A few spiritual tips – Sandy Stevenson  2014


One must EVER hold the vision


and demand the manifestation

 of that which they have already achieved.



1. You can ask the water elementals to bring healing to your shower water/ bath. In most cases, they can’t help you without being asked.


2. The colour gold seals anything. If you create something and wish it to remain sealed, use gold. But make sure you do want it to stay forever – unless you intend to dissolve it later.


3. The Infinity symbol (a sideways 8) also seals – so using the Infinity symbol in gold to seal anything is ideal.


4. When you flood yourself (or anything) with Light – have the intention that the frequency of that light will be perfect for you/ or the place. There are so many frequencies of light and having too much is not at all comfortable, just as too little is ineffective.


5. Be aware that under Universal Law - you don’t have permission to flood Light to dark entities/dark force people, just as they don’t have a right to flood you with dark energy. If you do flow light to them, understand they then have a right to hit you back – and vice versa.


6. If you find your crown chakra or third eye is painful when waking, it may be that you have increased the size of the chakras during the night as you left the body - to a level that you are not comfortable with when back in the body. Try closing down your chakras while holding the intent that they are closed to exactly the right level for you. Another reason may be that you have arrived back in your body in an expanded state and are still ‘way out there.’ In this case you need to shrink yourself to a size that is comfortable. You can do it yourself – just get the idea of you shrinking to the right size for you - but failing that you can ask the higher realms for help with this.


6. If you create a capsule of protection around you in some particular scenario, remember to dissolve it later – or you may wonder why the higher realms can’t reach you.


7. Protection: If you don’t believe you need protection, then you don’t. But ‘not having that belief’ means that nowhere in any thought pattern you now hold (including past life) do you feel you are vulnerable or can be gotten at. ’I invoke the Gold Ray of Christ for my total protection’ (3 times) is useful.


8. You are generally not permanently protected by the higher realms. If you can’t do it yourself yet, keep working at it. Meanwhile you need to ask for it each time you require it. If you were given permanent protection by the higher realms it would prevent you ever attaining mastery in that area.


9. When you see/hear of a situation you feel called to help with but are unable to physically do it yourself, you can always Decree – which gives your right to the higher realms to act for you. “By Divine Decree, in the name of God, under the Law of Grace....... (whatever you are asking for)” To be said using exactly the same words – must be said three times. Providing you are in the right space, a decree only needs to be done the once.


10. Remember that when you judge anything (decide it is bad, etc.) you become part of the 3D world and to that degree are ineffective as a light worker.


11. Handle your own reactions about something, before you act in any situation. Then you will be coming from a place of unconditional love and what you do will be in the flow of Divine order.


12. When you receive something intuitively to say to someone, don’t let your mind kick in and change the wording to what you think they will accept. You would then be taking it off the Truth Ray, so it won’t dissipate the energy.


13. Remember everyone is doing the best they can with the data they have at hand.


14. Don’t judge the dark forces. They are choosing the energy they wish to work with, just as you are. If you deny that right to others, you deny it for yourself. Only 3D belief patterns say things are right/wrong/good/bad. Spirit is perceptive, discerning and neutral.


15. Realise that the help that is given by the higher realms may not be the help you decided was best. It may also be that they are standing back and do nothing, allowing you to come on.


16. The Ascended Realms are not perfect. They are also learning, just as we are – only it is from a higher and wider perspective and level of truth.


17. There are always higher levels of any truth. Don’t get fixed in the idea you ‘have’ the universe all worked out now. If you fix yourself in concrete, the universe has to blast you out of it so you can continue your evolution. Know what you know but allow within that understanding, a fluidity that allows for it to be exchanged for higher truth continually.


18. Don’t get so dedicated that you burn yourself out. Then you are no good to anyone. If you need down time to rest and restore, take the time to chill. The world won’t fall apart – no matter how vital you think you are. Follow your own knowing and don’t get bamboozled in pushing on when it doesn’t feel right to you.


19 There is a higher picture to everything in your life and in the life of the planet.


20. You are running parallel lives. It is possible to have something useful available to you from one of these. You can ask your I Am Presence to comfortably bring into your current consciousness anything from your higher perspective or a parallel life that is appropriate in Divine Order for you to receive now.


21. You are also working on higher levels at the same time as working in 3D. Allow for that in your thinking.


22. If you are in the flow, being intuitive, and not acting through your ego, thoughts and emotions, but are doing what feels right in this moment and the next and the next, you can totally trust you will be doing everything right. That is all you need to do. It isn’t necessary to rush about doing courses, finding out when the full moon is, studying the Mayan calendar, meditating for hours, etc. (unless any of those excite you, of course!) as everything that is meant to be happening will be happening, without you thinking about it.


23. Do what makes your heart sing and not sink.


24. Slow down until you can see the universe in a leaf.


25. Act with integrity – always.


26. You can love everyone.




Sandy Stevenson




My personal connection to infinite intelligence and infinite being is adequate to yield me a huge personal fortune.


When we have a big cleanse out - we create a space around us. Realisations we have, wipe out large chunks of mass/pictures/mind - that were part of our space. This creates a void or empty space. It is an idea to fill up this space with Light, before we start filling it up with something we may not prefer. As spiritual beings, we aren't too keen on big gaps around us. So we unconsciously attract something (anything) into our life/space, to fill it up. It is all based on mathematics and our abhorrence of a void.

Often we are feeling so wonderful and 'on a high', that this is the last thing we think of doing. Next thing we know we have lost the 'state' or the 'high' – and are back into world stuff again. So the idea is to get in first, and spend a couple of minutes filling up your entire aura up with lovely Light. You don't need to consciously know how far out your aura extends. Just have the intention to fill the entire space of it. We are all Masters.      


The main reason for tiredness is not following Spirit. When you are living according to the dictates of your ego or mind, doing what you ‘should’ and ‘need’ to do, you cut off your supply of universal energy. Then you have to rely on stored energy in the body, which is easily depleted and you become tired.

If you come home from work shattered and tired, are in you in a job you love? Do you love every part of it? Or are you doing some bits you don’t like? It could be that is the right job for you, but some parts of it belong to someone else. Try saying to your boss, I love this job, but I am not keen on ? (the filing) You may be surprised at the speed with which the right person will step in to do it - because someone will love the parts you don't. The answer is to listen to your heart, trust it and follow it. When you live in the flow, you live connected to the abundant supply of energy in the universe.

WAKING UP AT 3AM AND 5AM?   (Another reason for feeling tired)

Some info for those people who do want to go back to sleep. Our council meetings in the higher dimensions end at 3am and 5am. Have done for some years.
Lightworkers attend these. They are fun - and this is where we catch up on our specific mission tasks - with the rest of our team. (Meetings are aligned to local 'time' because we can't get to the 'office' at 11am.) The need for meetings has become less and less as we approach the end of our work here. Many people wake up upon returning. If we understand that this is positive and don't protest it, we won't 'fully awaken' and we will go back to sleep just fine.
Anyone waking up tired in mornings, may have volunteered to attend other teams council meetings - thinking they may be able to help or just plain curiosity.
You can ask your I AM presence to 'resign you' from any meeting that you are not really supposed to be attending.

When you are up there, you are being 'you' - all powerful and don't see it as a problem. But this doesn't translate into this dimension. That might not make sense, but I see people getting themselves involved in too many meetings all the time. So try it and see if it works.




And the beautiful channelling from Crea about the Christ Consciousness


The Christ Consciousness is a level of awareness

where you no longer see error in any action that you do

or in any other human being

but see only the beauty and perfection in all things.

For the Christ Consciousness does not judge,

does not criticize, coerce, tempt does not condone

does not react negatively.


For the Christ Consciousness is truly only

true wisdom, Divine truth, true happiness,

unconditional love and total perfection.


You will know when you have reached a level of

Consciousness of the Christ

when you are in a space

where you can smile at every human being

that you confront in your life

without passing any thought or word of judgment,

but look into their eyes,

which is truly the mirror of their soul

and surpass all outer influences of the human nature

to truly see only the beauty that exists in their hearts

which is their own Christed Being.