Message from St Germain


channeled by Sandy Stevenson




The population of Earth is waking up beautifully. Confusion still reigns but there is clarity of events coming forth now and truth is breaking through all aspects of society. Some people are only partially awakened but it is sufficient to make the breakthrough. It may only require one more person pointing out something that does not fit or make sense. With the ever increasing vibration of light, it now requires less and less things needing to be pointed out, because the overall consciousness is lifting dramatically.


We see Earth beginning to emit a violet hue. This has been seen for some time but now the violet transmuting flame is ever present, emanating from the inner earth, shifting and shimmering across the world, reaching into the auric field of all souls who are open to it. They are embracing the welcome change taking place within as they are taken from uncertainty, confusion, distress and trauma, to a position of certainty and understanding and of becoming sure of themselves and what they now see as the real truth on Earth.


The people of Earth have been through a lot. They have suffered pain, loss, heartbreak, and confusion in massive doses, often not being sure of what is to play out next in their life. Through all this they have maintained a level of stability, a level they did not allow themselves to sink below. Even in the pits of despair, many still stood strong enough to get through it. Of course, some have not, but that is OK too. They are given the opportunity to review their life and become wiser by seeing actions they could have taken. This same situation will apply to some people going through the current world scene. But that will also be OK. They will see and they will understand what circumstances led them to make the choices they made. They will see the incredible odds they faced of just how much they had been subjected to over so long. Ultimately, they will not condemn themselves. They will see instead all the strength they had for enduring things for as long as they had and they will be content with their efforts. Now we need the other people on Earth who had the grace of Light in their sphere that allowed them to see the truth more quickly, to adopt the same level of understanding of people who make choices that may differ from their own.


Now the time is upon Earth for all to unite in compassion and understanding, to outcast no-one from their heart, for with each person they outcast through judgement – creates a separation and delays the unification of souls co-existing in a perfect harmonic balance. In the end, each soul must come to a place of the heart that contains no room or need for judgement and sees no-one as being less than themselves. That is Oneness. That is the movement of a soul to Unconditional Love that each seeks as the ultimate transcending light that moves them to a new world of thought and a higher plane of life.


Humanity is close to the point of momentum where an avalanche begins to surge down the mountainside, sweeping away everything that is not sustained by light. All that is needed for each soul to find its place in that world of light that allows a great strength that holds easily against a lesser force who may try to tilt it, is to be in the heart. Sometimes, this requires discipline to catch the moment a thought enters that says someone is less. In that moment, we tap into a higher wisdom that says, ‘No, I will love this person. I understand they make their decisions from the circumstances of the life they lived. They have a right to their life and their choices, just as I do. And I would hope that if I were in their place, they would also be able to love me.  For I know, as I sow so shall I reap. This is the way of the universe and for all who reside within it.


Humanity will win, and from it will rise to be one of the greatest forces of light - destined to reach the stars and who will take with them stories of how they withstood all the odds and came out of it as shining examples of how strong is the light when it stands surrounded in the armour of the Source of all creation.


St Germain – Keeper of the Violet ray of Transmutation


via Sandy Stevenson