Solara's Surf Report for the Year 2002 :

 Leaping Over The Gap

When the world as we know it shatters,

When we have nowhere to go, except into the Unknown,

Then we will either be given something new to stand on

or we will be taught how to fly!





Strengthen Your Compassion:

There is simply not enough compassion on the Earth at this time. Many of us
are feeling assaulted by the energies of anger and violence. It's a
challenging time. This is exactly when compassion is most needed.
Consciously become an embodiment of compassion.

Rerouting Opportunities Abound:

Whenever there are blockages or things don't happen quite as you would like
them to, simply understand that things are being rerouted to bring them
into alignment with the state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE.

When New Doorways Open, Leap!:

There is no time to sit and ponder whether we should take these new
opportunities which are being presented to us. If it feels right, do it.
Leap! And then leap again!

Don't Try To Hold On To The Ones Going Out Of Our Lives:

Many people and situations are going to be leaving our lives. The resonance
is shifting dramatically, making this is a natural occurrence. Let go
gracefully and wish them well.

Emptiness is Good:

If you feel empty, embrace that feeling. It's a good thing and something
that all of us experience when huge chunks of our old ways of being and
doing things leaves our lives. This is a pregnant emptiness, a sacred place
where we await the birth of the New.

Spend time each day in your vastness, showering the Earth and all its
inhabitants with Love.

Inhabit our One Being at all times:

As we consciously live in our One Being, we also nourish and strengthen the
resonance of Oneness throughout the world.

Copyright 2002 by Solara. All Rights Reserved



MARCH 2002


From Solara

Some of us have felt that we are dying. We've been feeling this for many months, but we probably aren't. It's just that so many parts of our beings and of our history are dying away. For many of us, it feels like there is someone behind us sweeping away the footprints of our past. We glance behind us trying to find some of the touchstones and potent memories which used to feed and sustain us, but they are no longer there. The past is becoming blank.

It's not that the memories are gone; we still remember the details of many experiences. But the emotional charge of our past is gone. It has been greatly neutralized and there is little to grab onto. This is a disconcerting feeling, making us feel like boats which have pulled away from their moorings and are starting to drift out to sea.

Drifting out to sea doesn't give us a great sense of control or of knowing our new direction, but it does give us heightened freedom.

Personal Freedom is exactly what we are in the process of achieving. The reason that it's not entirely comfortable is that it's taking us into places where we haven't been before. The great Unknown. And it is also closing our options of clinging to the past or to our past behaviors. We couldn't go back even if we tried or even if we wanted to. The bridge has evaporated; the door behind us is closed.


A Paradox:

Just when we have accepted the unacceptable and unresolved situations in our lives, they are going to resolve themselves.

At the same time that we are on this amazing journey into freedom and Oneness, the world situation continues to get stranger and more ominous.

Another Paradox.

Again, it's vitally important that we don't attach ourselves to the outer appearance of things. THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY APPEAR. There is so much fear and so much distortion and so much duality and so much misinformation and so much hatred swirling about right now. We have to be very aware of these elements, yet not get engulfed by them. We need to continually strengthen our compassion and hold EVERYONE, EVERYTHING, all over the planet in our One Heart, all the time!

Compassion is serious stuff. This can help turn the tide. We need to be committed to this and not get drawn into the duality.

Another Paradox:

As those who embrace Oneness become freeer on deep inner levels and in the clean expression of our core beings in our outer lives, our governments and religions are steadily taking away many of our established societal freedoms in the name of fear and protection.

Another Paradox:

As the climate becomes unwelcome for even mild forms of questioning or dissent, we are speaking and acting upon our truth more than ever before.

 Another Paradox:

As the world becomes more unreal; we become more real.

Only when we hone our beings and get very real and very true, will we be able to start going through the open doorways which are all around us. Part of obtaining our Personal Freedom is the realization that "We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be."

What really holds us back? Is it real? Is it our fears of living large? Is it our own selves? What can we do to reclaim our Personal Freedom?

There is an incredible matrix of Right Time, Right Place just in front of us. As soon as we have made all the inner adjustments within our beings, we will be there - right in the center of it, in the calm eye of the storm. This eye of the storm is our One Heart, the place where all of us scattered about the planet meet. We may not be able to be together in the physical yet, but we are all there in the core of the One Heart and we can feel the presence of the others.

Another Paradox:

Scattered and separated, yet more together in Oneness than ever before.

Another Paradox:

While we are becoming increasingly timeless, time itself is speeding up so much that it has become almost meaningless. This year is going to go by like a blur.

Decisions will be made to follow some of the opportunities opening up in our lives. These decisions won't be anguished over, but will happen naturally, organically, and feel totally right.

Extract from March report



On September 11, 2001 we collectively experienced what is known as "The Shattering of All Known Worlds". The World As We Knew It null zoned and ceased to exist. There was no more of our old "normal". This shattering created a huge opening. It cracked open our complacency and threw us into a state of heightened vulnerability. It massively opened our hearts. In an instant, our priorities were completely rearranged. Many of the veils suddenly dissolved and numerous illusions shattered, leaving us in a delicate place that was new and unknown.

We had left the old map and entered uncharted territory....

For many, this was a moment of great awakening. We had been thrust out of our old world. It had simply collapsed in upon itself and no longer existed. Although it wasn't at all comfortable to be so vulnerable and open, we knew that we had entered a place which was extremely real. Suddenly stripped of our old illusions, this new place was more real than anything we had ever known. And we realized that we had to become more real and honest than ever before in order to inhabit this Greater Reality.

Many people could not handle the uncertainty and fragility of this new world. The openness and realness of it was painfully uncomfortable. They could not go back into the old world because it no longer existed and they were unable to go forward into the Greater Reality.

Hence the creation of an alternate parallel reality.

This new parallel reality is not real. It is a land of rampant illusion. It's a place where everything is distorted; a Warped World which represents duality's last stand. Yet, many people have chosen to put themselves there. They have been led there by their fears of the unknown and they are trying very hard to make it real, to pull ever more people into believing that it's all there is. They are feverishly trying to make this fake Warped World into the predominant reality.

The Warped World that has grown out of the ashes of our imploded reality is a world of coldness and hardness; a place of ever escalating violence where love and compassion are dirty words. It's a world of stubborn ignorance, rigid judgment, arrogance, mindless patriotism, religious fanaticism and heartlessness where anger, greed and political expediency rule. It's a land where the perpetrators of hidden agendas have now grown so confident that they are no longer subtle with their manipulations. A place where the majority of the populace has been lulled into a trance which requires a blind following of its policies, religions and leaders. And sadly, it's a place where those who are most exalted are the least qualified and evolved.

Over ten years ago, I wrote about a time during our passage through the Doorway of the 11:11 when the gap between the worlds would widen into a great chasm. What I didn't realize then is that this gap would be not be between the World As We Had Known It and the Greater Reality. Instead, that old world is gone and an artificial reality has been put in its place. The gap is between the artificial Warped World and the Greater Reality and it is growing ever wider each day.

The year 2002 symbolizes this gap. We have the two Zeros in between the Twos. The Zeros represent this growing gap. Throughout this year, we will be facing the critically important choice as to which world we will be inhabiting. Since our old status quo no longer exists, this will greatly help us make our decisions as to where we anchor our beings. We can choose to go to sleep and be unconsciously manipulatedfor another cycle or we can choose to become very real and true and live in the Greater Reality.

2002 is a tremendously important year....

We can no longer straddle both worlds, even if we wanted to. The contrast in resonance is too strong. The harmonics cannot blend. As the new year progresses, these disparate worlds will become increasingly invisible to each other.

If we choose to inhabit the Greater Reality, we must be prepared to move our beings and our lives onto a much vaster scale. We need to set aside our fears and start Living Large right now. We must be aligned with our Core Beings all the time. We have to be brutally honest with ourselves and others, following our true feelings and doing what we really want to do. We must take complete responsibility for our own beings and all our actions. We need to be totally conscious about our personal responses to outer situations. Nothing more, nothing less.

Right now, there's a struggle for control of this planet. A sufficient portion of us must be aligned with the Greater Reality in order to reach a state of critical mass which will bring about that long awaited shift in paradigm. We must start consciously nourishing and embodying Love, Compassion and Oneness -- qualities greatly needed upon the Earth at this time. Living Large and Loving Large are essential to our future survival.

To aid us in this process of becoming even more REAL and TRUE, here are some easy antidotes which will powerfully transform old problems. They might sound simplistic, but if you fully incorporate them into your lives, they really work!

Old Problem: Being a Victim

Antidote: Take Full Responsibility for Everything. Accept that YOU chose all your life experiences to give you exactly the lessons you most need.

Old Problem: Lack of Abundance

Antidote: Be Grateful for Everything Around You. Gratitude turns around Lack.

Old Problem: Anger

Antidote: Try huge doses of Compassion and Love. Realize that everyone is doing the best they can with the awareness they are given in each moment. Put yourself in their shoes for awhile.

Old Problem: Difficulties & Struggle

Antidote: Learn to see the gifts and lessons in them. They are always present.

Old Problem: Resentment & Envy

Antidote: Be grateful that anyone is experiencing something positive. If it happens to others, it opens the door for it to happen to you.

Old Problem: Frustration over Delays & Obstacles

Antidote: Trust the Perfection of the Timing. We can't force our way through to a state of Right Time, Right Place. Remember the lessons of water: how when there's a hole in its path, it takes awhile to fill up the hole before the water can go on. Or how when water meets an obstacle, it will keep flowing until it finds a way around the blockage. While you are waiting for the big breakthrough, keep making little breakthroughs.

Old Problem: Loneliness

Antidote: Create a good relationship with yourself. Start expressing your love and respect to everyone and everything around you. It doesn't matter if it's "animate" or "inanimate". Everything has a consciousness and resonance. As the Beatles sang, ‘The love you take is equal to the love you make.’

Old Problem: Thinking Too Much, Worrying

Antidote: Get physical. Walk, clean, dance, garden, clear out your closet, do yoga, shovel snow.

Old Problem: Self Absorbed

Antidote: Help others. By serving others, we serve ourselves.

Old Problem: Energies Too Directed Outside of Yourself

Antidote: Serve yourself. By serving ourself, we serve others.

Old Problem: Low Self Esteem

Antidote: Turn the place where you live into a sacred temple honoring your Core Being. Set up an altar, not to Gods and spiritual guides, but to your Core Being. Surround yourself with colors, objects, music, flowers which nourish you.


During the year 2002 there will be two very different reality systems in effect. Each reality system will be having completely different experiences. If we want to neutralize the anger and violence of the duality-based Warped World, then we must live in the Greater Reality of Oneness. The sooner we do this, the stronger we become and the sooner this illusory world will dissolve.

2002 will be a rather magnificent year for those moving into the Greater Reality. It will be a year of immense breakthroughs. It will be a year in which our creative expression will overflow the blockages which have been in place for several years. The lights will finally turn green and we will be able to move forward like never before.

We have already entered the first outer set of gates and are now in the passageway which leads to the inner gates. The passage through this vestibule is a sacred thing. We know that we are going to go through the inner gates into a new way of being. It is a certainty at this point. And we can already feel that once we go through the inner gates, that our lives will be irrevocably changed.

There is no need to be impatient with our progress for we are in a totally new timing pattern. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should. Certain alignments have to be in their correct positions in order to create that state of RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE. This is what is happening all this year. Any opportunities delayed or missed are simply for the purpose of rerouting and realigning elements into their proper positions. We no longer need to lament that things are taking so long; everything is unfolding absolutely perfectly.

It's similar to the beginning of a horse race. We are all on our horses standing before the starting gate. Our horses are prancing with excitement; they want to run! We don't know the exact moment when the gate will open: it won't happen at the same time for everyone. For some, it will happen as soon as the year begins. For many others, it will take place around the month of March. Others may wait until August or October. We are going to burst out of the gates in staggered surges. These opening gates signify a vast emergence into our New Lives as New Beings.

Once the gate opens for us, we will have no control over our destination. All we can do is become one with our horse and stay totally aligned with our Core Being so that wherever it runs will be all right. And then, we are going to race with the wind!

As the veils continue to dissolve in 2002 and the gap widens, we will be able to see many elements, people and situations in our lives ever more clearly. Those which are aligned with the Warped World of duality will be leaving our sphere. Our heightened perceptions will cause many things to flip flop. People you used to love will suddenly flip over and you won't even be able to look at them anymore. Some of those whom you previously respected will flip flop and the respect is gone. You may no longer be able to work at your old profession. In an instant, it will become untenable and the doorway to something totally new will open.

Many doors will close for us in the powerful year of 2002, but even more doors will open. These new doorways of opportunity will be infinitely vaster and truer and in order to enter them, we also must be vaster and truer.

2002 is an exciting year, a year of vast potential, infinite open doorways and many green lights. We can discover tremendous fulfillment and happiness. Many of us will find personal Love with someone who is on a similar level of evolution. Our work will move into new areas which are aligned with our Core Beings and give us great joy. The only hitch is that we must be anchored in the Greater Reality embodying Oneness. If we are, we will experience a surge of creativity and embrace our Personal Freedom which is the freedom to be our True Selves.