The Dilemma of Recognition


I recognise you. I know your essence; your universal signature. Your vibration draws me closer. I feel the connection, a bond.

I fight the veils of Maya and try to place us in the passage of time. I reach to find intuition about my plan for this life. Is this a brief connection; perhaps a short exchange of codes or to deliver a message? Maybe lessons presented for growth? And if so, is it one or many? My lessons or yours? Are we balancing karma? Are we completing old agreements or vows?

I search deeply for the knowing I need. I must get it right. Is this a fleeting connection, merely ships passing in the night? Just a greeting; an acknowledgment to an old friend? Or are we meant to share a common goal. Or is it more?

I am aware it is from long ago. I know we walked many paths in different times and places, planets beyond Earth and other planes of existence. Were we lovers, siblings, friends, a parent tending a child or indeed the child itself? Were we warriors facing harsh encounters together, fighting side by side in battle.

Perhaps we wandered as minstrels and dreamed together of a better world or shared wisdom in a sacred life of devotion in a temple high in the mountains. Perhaps we were pirates sworn to the high seas or thieves and vagabonds or martyrs dying for our beliefs. Poverty or opulence, peasant or ruler, slave or king, leper or healer, fed to lions or burnt as a witch – or perhaps all of it.

Whatever or however it was, love was present. It is still. The strength and depth of love reaches to the core of my soul and fills me with longing and warmth. It causes initial confusion. What is this longing? A reminder of home and higher places? A simple yearning for the closeness of an old friend or has a soul mate appeared for something more?

I seek deep within for truth. I need to be right for now and on this pathway? Were we destined to work together, live together, love together? And was it for five minutes, or longer or a lifetime? What are we reflecting to each other? Do I hold you close or let you pass by? 

The dilemma of recognition. Many bonds in many time frames have ensured we face this situation, perhaps many times. What is the right connection now? Waves of love envelop and cloud the ability to assess.

I must not get it wrong. It is not wisdom to guess or hope or dream or think or want or dismiss or deny or need or hold. Love does not always mean lover. Love may mean hello my friend. I must not fill a space in my life meant to remain empty or destined for another time. I need to know. I must move beyond thought and emotion and go into the expansiveness of knowing. And in that place, rightness becomes visible.

Rightness cannot be determined by the love, though it rips through like a whirlwind and almost overtakes, for love is found everywhere. It is the forever ingredient in a thousand scenarios of connections; with friends, lovers, nature, parent and child, places and things, grandparents, siblings, art, music and animals.

To find truth, I must take my knowing beyond love. And I do and I see the plan. The resonance of truth greets me like a long lost friend in itself. I breathe. I let go. I know.

Welcome, my old friend, I rejoice in our brief reunion.


Sandy Stevenson

April 2019