworkers on Earth indicates we’ve now reached the final period of being able to handle issues of dense energy in our field to be able to reach a personal vibration level that permits us to return home to higher light dimensions. It’s quite a challenge to release old patterns we’ve often been holding onto for so long they seem normal. As we know, we’ve all been working on releasing reactions and traumas for some time. In the relatively short time period left, possibly the ONLY way now is to fully surrender to Divine order. That means keep our thoughts and ego out of the equation. Get out of our own way! Divine order is the flow of light that allows us to move forward in our evolution in the most enjoyable and easiest way. It operates in a place of ‘all knowing’ and offers the soul a chance to grow and experience itself and its own beauty - while at the same time helping the soul contribute to the WHOLE in the most magnificent way it can.

It’s not easy to step free of patterns that have guided us, but any pattern is only good as long as it serves us. Failing to recognise when we’re allowing our thoughts to dictate what the soul should do, is to ignore Divine order and to hand control of our life, our future growth and what we came here to achieve, over to our mind and ego. Anything other than intuitive knowing can prevent the soul reaching a place of true self recognition.

Divine order is a universal force that operates 100% for the highest good for all concerned. It needs to be heeded to obtain optimum results in our life. When we get ‘ourselves’ out of the way, we soon recognise that our ‘lower will’ and understanding may not be broad enough to give us the answers that serve us best. If we choose to live using intuitive guidance from Divine order (All That Is) which encapsulates the highest wisdom possible, then we succeed at experiencing what is truly meant to be. Anything less than surrendering to Divine order is another pattern trying to imprint itself and will undoubtedly teach us yet another lesson on our 3D path. Finally, in the end, we do learn. We get it! We understand that to surrender to our Higher Self and Divine order will take us far beyond limited ego and thought. It reflects back to us how brilliantly a soul can shine when it frees itself from the confines of patterns. We have to end up in this place one day anyway – its evolutionary wisdom, so we may as well do it now. Then we’ll realize how much trauma we could have avoided if we’d done it earlier. If we’re really lucky, we ‘get it’ early on in our life and it helps us grow faster.

Free will and choice of each moment is ours to decide. We can surrender to Divine order and follow that wisdom we had when we planned our incarnation, a time when we can clearly see from the higher perspective the most optimum path to take. Or we don’t surrender to highest order and instead choose to follow the dictates of head and emotions and we persevere through the learning (and possible karma) that entails. As we know it usually involves some suffering – as the universe tries to get us back on the path. Both these choices offer a continuation of our evolutionary path, each with their own learning and growth; one tougher, one easier. And if we’re lucky, they could turn out to offer the same easy path. Luck of the draw. But to surmise that no matter what choice we make it will turn out to be easy, is a risk indeed. Then again, it’s always a risk to choose lower will over higher will. My will or Thy Will.

We all have people helping us in the higher realms. These are people we made agreements with before we incarnated. They’ve upheld their agreements with us and worked in love and truth to assist us to reach an awakening place of revelation and unfold our wings and finally be free of what has gone before.

It’s time to be true to yourself and follow what makes your heart sing. Time to listen and know what brings excitement, joy, inner peace and tranquility. Life is so short really and each moment is a precious part of the growth and attainment of spiritual awareness we’re able to offer ourselves in this short span of incarnational life. You know, no matter how long you’ve been on Earth – and for some that may feel especially long if you’ve been here since Lemuria or Atlantis - looking at it from a cosmic perspective it’s just a moment. We can experience so much fun and joy as the soul comes alive in all its senses and in the ultimate bliss of revealing ourselves to experience each part of the whole. It is sublime, it is ecstasy and it is orgasmic. It is Spirit being itself in its fullest expression.

It is infinite and it is perfect.


Sandy Stevenson

12th September 2019