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Hello everyone,

This is really for Lightworkers who are aware of the events currently occurring across the globe, as all the old systems disappear and we move into the higher 5D frequency of light to co-exist in harmony and peace.

We need to hold a calm, balanced, loving, non-judgemental, positivity outlook now. That will allow others to feel the peace and stillness within us. It is a time to be intuitive and not let our head and emotions get in the way. We need to trust the Divine Plan and reflect certainty and peaceful energy out to the world. Please understand we act as a collective consciousness. What we feel goes into the etheric and is felt by humanity. Let us take responsibility and emit only positive vibes and have no doubts. It is time to curb our impatience and trust the Divine Plan has its own perfect timing. We KNOW on a higher level what is happening now. If you are not sure, I suggest you meditate and connect to highest light and get the Higher picture and keep doing it until you are sure. In that way, we don’t put our own doubt, fear, impatience or uncertainly into the collective consciousness. It is all coming together perfectly in the Ascended realms and on the ground. It is in good hands. The Light Force on Earth have it!!! It is totally under control.

We are seeing the 3D physical enactment of the Higher Plan for Earth. This is what we have all worked toward for so long. It is all working so perfectly, it’s hard to conceive of a better plan. Yes, it was a battle and the Light won. President Trump and the amazing Light team of military and intelligence personnel with a plan that has been over 50 years in the making, with every detail thought out, has ended the Deep State control of the people. It has been a giant chess game and we are way ahead in the moves.

I know many Lightworkers are impatient to see big action happen (i.e. arrests, etc.) but actually huge things are happening every day. We just don’t realise it. Blackouts occurred all over the world. If we fail to ask ourselves why when we hear of such unusual events, we miss a lot of fun in this amazing moment in history. Incidentally, this will never be repeated in the universe!! It is all recorded in a blueprint for other 3D planets in the future who then won’t take that path. There was an obvious reason for the massive blackouts in key places across the globe last week and that mainly is to ensure the undercover operations being undertaken by Trump’s military team could not be leaked/disclosed while they were taking place.

As we know the Pakistan blackout that took out 40% of eastern Pakistan was for a different reason, being arranged quickly because of the discovery found on Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, hers being one of the 17 taken during the scuffle on Capital hill. And in case you haven’t realised they were taken legally as they are all identical Govt laptops, supplied and owned by Trump as Govt property. They were taken by Trumps trained guys who had infiltrated the Antifa group months earlier in order to know their plans and join with them (undercover) on 6th, to gain access to search for anything that might be useful. That was the day the Democrats had organised for Antifa plan to invade Capital Hill. Trump’s team had maps and quickly searched many rooms, hitting the jackpot in the chamber. In the rush to leave the room to run for cover, 50 plus laptops were left on the tables. Trumps team took 17, put them in backpacks and quietly left.

I know we want everything to happen instantly and are eager to see an end result and it seems to be dragging out. People are wondering why the delay. It is hard to understand when we are not privy to the plan. But if we think about it, we can answer that. We can see why every court was approached, both lower and Supreme Court; why every opportunity was given to so many to stand up for truth or commit treason. It has taken time to reveal which side people were on - light or dark. It is not good clearing out a swamp if there are people left to start it up again. All the individuals in the entire cabinet including Pence, the judges in all states and all courts; the mainstream media; big tech companies such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, business and pharmaceutical companies have revealed themselves. Irrefutable proof. It is now done. We have it all, across the world, coming down from the very top, people have been discovered. Then, Trump, quietly proceeded with all the steps needed to legally expose the Deep State, carrying out the necessary Executive Orders, declassifications, military placement in strategic places all over the world, quietly arresting, contacting governments caught out in the sting. He also stood back and left many to hang themselves. Look who cut their own throats. Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Now the world has realised and is shocked these companies could suddenly wipe accounts of the President of the USA and thousands of people who had happened to mention words in their tweets that showed concern about irregularities in the US election. And it was realised they also act jointly. This has brought comment from leaders across the world that free speech could be suppressed on this massive scale. There are people out there who realise that if the obliteration of free speech can happen overnight, it also means they could be turned on just as fast in different circumstances. People have finally realised the power and control these social platforms have over their lives. And Trump didn’t have to tell them. A similar awakening occurred as intelligent people saw the desperate ‘attempt’ to impeach Trump just days before the 20th Jan. We know why they were desperate. Trump is a ticking time bomb for them. It was him or them. They know he has all the evidence and they are finished.

The House tried to impeach and failed, so they tried again. Just like the vote against joining the EU currency by Nth Ireland. People said no. Oops! Not the answer they wanted so they ran a fear campaign and held another referendum a couple of weeks later and got their yes. But their fear mongering didn’t work with Brexit in the UK, despite the millions spent by the government and the huge anti campaign. Brexit is now done,; all over on the 31st Dec 2020. The impeachment of Trump may have been announced in the main media as successful, but it wasn‘t. It hasn’t passed in the Senate yet. It has also been stated that it can’t be heard in a court anyway until 20th and impeachment does not apply to a private citizen. Without going into the technicalities, it actually would not be valid if they did impeach him. By the way, Trump has returned the status of the US from being a corporation, back to what it was when Ulysses Grant was president.

So, it’s all in hand. No-one needs to fight. Trump and the military are doing it all for us now. We can relax. No-one needs to attend rallies. In fact, Trump has asked this himself in speeches made in the last couple of days. We could fall into traps if we attend rallies.  But there is work for us to do. We need to Hold the Light and be a calm and restful influence to soften the fear and confusion where chaos arises.

We need to keep the info going out with what is going on. That is helping the awakening of humanity and easing the mind of the public and helping to lessen the shock. I have virtually stopped sending out stuff on Covid because the truth will be revealed and handled. It will all disappear. The suppressed information of why it was created, i.e. control of masses and to help with organising the infiltration of the USA election via the use of postal ballots, will come out. They had to get rid of Trump as he was a major threat to the future of the Deep State. People will finally get the info re Covid that has already been said by many real experts, but that was prevented from reaching the public. Things like concerns about masks, spatial distancing, false testing and vaccines. I am hoping that when Trump exposes the information about Covid, he will withdraw the Gates vaccine and tell people about (as he has tried to do so often!) all the workable natural handlings that work, such as Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C, etc. He may even supply it free for those who are unwell. It is my understanding he substituted the Bill Gates nanoparticle DNA changing vaccine for the flu vaccine in the US and that not one person in the USA has received the Bill Gates planned vaccines. I don’t know about the rest of the world (but the higher realms have removed that permanent damage aspect of it anyway). He finally had to publicly side with the idea of the vaccine after he discovered millions of Americans felt he wasn’t taking Covid seriously when he was telling them not to worry, advising people not to wear masks and pushing natural methods. In order to awaken the people, you need them on your side! You can’t alienate them. So, when he realised this was happening, he called a press conference and showed he was taking Covid seriously and had provided a vaccine in record time. For those people who have asked me why he was pushing the vaccine, that IS why! He always serves the greater good. I see it every time.

Millions have bought into the fear and rushed to get their fake Covid test and their DNA wrecking nano-particle chemical vaccination. News broadcasts around the world have totally hidden the truth. Millions who watch the media have bought what they have been told. But as we know, also many haven’t. Hundred of thousands have demonstrated in cities all over the world; thousands of doctors and nurses, micro biologists and scientists have spoken out but have been silenced. None of these people’s concerns have been reported including the guy who invented the Covid test saying it isn’t accurate. I guess we figured that out for ourselves when we discovered that mangoes, pineapples, a goat and coca cola had all tested positive. Or maybe when we found out labs around the world had been testing up to 40 cycles when the test gives a false positive read about 35. And yes, the medical instructions did come down from the WHO to test up to 40 (I found lab instructions and checked 5 reports). A few weeks ago the WHO figured they had better say something to cover themselves when it was found there were millions of false positives and they issued a new directive with instructions not to go over 35 cycles (I went to their website and read it!) They are 100% complicit in all this as will be discovered. One demonstration against Covid restrictions occurred in Berlin. That one was reported by mainstream media who said there were a few hundred there, with pictures to prove it. There were actually thousands there that day.  

My guess is that within the next few weeks, maybe bit longer, maybe less, Covid will be revealed as part of the bigger plan of control of all people.  It is hard to believe that based on false figures and a huge fear campaign, Covid brought the world to its knees and the people fully under control in just a few short months. That is all it took. They told people what they could and couldn’t do and so many followed obediently, driven by fear and guilt, to obey. Small business everywhere was wrecked so big business could gain full control. Can’t have any independence! They took the livelihood away from people so they would totally depend on govt handouts of money (as long as they complied with what they are told to do). People were forbidden to see their loved one, not allowed to hug anyone, prevented from being with dying family, not allowed to weddings or funerals, not allowed to go outside, not allowed to mix, no church services, were locked in and under curfew. If we had been told last year that could happen, that we would blindly surrender our power and believe (corrupt) authorities, we’d have said it couldn’t happen. Well, it just did.

Many of us have been aware for a very long time about the Cabel/Deep State reset plans and their continued enactment toward their goal of total control of the planet though finances, govt’s, leaders, commodities, etc. They have infiltrated deeper and deeper, further and further into every country, using money, power and control. The original guys who started this were a couple of extremely rich families who could buy anyone. Yes, we know who they are and their family lines continue (well, it is said they have been taken out now!! Maybe they are in Gitmo?)

We are hearing many scenarios from alternative people. Personally I have found a lot of truth out there but of course there are people who get it wrong, who get into their ego, who see things from a lower perspective or assume and guess at things. And that is OK. Most of them are doing the best they can. Of course, there is also the outright infiltration of those deliberately trying to make lightworkers go into doubt and you need to use your gut to spot them. All this only becomes a problem if you believe what you hear without running it by your own intuitive gut response. It is an incredibly fascinating and exciting time. But let us not buy into everything that is being said, and certainly don’t repeat things unless your gut and knowing is saying yes. I use that system, as well as doing a mountain of personal research and cross checking. I run it by my own understanding of the Divine purpose of what we are doing. We are fulfilling a Divine Plan that requires an awakening of humanity. Obviously, it is ideal to do that in as gentle a way as possible. Trump knows that. And so do I. We don’t want to throw people into shock they can’t handle. I use that as a criteria with everything I read and hear and it often answers my own question as to whether something is likely to be valid or not.

Everything that has been corrupt and hidden will come to the surface. It has to in order to raise the frequency. BUT that also has its own timing. I have a question to ask. If our intention is to increase light on Earth and to bring unsettling news to people in as gentle a way as possible, so as not to cause them trauma and create more dense energy (which is opposite to our goal!) would it be wise in the initial awakening, for example, to tell huge numbers of devout believers in the biggest religion on Earth that their trusted head of church was not what they believed him to be? Would that help Light on Earth or reduce it? You will find there is a gradient of awakening and a right time for everything.

We have to keep our lower self out of this! If there is any part of you that wants to make anyone wrong, to rub something in people’s faces, a need to be right or to say I told you so– LET IT GO. Get above the ego. Be the Master. Be compassionate. Get into your heart and unconditional love.

Something to look out for. We need to look for the underlying significance and deeper meaning of the wording used by President Trump, as well as the overall sequence of his planned events and locations used. He is constantly sending messages and we have to think outside the ‘box’ to see them. For example, he chose Alamo in Texas as the location to deliver his recent great speech at the Mexico border wall. History teaches us the Battle of the Alamo was a fight for Independence. In December 1835, in the early stages of Texas war for independence from Mexico, a group of Texan volunteers led by George Collinsworth and Benjamin Milam overwhelmed the Mexican garrison at the Alamo and captured the fort, seizing control of San Antonio.

His use of the words ‘Giant Voice’ in another speech was referring to the use of the EAS, which is its name. His messages also contain key statements required by constitutional law before proceeding with an insurrection and military law.

The calm, peaceful, positive message from The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, a few days ago was a perfect forerunner to an EAS announcement. It showed calm and order.

Then the speech from Trump at the wall at Alamo did the same thing creating calm and peace, making it obvious to the people this was not a president gone mad and inciting violence. He gave a relaxed, no fear, no panic, calm, intelligent speech that included essential info to help awaken people and prepare them, helping to lessen the shock.

People who are not paying attention to the actual words he used thought he had conceded. He didn’t, but as he had been threatened by the Deep State that they would activate bombs in many USA cities unless he did concede (true) - in order to stave off that possibility and stop people being killed - he ‘sounded’ like he had conceded without actually saying it. I personally thought that was crystal clear, but I know some people heard what they thought he was going to say. He said the transmission will be smooth. He said he won’t be at the inauguration. He mentioned the 20th Jan without stating the year. Tons of stuff. We just have to listen.

We know the Deep State have been infiltrating the planet for a very long time. Abraham Lincoln tried to handle it and take back the financial control from the Rockefeller and Rothschild families. He was killed. Kennedy was a few days away from achieving this when they shot him. It was, at that time, that 200 Generals got together to work out a plan to take them down. They knew it may take them 20 years but they would get there in the end!! And they did. This is the end. Assisted by the arrival of Donald Trump on the scene who was the guy destined by the Light to take this role, who was committed to the Light and Freedom, who couldn’t be bought and would give it his all. He has done this faultlessly.

For those of us who see it, it has been surprising just how much hate there is against him and we have wondered perhaps how people can decide their country’s political future, based only on their emotions which of course are also generated by the lies of the media. People have been unable or unwilling to rise above their emotions, and unwilling to even listen to an alternative view such as the incredible achievements he did during his term of office. There is an explanation for the levels of hate. Trump is not only removing the Deep State control across the world, he has other Divine goals that assist the increase of light. One of those was to raise and transmute the emotion of ‘hate’ on Earth. Boy, he sure managed to get that to the surface for releasing! Can you believe how much hate he has generated? But does that really make logical sense? Based purely on personality traits, many that don’t even exist? People who meet him on a personal level say he is a kind and wonderful human being. I have two friends who know him personally who say exactly that. There are many more goals he carries that assist the Divine plan. I don’t have time to mention them here.  

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the entire Deep State is being eradicated, as we speak. Much has already happened, arrests made and Gitmo filling up. Much more to come. Trump is very aware of lessening the public shock as much as possible, to help awaken as gently as is feasible. As I have mentioned before the Covid restrictions have actually had a positive aspect in that it helped people adjust to massive change. Our Divine goal is to enlighten in a positive way to increase the light of the planet, not to shock people and create more dense energy. Lightworkers are able to adjust to change more quickly than many people. And we really need to remember that. Lightworkers are evolved and been through a lot before they came here. Much of the human population will be shocked to find out there were subversive plans in play to control them. Some people are unable to comprehend anyone would want to hurt or control them. It will be equally shocking to find out their trusted sources of information, i.e. daily newspapers and TV news, are under instruction to deliver fear and huge amounts of disinformation and that they continually follow a negative agenda laid down by their bosses.

The hardest of all, I feel, will be about the children and the tunnels and the extent of it. Not pleasant at all. That will shock to the core but hopefully that information will come later when people have recovered a bit from the rest. I noticed in the new promotional video of Trump, it includes images of women and children locked up, maybe a way of preparing what they will have to know soon. That will take a while to get over. It is sick to the hilt. It has been hard for us who now realise the extent of the pedophilia, organ sales and baby farms. Incidentally, Trump is the first president ever to talk about this area, and he has been handling it. Tunnels are being blown up and children saved all over the world. You may have heard about strange explosions taking place around the world. Do you know that today the registered number of missing children in the USA alone is 490,000. Just one country. A rumour out there is that Epstein is actually alive and being held. I guess we will find out if that is true. I think we are all going to be shocked at the big names involved, including those in Hollywood.

The kraken is released. Help ease the confusion in people that will arise before order is restored. Many people thought they were already free and have no concept of how free we can be. Don’t overburden people with tons of information. That can confuse them more. They don’t need that. They just need to see you are calm and positive! Smile, be reassuring and say it is great to get rid of the systems that controlled and suppressed us and stopped us being free. Now we will have real freedom and create a new life of truth and harmony. 

Everything is going to change and soon. There will be new ways to govern. The two party political systems will go and a new way will be born. There will be new types of finances and our existing savings will be respected and exchanged dollar for dollar in a currency backed by gold. Perhaps NESARA will be the new way. We shall see. Look it up. Whatever it is, it will be just and fair and in truth and the world will come together with the same set of high values. Yes, it will.

It is all incredibly exciting watching this unfold. We have waited for this since Atlantis. It was destined for NOW, with the culmination of high frequency light entering through the Majestic Gateway on the Solstice, June 21st 2020, to assist humanity into its new 5D world.

Grab the popcorn. You are so lucky to be here on Earth for the most exciting ride of your life.

Love and blessings,

Sandy Stevenson

15th January. 2021

Hi from Sandy,

A lightworker mentioned today they had started doubting the Light was moving through Earth. They had read some comments on different social platforms, that were dismissive and saying it’s all rubbish and the military movement people are seeing everywhere is just ‘the local military doing exercises and it is nothing unusual’ and they had bought into it.

We know we tend to be quite trusting and like to take people at face value. Because we are honest, it’s hard to imagine others might not be. So, we don't always consider that someone may be a total liar and quite adept at saying whatever is needed to make lightworkers doubt themselves.

Evolution involves trust with wisdom.

I think this is the time  for us to wise up really fast!! There will always be someone out there trying to undermine you, or in the case of the US election, they may just hate Trump so much, they will say anything to make you wrong. And if we are not on the all, its easy for them to do that. We can be gullible sometimes and trust too much. That allows them to walk over us because we tend to take their comments at face value and can’t imagine what they are saying could be a complete fabrication and a lie.

We all have to grow up fast, stand in our certainty and hold the light. And we are sure getting tested on that right now in this roller coaster ride. So, let’s just ride it and have fun.

 Don’t let yourself be undermined. Don’t doubt what you know. That reduces your light and you stop trusting your gut inner knowing and the Higher Plan.

 So what if all the social platforms collapse, if all the media disappears, the internet goes down for  a while, and there are blackouts – we don’t need outside sources to get information or entertain us and keep our spirits up. Get some candles, take the time to be still and align fully to Light.  We always have ourselves and our incredible resilience.

This is the change we have waiting for on Earth. Grab the popcorn and chill out! It’s all good. This is the Divine Plan going into full play. It is all Light.

A New Earth is being born.



 Sandy Stevenson

 13th January 2021


Hi everyone,

Just quickly – as it seems it is all happening  - albeit not a word of our corrupt mainstream media.

Those who waited for the broadcast on Fox news, just to let you know it was scheduled and pulled by Fox.

Our Intel tells us that the EAS will be used (Emergency Alert System) by Trump. But however we get the announcement, it is going to be a pretty historical moment and fits perfectly with the Divine plan for Earth. I am sure glad I am here to see this. It is very exciting. May be a bit hard but the result will be amazing.

There are many indications that this is all legit. Troop movements verified all over the USA, DC airspace all closed off and 7,000 troops in Washington DC protecting Capital Hill, massive blackouts as operations were undertaken  in foreign countries. 40% of the whole of Pakistan was in darkness. Vatican, Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt Germany. Blackouts all over the place on a smaller scale. Army drones reported all over USA. Massive navy ships have appeared off coastline of USA. Many other places. Quebec under curfew (one of the bases for Dominion election machines).  People getting banished by the thousands of social media in the dark side last ditch attempts to survive. President getting banned! How's that for free speech. People getting censored for any speck of truth from them. I am having trouble with email getting censored  - maybe 10 in 20 now being blocked. A million miles of proof available now, all that would ever be needed to show the world the level of corruption imbedded around the world.  

As we know a few Trump supporters who infiltrated Antifa months ago and were able to therefore be part of the raid on the Capital building included some great serve guys. The Antifa group raid was a total set up by Democrats to destroy Trump - they were escorted in the back door by police. Have all the footage necessary to show Antifa buses being escorted in by police 2 days before rally, being let thru the barriers, escorted into the lobby, got all the footage and photos. But luckily as it happened, many members in the Senate, in their panic, left their laptops on their desks and someone grabbed 7 of them. Getting hold of Pelosi’s laptop with tons more incriminating evidence was useful; including the deal going down in Pakistan (hence Trumps army caused the blackout there and stopped the deal.)  Incidentally, the President OWNS all those laptops. They are all identical laptops supplied by his dept. So, no crime committed.

We just wait now. Eat popcorn. Watch the movie unfold. Ha. It’s supposed to be a GLOBAL broadcast, we think. Who know what we will be said. Announcing China infiltration into many areas including altering the result of usa election. All Chinese companies in USA, we understand are being closed down, like immediately.

All corrupt main stream media (MSM) supposedly going down.  It would have to ever going to get truth out there. They block every single thing. Just 6 people controlling the 6 companies that own the media. We must never let this happen again. There are a lot of things we must not let happen again.

 People Power has risen.  At least 80 million in the USA and many millions more around the world now fully awake and up and running with this.

This is a major purge of the Deep State darkness from Earth.

This may be ‘Nesara ‘on the way, apparently that idea was signed in all countries, I heard. I don't know what is ahead, but it will be good.

Stay calm, help people be positive. Don't make anyone wrong for not seeing how it all was or for whom they voted. This is WAY bigger than an election and all of us miss things all the time.

What is happening is 100% in Divine Order and planned for a very long time to ultimately bring full Light to Earth.


Let us trust and wait and have fun.. and as a friend just said, stock up on toilet rolls!! Oh no, not again!!

love ,


12th January 2021

1.  Nesara: means National Economic Security and Reformation Act

2.   The blackout in Pakistan was to prevent a major deal from going down, in which a CCP front corporation would have bought the US corporate behemoth, General Electric for a mere $5.4 billion.


Parkes says the secret deal was discovered on Nancy Pelosi's laptop, which was stolen by Special Forces during the "storming" of the Capitol last week.


General Electric (GE) was one of the original 12 companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the late 19th century. It's been at the forefront of American technology and manufacturing for over 130 years and, importantly, in this story, it is a major manufacturer of engines for both commercial and military aircraft.


Many recall how GE CEO, Jack Welch was a corporate hero throughout the '90s. GE was a corporate powerhouse. In 2011, it was ranked among the Fortune 20 as the 14th-most profitable company.


GE has since very severely underperformed the market (by about 75%) as its profitability collapsed.


GE's earnings in 2019 were negative $5.4 billion, rendering this once-great American industrial giant into the biggest distressed asset on the planet.


In 2019, GE was hit with allegations of $38 billion in accounting fraud and in October 2020, GE was notified that the Securities Exchange Commission make take civil action for possible violations of securities laws.


In the wake of the targeted corruption of our government by the CCP, one wonders if the same compromise operations were also used in the take-down and hostile takeover of one of the most important US corporations – which was, thankfully thwarted?


Nancy Pelosi’s laptop revealed that was that she was facilitating the CCP's purchase of GE for $5.4 billion, which is a ridiculously low price for a corporation with over $266 billion in assets, even in its very depressed current state.


Since the Hunter Biden laptop was released last October by Chinese dissident billionaire Miles Guo, he has been claiming that the CCP's plan for total world domination was based on a relentless campaign of compromise operations.




Message 30th Jan 2021


You know if anyone is coming across some of this stuff suddenly, without having approached it on a gradient over years - as many of us have, and with no real understanding of how this was all divinely planned for this particular time on Earth, they could easily think they had just dropped into a crazy farm. And who could blame them!! And it is really not easy to find out about some of these darker things. But most lightworkers don’t need to know the fine details. Just keep releasing emotions and only examine info where you are drawn and stop looking when emotions arise and need to be released. We are creating a collective consciousness to help all humanity to release their stuff also. It is all unfolding in the gentlest way possible, to cause the least trauma possible. That is the way of the Light. Or if you have been watching Baby Yoda and Mandalorian – ‘This is the way’.

What a story. What a journey. What a massive cleansing – and all with Light. I told everyone 30 years ago we had chosen to do it with light, and would not need devastating water cleansing predicted by some way back.

What a super exciting, amazing, incredible time as now, rapidly, all the work put in by the Light Force since Atlantis is finally happening and right on schedule.

Just watching the Elohim clear the astral plane of the real nasty entities who have been possessing some humans in the sex trafficking area, has been so amazing to watch. Whoosh! Gone like the wind. I watched the voids appearing as they were cleared --- to 40%, 54%, 76%, 84% and today at 97%. Gone – taken off Earth.

They are a Force to be reckoned with. None are higher! AMAZING. It is just so joyful to see it all being undone. You cant help but cry with happiness as Earth goes free.

Everything corrupt disappears and the world WILL know honesty and justice and harmony and freedom – and not be worked into the ground with a mound of false debt hanging over them, and grinding schedules pushed by a society that is so controlling and manipulating that it leaves little time for increasing awareness and consciousness.

All debt will be cleared. It was never real in the first place. It was just controlling and extortionate meaningless figures on paper, with no substance and no longer backed by gold. We start again with real currency, it will be paper and coins and digital but backed by precious metals. At least the work we do, the money we earn and the debt we create, will be real and fair.

It is time for LOVE to fully enter the equation – and IT WILL. And it won’t take long.  The future is not just bright. It is glistening and gleaming, beaming light across galaxies as full Light comes to Earth in the Birth of a New Dawn.

When I get a minute, I am going to try and put together a very brief outline of this amazing time (ha, yes, try to get the time and try to make it brief!!)


Sandy Stevenson