Many of us knew in order to create the 5D Ascension of both Earth and her life forms, all the dense energy on Earth had to be transmuted to a frequency equivalent to 5D. Without this, there would be no ascension.


In any duality system of learning, dense energy must be present. The existence of this allows learning for humanity in any 3D or 4D dimension. When that learning involving a specific planet is over, the dense energy has to transform into a lighter vibration. Technically, dense energy can be transmuted instantly at a source level, but that would defeat the divine purpose of the growth and evolution of the soul.


Currently on Earth, souls are discovering for themselves society was not as it seemed. As they put in the work to discover the corruption, control and the amount of dense energy present, the soul has the opportunity to decide if the reality being revealed is one they prefer and agree to exist. They can come to terms with what they are discovering and move beyond the emotions and judgment of it and let it go. This increases consciously awareness and offers greater understanding, compassion, wisdom and mastery, all of which helps the soul’s future journey in the universe. It massively increases the personal vibration of the soul and enables ascension.


If the dense energy was transmuted into light without the soul’s involvement, the opportunity is missed to realize what occurred to create the dense energy, and the process and steps required to uncover and transmute it. The soul would not have the personal experience of that journey. Just imagine how much more we understand now about how a society allows others to be responsible for all aspects of their lives the result of that. We can also see the many times we contributed to corruption by allowing things in many areas that we knew were deceitful, abusive, controlling and lacking in integrity.


We know the dissemination of corrupt information had to occur. If none of us had been willing to expose the negative, humanity would be sitting in the same place it was a few years ago, completely ignorant of the truth. The main stream media, large organizations, religion, governments, etc. are a part of the corruption, so it was up to us.


Many people are now awake. There are more still to awaken. However, those figures may not be as many as we think. Many souls have chosen to continue in 3D, feeling they will gain more by continuing that learning experience which offers invaluable experience attained nowhere else. We also appear to have quite a few awake people playing out roles as doubles or have masks on, and the originals are gone. Plus if we take into account the discovery of clones (‘no soul’ copies which could even be 30% of humanity) and the hybrids in society, then the human population may be a lot less than we believe. Hybrids are the genetic combination of a human with another species, such as greys (Zeta Reticuli). It is thought possible such experimentation has been going on for some time to enter human society. Viewing the possible length of time involved in such experimentation, it is conceivable that figure could even be 40%. A child born to such a combination may show some signs of the mixed race. However, a child then born to that child, may look quite human. Some species, including the Greys, operate in a hive mentality, much like bees and ants. Therefore, it is possible that any child/adult entering into human society to be controlled in that way and so are not available to awaken. This might account for some of the percentage of ‘humans’ not yet awake. We also have souls choosing to go on in their 3D learning (this would be done on other planets) who are not open to awaken as it is not in their highest interest to do so. It may turn out that we have a lot less humans than we think. But I wouldn’t get into any place of wondering if the people you know are really human. We are all automatically drawn to like kind to be close to. We are spiritual beings with quite some amazing abilities. We know what we are doing, even if we think we don’t sometimes on a 3D level.


We may now be at a tipping point regarding a specific area of some people’s role on Earth and so it is worth just checking. I am referring to a possible change in role for some of those awake, regarding the communicating of negative material we’ve been exposing. There is now a lot of information exposed in most areas. Still more needs to be exposed, including some areas not yet discovered. All the exposed information is processed by those who are awake and is passed into the human collective consciousness, ready for people awakening in future to accept it more easily and with less shock. It also prevents a huge sudden release of negative energy onto Earth. That is another brilliant part of an ingenious divine plan. The information released so far has produced actions all over the world that help expose and address those areas. Court cases, videos, speeches, common law filings, rallies, many social media areas, etc. The list is huge. Humanity has picked up and run with it and their actions have been highly successful, though some may not see this yet.


This paragraph is addressed to people who have felt they were part of the revealing of the corruption. Those people may have felt drawn, interested or excited about revealing/passing on that information. If so, it would mean it is part of their current role in the ascension plan for Earth. For those people, it may be valuable to stop for a minute and check how they are feeling with it, because some changes have taken place which might affect a few individuals. We need to be quite specific with our gut feeling when we decide to changes things. We don’t want to mistakenly move from something we are still meant to be an active part of.


1. See if it still excites you to keep sending it out. 2. Do you need to keep it more balanced in energy by sending out lots of positive material. 3. See if you need to do it less often/more often. 4. See if you need to do it more intuitively 5. See if you need to be more detached from it. 6. Are you making judgements about it? 7. See if it feels more right now for you to just keep an eye on what is going on, in case you see something exposed that was previously hidden and you need to let people know. 8. See if you are finished with that area and have a new role. Note: This is definitely not inviting any sort of mass ceasing of passing on negative information about corruption. That one action alone has changed the history of Earth to a wonderful positive future. It is just a suggestion to review it, because many things are underway now and actions already taken will gain momentum and amplify until the final point of 5D ascension. There are higher levels and dimensions of ascension above 5.


We are doing extremely well in catching up to the higher timeline where all this has already occurred. All people, all parts of the planet and all timelines have to merge together as we move into 5D. Naturally that does not include people who are choosing to remain in dense energy. They will naturally depart. No-one is forced to do anything. Free will and choice.


The planet had to be sorted from top to bottom. We seem to be down to the bottom, perhaps 30%, of minions doing the bidding they were programmed to do ages ago. We are in a major awakening of humanity and as this occurs the awake become more awakened. We begin to understand a lot more and detach from existing 3D reality, dissolving dense energy and corruption and keep increasing our light. This is 100% happening.


We all know that things on Earth were not as we had perceived them to be. And the same applies now! We see this and we get confused. But this time, there is a huge difference. Now we are making it look that way. Why are we doing that? We really have no choice. We cannot forge a new world while large areas of dense energy remain preventing our movement into highest light. So, appearances will be kept in place as long as needed to weed out all the corruption and all the people involved. It really is a perfect plan. We just have to ensure we do everything possible to stay above it, do not get despondent or lose faith, keep letting go of 3D, keep increasing our light, detach mentally and emotionally from the solid world of negativity, stay out of fear (a tactic used to undermine us), keep helping each other and do what intuitively feels right. That last one also prevents us wearing ourselves out trying to undertake the ‘should’s the mind dictates all the time, as we are now on an 8 hours, 14 minutes and 22 seconds in a day, so we don’t have time to be anything other than intuitive. Many aspects of this whole process occurring on Earth can be found in earlier articles. 


The more we understand, the easier it becomes. It can help to remember that no-one actually dies, ever! I know it doesn’t take the pain away but it might help us to focus on that. When we see all the incredible parts in play that are making up the whole picture and bringing this amazing plan to fruition, it can be fun and exciting. This is a universal masterpiece. Get out of the energy mass of seriousness. We can do our work without being serious. This truly is the time we all came here for and we definitely did not come unarmed. We are all super cosmic beings. Affirm this and watch the results.






Sandy Stevenson