We have lots of new people waking up now who will need to become ‘street smart’ and intuitive very quickly. There is no time anymore for the usual learning through trial and error. Not much alternative at this stage than to grow up fast and ‘get it.’ The good thing is we can all do it. It is just a matter of trusting we actually ‘know,’ often immediately, if something is right or not. If we can just manage to get out of our head and thinking everything out, we could hear our inner voice. It is a spiritual gift we all have.

There is misinformation in every field, including all aspects of spirituality. Sometimes this is done deliberately to mislead; some is not researched properly; some is genuinely felt to be from reliable sources; but I suppose mostly it is because we are all at different points on our path with different realities, awareness and understanding. Often information the person passing on information has good intent but is not yet aware of a need to be discerning.

Our task at this heightened time of planetary movement toward a more enlightened humanity is to get into a space where we can quickly sift through information. The most effective way, and possibly the only way, is to become more intuitive and trust our inner knowing. In this way, we easily see what resonates as truth for us. When we get really good at this, we can breeze through information, accessing only what is of use and bypassing all else. An example might be – walk into a book store, reach intuitively for a book that gets our attention, let the book fall open at the page you need and read where you are drawn. Then double check if more is needed from this book and if not, replace the book on the shelf. Saves money too! In fact, this gift really can save money. We can intuitively tune in to many items such as products or vitamins. All souls inherently have this gift, but most fail to use it.

As we continue to advance in understanding, we realize it doesn’t matter who wrote or said anything. It is not the messenger who is important. It is all about the message and whether it resonates as truth for us. Messages can come in a million different ways, uttered by a child or as graffiti scrawled on a brick wall, and can be so profound as to change our life. And truth can change. There will always be higher levels of truth as we broaden our awareness. So, we need to remain fluid to allow new truths to enter. If we don’t stay open in our thinking, the universe will act swiftly on our behalf to release us from the concrete prison and block we put on our evolution.

And with an increase of awareness we become more tolerant of others as we see their personal journey. We realize we are all seeking the same thing - to be more who we really are. And everyone is at different stages, each doing the best they can with the data they have at hand. There are always going to be people with less understanding than ourselves and those who are way ahead in working out this game of life. But in the end, we are all equal and all helping each other - perhaps a concept not easily seen until the higher pieces of the jigsaw fall into place.

As we move on in our understanding and ego gives way to greater spiritual consciousness; criticism gives way to compassion; truth is seen as simple and not the complicated confusion we may have thought; and we release beliefs, reactions and patterns adopted during our time of learning in lower dimensional planes; we start to feel who we are and begin to love more unconditionally. Love without condition. A gift constantly reflected to us in the unconditional love offered by dogs - ‘God’ spelt backwards - perhaps reflecting more God qualities than we realize. They show loyalty, friendship, joy, enthusiasm, companionship, communication, play, trust, detect illness, heal, a recognition of danger, ability to safeguard and seemingly an inherent ability to sense a person or place to avoid - perhaps reflecting our own inner wisdom and knowing.

Finally, we understand we are all on a journey of inner growth; we create, share, experience and discover together a beacon to greater wisdom and love.


Sandy Stevenson

15th October 2021