Starseeds release personal loss of Atlantis


As we know, the sinking of Atlantis was a great loss to its inhabitants and the world.  Many Starseeds (the original 144,000 who came to help Earth) were living in Atlantis at the time and consequently suffered this immense loss and trauma. Many chose to close down their heart chakras to avoid experiencing similar pain in the future and some remain in this position.

The planning done between lifetimes allows for such traumas to be viewed and released. But trauma handling is often postponed when people feel it is more important to concentrate on detailed planning of the spiritual work in their next incarnation.

While many Starseeds did address and handle their loss of Atlantis, many did not. For those who have retained this dense energy in their field, it could mean they won’t return home at the end of this incarnation. So, a plan was put into motion by the higher realms to assist this situation. It was arranged for a number of Starseeds who had already released their own Atlantean trauma, would come together at a certain time etherically and release the overall trauma within those Starseeds.

The preparation for this has been occurring over the last six months for those Starseeds who agreed to take part in this releasing. They have been attracting various events into their own life to trigger sadness and loss - this being a requirement to assist transmute the energy. They have been experiencing loss such as friends, family or pets - leaving in some way, or being distant, or not being available. It has involved different loss type emotions from feeling nostalgic or having inexplicable bouts of crying to racking grief that felt like a physical gut or heart pain.

The actual transmuting of the loss itself has been occurring over several months, with staggered timing between Starseeds to provide a better sequence of releasing. It is almost completed at this date, so those people who have been providing great assistance by triggering loss in the lives of Starseeds can stop doing that and we can all go back to normal operation!

The assistance given has been a huge gift for Starseeds who may not have otherwise handled this trauma and therefore have been unable to return to the higher realms. The overall handling will also sustain a greater energy for Earth as the accumulated loss that has now been released was huge and had been impacting work being done in the Divine Plan for Earth.  

For those who agreed to help the transmutation of the energy attached to this loss which was spread across the planet - have not had an easy time of it. It was not always comfortable. Understatement! For some it was devastating and they were racked with grief and pain at times. But what a beautiful gift to give fellow Starseeds and the planet. It has been successfully achieved.

We all help each other to go home.

Sandy Stevenson

3rd December 2019