THE WAKING PROCESS  (and additional message after it)


It seems to be taking ages for people to wake up and some people are getting frustrated. But interestingly, much of the truth has only been really coming out since the US election. That was only 6 months ago, so it’s not long really. And we know how the universe works with 3D learning. Events getting tougher until we get the lesson it is showing us. The universe keeps increasing the severity of events in our life to teach us a particular lesson. It gets harsher and closer until we get it. The current major lesson is for humanity, so the increasingly difficult circumstances will be global.

I think we know the reason it’s taking so long for them to wake up is because of the amount of brainwashing experienced over a long period of time.

I know this is tough to look at and many will outright dismiss it. However, it may help us be more patient if we consider the idea we have all been partly responsible for this situation. We, as a society, have allowed it to happen. We have handed over responsibility in most areas of life. In fact, it’s hard to think of any areas where we haven’t! Educating our children, our working life, not checking our chemicalised food supply, letting governments remove our freedoms - bit by bit and not coming down hard on people who are meant to be serving the people.

And let’s be honest. Most of us have watched negative TV news, fake TV shows, bought newspapers and magazines stacked full of superficial stories and negative conditioning. We have seen our money frittered away by local councils overspending and we haven’t really questioned people in authority when we see them make mistakes. We might complain a bit, often just to a friend, and then we let it go and never really object or act to stop it. Can we really say we have actively addressed the many situations where people are getting ripped off or where we have seen control replacing freedom. Frequently handing over power to doctors, instead of looking for the multitude of cures offered in nature, we now have sick societies around the world. Didn’t we notice that system was not working? We have continually accepted much of what we’ve been told in many areas as being true, without questioning it.

We never really took responsibility for ourselves, stood up and said no! Perhaps some did, sometimes. But not all of us, all the time.

We may not like to think it, but perhaps we have all played some part in the dumbing down of society. And maybe the time has come now for us to fix what we failed to fix before. There is no need to feel guilty. People have busy lives and it’s been hard to keep tabs on things. We did what we could while coping with the circumstances in our lives. But now we are aware, it is a time for taking responsibility for our actions and our own personal healing process.

We all know there is generally a quite a difference in our understanding and certainty about a subject when we experience it for ourselves rather than hearing about someone else’s experience. When we have been through it ourselves we hold a strong view of it that can ward off all comers. So, would it really help people get strong and stand in their own power and increase their vibration for their evolutionary progress, if a knight on a white horse rode in to save the day? Maybe it is going to need the circumstances people are now finding themselves in, as they see the outcome of not being responsible. We can research and we can discover truth. And we can all find an inner resonance of truth in anything. It is a spiritual ability we have to know when something is true or not. We may have forgotten we can do this.

It is time to stand strong, hold the light, keep awakening humanity, seek our own truth and no more blindly accept what others tell us. Take responsibility for ourselves and our own path of evolution.


Sandy Stevenson

17th May 2021



You know something! I believe we are in this for a long haul. Sad but true. Why? Because so many awakened people are still full of judgements, revenge and fixed beliefs. Do you know what it takes to free a planet? It needs us all to go beyond its 3D patterns of indoctrination and separation ...... and move to unconditional love. Unconditional Love is the vibrational energy that takes us to 5D.

We may not love the acts that some people do, but as hard as it sounds to achieve, we need to love the person. That way, we don't lessen our own vibration of light. We don’t create separation with a ‘them and us’ scenario! Regardless of the role anyone has played on Earth, we have all gained more wisdom and learning from it. We now see the consequences of what we have allowed to take place without stepping in to address it. We now know what we won’t allow to happen again.  The future will be a different world, a world of love and better care for each other, for everyone, where integrity and respect is present for all life.

If we, the awakened, can't achieve that and start reflecting that loving energy out to the world, what hope have those who are still asleep got?  The ever increasing tough global circumstances will go on until ‘we get it'. And that is ALL that needs to happen. Light energy transforms worlds.  We actually have the answer within ourselves. So easy - and yet we don’t see it. 

Is it so hard for us to simply love? It’s not an airy fairy thing. It is pure logic, mathematics, highest truth and the light vibration to reach the stars. We all know it as truth, someplace inside us. 

It is the destiny of a planet at stake. If we don’t get it soon, we will go on to wipe ourselves out, again! We are smarter than that. Let us take responsibility for the world we created, understand the lessons we learned, replace judgement with love, stop divisions and separateness, bring the old world to an end, surrender  to Divine Order and create the sort of world we really want.



27th May 2021