Source seeks to experience itself. So, it sends out souls with free will and choice to create, manifest and encounter whatever they choose. The capacity of imagination appears almost unlimited in what can be created.


Humans are ultimately of the same essence as the Source of creation. During the separation from Source, an apparency of individualization occurs. All souls emerge from Source with equal potential, perception and the ability to create. The existence of the physical universe is created by Source for the purpose of obtaining experience. A viewpoint is adopted by the soul essence to be able to experience in a universe of matter, energy, space and time. There are also agreements we make to the existence of that reality. The soul, being an extension of Source, from using their own thoughts and actions, can weaken or strengthen their inherent ‘quantity’ of source essence. The ‘quality’ of the essence remains. The soul’s choice of thought in each moment, builds momentum in either direction.


Continually entertaining dense negative thoughts creates a decreasing capacity for the soul to function in a strong, independent manner. Such choices keep the soul in a fixed pattern of behaviour, making it difficult to see logic or grasp an alternate view of events. Absorbing dense energy reduces the soul’s ability to maintain Source essence. A weak soul without the energy or impetus to shift in frequency is the result. A weak soul is likely to remain on the treadmill, unable to escape the false reality surrounding them or avoid the entrapments that keep a soul returning or continuing to imprint that level of learning. This will remain a pattern until a change occurs that can propel the soul into awareness.


Pure love is a vibration of high frequency light that increases awareness and consciousness and can carry the soul into higher planes of existence. When a soul makes a conscious choice to let go of adopted dense energy patterns imbedded through human society, such as negative thoughts, judgements, petty considerations and endless storylines that revolve around human behaviour and what is ‘right’ for everyone, and shifts their consciousness to greater levels of love and spiritual compassion, the soul is able to raise itself above the cycle of learning of a 3D matrix.  


A conscious intent by the soul to free itself of attachments to dense levels of reality, with determination to enact that freedom, takes the soul closer to the frequency band of love. Pure intent and integrity of thought and action allows a merging with higher frequencies, which strengthens and increases life force quota. We become untouchable and impenetrable by lower frequencies. With increased life force, we are more powerful, more effective, our capacity and zest for life increases, our perception expands, our attention shifts from ‘self’ to the position and needs of others, our capabilities expand and we begin to consciously create life in each moment. We become aware there is a higher picture to every aspect of life, and we springboard into a natural multi dimensional awareness of higher states of consciousness.


Every individual on Earth is making a choice, which leads to the path they will experience. We are all choosing whether to continue learning in 3D or increase our consciousness and ‘move’ to the next level of experience in the growth of the soul, which is to ascend to 5D.


Humanity is currently in the process of rejecting every particle of dense energy that exists in the 3rd dimension. We are freeing ourselves from the matrix. As area after area presents itself as not being a reality we agree with, we let it go. An ingenious divine plan. We are becoming more of who we are. We are readying ourselves for transition to 5D.


Humans who are choosing to awaken and increase their vibrational frequency to become compatible with 5D will shift to a new wonderful life of harmony and love. The forthcoming peace and harmony is not just for a thousand years, as some say. There is no reverting back for souls who move on. We are all still quite some way off a universal goal of unconditional love for every particle of life in existence. Some people are still working on loving their neighbour with a barking dog. Ultimately, unconditional love is a long term goal and incorporates other worlds and life forms.

There is a lot to learn in 5D as we interact in harmony for the greater good of all. There is learning and growth on every level. We keep expanding and experiencing amazing things. Source is unlimited. Dimensions are created as needed for the expanding growth of soul’s ability to create. Currently, there are 12 dimensions with the 13th dimension nearing completion. Nothing is stagnant. There is always expansion. As extensions of Source, in conjunction with Source and each other, we create the universe ahead for our own expansion.


Existence is infinite. You will always exist. You have the same capacity as Source. Source sent you out as part of itself. You are eternal and immortal. There are billions (at least) of different realities about who we are and what source is. Some claim we are returning to source. This idea may bring fear of the unknown or we might think we disappear into some mass conscious nothingness. This is a very subjective area of course, and we each come to an understanding of it when it is right for us. But if it’s any help, senior to everything is free will and choice. You don’t suddenly get swept back into Source. It is a choice you can make. You are not needed there for any reason at all, ever. You can continue for multi billions of years (or forever!) having fun, creating new experiences, interacting in wonderful ways with great friends and immense levels of love. You might wonder how we can possibly keep expanding and grow wiser and more loving. Surely at some point we will have done it all. You think? Perhaps, but not any time soon! Right now we care for one body in one location on one planet, and we don’t all necessarily find that too easy. So, what could we learn in the future in higher dimensions? Well, what if you had 20 bodies, each with different viewpoints running different lives, on 5 planets? How about 1000 bodies on 50 planets. How about learning to interact with other galaxies, other universes and higher mathematics. How about having a body that is an entire planet (like Gaia). Each higher dimension offers different learning. By the way, no higher dimension contains pain and suffering. That is done and dusted when we graduate to 5D. The possibilities of a wonderful co-creation ahead are endless. However, if you don’t fancy it at any point, you do have free will to rejoin source. There is nothing bad about it. It’s incredibly peaceful and you will be totally content. Perhaps we long for peace because we don’t have enough here. But it is quite different living a peaceful existence in the higher planes, with lots of fun (no mortgages to pay!)


There is such an exciting journey ahead for us. Actually, what is happening now right across Earth is also very exciting, but not all can see it yet. We need to understand - really understand, that every dense area of society has to surface to be seen as it is, so we stop agreeing to it as a reality. We need to stop flip flopping back and forth in doubt about who we think is in control and settle into trusting we are extremely capable and are not here by accident. Cease judging and start allowing people to make their own choices about their own evolution. Then we can enjoy this incredible universal experience as we observe (detached) the densest energy planet transmute and ascend into full light. We came here expressly to enact this multi dimensional magnificent plan to unravel an entire 3D matrix and are doing an amazing job. Perfect, in fact!


With Love,


Sandy Stevenson