Hello everyone,

Just a quick catch up to remind everyone what is really going on. It is all still the same. We are in a major play to awaken humanity and it is working! People are getting stirred up by the millions everywhere. Huge turnouts at rallies world wide, people standing for their rights, new organizations and communities being born. Even Australia finally moved!! Millions came out on 29th for the rally and they meant business. You could feel the strength and power that had not been present a few weeks earlier and the numbers were way, way up. Doubled at least.  Everyone who is corrupt being completely uncovered. Lightworkers doing a great job holding the line. Pushing aside fear when it arises if we buy into fear tactics.

The momentum is superb and heading to a crescendo point. Hard to know when but I still have ideas for something in maybe mid August. Don’t quote me!! Could be something different altogether. Who knows in this exciting journey to Light, where all we need to do is hang on and enjoy the show. What a test, eh! Can we cut the mustard, as they say. Here’s where we discover who we are. We are going to look back on this time and see how we made this happen.

I ask everyone to keep standing strong. As we all know, and as I have mentioned several times in connection to this global event, humanity WILL get pushed to whatever extent is needed for them to wake up. This is 100% what is happening. It is the usual procedure of the universe; things get harder and stronger until we get the lesson.

And while it may appear the dark hats are in control, trust me – they are not. There are still pockets left but that is all they are - pockets. Shadow governments are in place in the majority of countries (not yet all) , meaning the actual black hats are either gone and been replaced by doubles/clones, etc. or they are still in place but now under instruction from the white hats in exchange for lesser jail sentences or escaping the death penalty for treason. Some of them are still not happy about their new position, but who cares! They are doing what they are told. So, you say ‘Well why they aren’t doing all good stuff’. The answer is ‘ I think you missed the point in the last paragraph.’ Maybe read it again and understand it. They are told to keep doing what they were planning to do anyway - except now it actually way less severe than planned – but it is being done much faster than they planned. The time frame has quickened to wake up humanity way faster. So, we need to understand – to really understand this process!! They are doing dark stuff, but under instruction from white hats  - so it is giving people a strong lesson but still nowhere near what they had in store for us. But strong enough to keep making people angry and stand up for themselves. We are not broadcasting this because it would defeat the purpose. People have to SEE the reality of the illusion and what the dark forces are really like – or they would never have believed it - ever! Now. having expereinced it,  they will take responsibility and make sure this never happens again. But lightworkers need to know the truth as it helps them quietly hold their light space and not buy into the rubbish. To know what is really going on, while playing the role they have to play… encouraging the awakening.

The new QFS monetary system appears to be locked in throughout the countries already signed up to it. We are not sure but maybe between 129 and 135 so far? The old corrupt money system will collapse and be replaced by money backed by gold. The dark plan was to have a cashless society and run a central digital currency only. The light plan is about cash and possibly also some digital currencies. The QFS does include Nesara and Gesara, which includes a paying off of our debts (that came about through a corrupt system) and starting afresh with a new integrity.

Hold strong to your rights. If you don’t want to be tested or vaccinated – then don’t be!! It is a choice. I feel the area will sort out before any vaccines are mandated. So far, it is still a choice. I know it is tough when they bamboozle you with the idea you will lose your job. But integrity matters. And who is to say you won’t find something you love doing, or if you already love your job, maybe find something you love just as much. I read one person said, ‘I am not refusing the vaccination. I am just deferring it for a year until it is not longer experimental’. It worked.

We are on track. All is good. It seems tough we are losing so many to vaccine damage but there is a higher picture to that as well and they will all be OK.

Have you seen how many countries are currently severely flooded? All over the world this is happening. What a great way to finish off all the tunnels forever.  Now that people have been removed, the white hats can render them useless with all equipment destroyed. A magical idea and possible the only solution that would work quickly, globally. Yes it’s a nuisance being flooded. But sometimes things have to happen for the greater good. And this one is definitely for the greater good. Actually, the figures of deaths I have seen, are surprisingly only handfuls.

There is a higher picture to everything.

We are awake and doing what we came here to do  - and are doing a good job.


Sandy Stevenson

29th July 2021