Hi everyone,


For the last few weeks I have been getting a feeling that something good may happen on 14th January. 


Well, out of the blue, we just had an announcement that our border rules (for last 2 years) that have prevented people from entering our state of Queensland (closed for the last couple years) which recently required double jab and PCR test, etc. was being TOTALLY SCRAPPED from 1am on 15th Jan (I was only 1 hour out!!) No jab, no test, no nothing. The border barriers and patrols all being completely dismantled right across the breadth of where this large state connects to New South Wales at all entry points – which applies to road and air!! for the entire country (all states). The only entry restrictions still there are for arriving international travellers and the govt statement said this was also about to be changed.


Note: I live right at the border, so it’s really good news for me. Not that it stopped me anyway! I have crossed frequently without being vaccinated, as there are a couple of ways this was possible.


Govt site QLD Entering Queensland from interstate

You can enter Queensland from elsewhere in Australia without restrictions. From 1am AEST Saturday 15 January 2022, domestic border restrictions for people entering from interstate are no longer in place



I had thought that maybe the border coming down was the reason I was feeling something good was about to happen but I now don’t think that was it.


I don’t know if anyone else is feeling it, but I have a strong sense the whole thing just turned on its head! I think we just reached the tipping point and I can see evidence in the main media and other actions occurring that is indicating this may be the case. I keep getting the idea ‘It’s all over’. I know it still looks bad. The changes may not be evident for a couple of weeks. It does not mean a zillion more things wont happen as the complete dismantling and turn around takes place.... but I think many things are about to do a 180 turn. There is still lots that has to change and restructure and that is going to take a while but it will be a good time for us... because we are going to see it the planet getting lighter by the day. I think the main reveal has been done... we (the light force) have flushed out the bulk of the bad guys (that had to happen). There are still some to be exposed but they will show their true intent as we proceed to destroy the main stream narrative.


We may be about to see a big change in the news. I think the vaccine narrative is coming to end. I knew it was there to wake people up but now it is getting close to the breaking of Universal law by taking away free will and choice. At this point that is only a threat, beginning with the intent of Austria with compulsory jab from Feb 1st.  Free will exists on Earth and is covered by Universal Law. I told friends a year ago that if it got to really removing free will, it would change so that the jab was only by choice. It may seem like being told you will lose your job if you don’t jab, is a removal of free will, but it is not. It is still a choice.


Anyway, let’s see. I sincerely hope this is the flip point and now we see a snowball quickly changing, so we can get on with creating a new world.


And just a note --- it may not come in the exact way we thought it would, but the vaccine is about to be exposed fully to the world as being useless, so all people who had their friends and family attack them – are really about to be vindicated... as I see it. But remember, don’t make them wrong. They did what they did out of  fear. Love is the answer and it is the only answer.


Much Love


Sandy Stevenson