The uncovering of planetary corruption has to happen so people realize what they thought was real, is not. This allows them to let go of old 3rd dimensional programmes, allowing a new higher light energy to enter.

People who feel to do research and pass on negative and positive information flooding the planet, will find it is part of their Light role at this time. Not everyone is meant to do this. Obviously, there are many other major light goals we are attending to. When we do what excites us and feels right, we are able to gauge our Divine role in any moment. We follow the signs and see what resonates for us. In that way, all the pieces of the jigsaw across the planet slot into place. Some people will want to just hold the light. Others feel right to send out a loving energy frequency. Others are enthused to be front line warriors. There are many functions. All parts are necessary to balance the planet.

We need to pass the information on, but maybe not everyone realizes that when doing so, we also have to let it go. It may also be a complete lie, so try not to agree it is true. There is a universal truth that says ‘Energy follows focus’. What we focus on, we get. When we let negative information ‘get to us,’ and we mentally or emotionally attach to it, we are adding our negative energy. We can detach from it. Then we are free to focus our energy into the Divine Plan goals. That is way better than focusing our energy into the Deep State plans and goals!

We can also choose whether or not to pass on something. That doesn’t mean choose based on whether it is negative or not. But to be intuitive. When we act intuitively, we are able to know when a particular piece of information may make people just ‘lose hope’. Sometimes it is a weighing up of ‘the greater good’ now. That may change tomorrow. We are in an ever changing planetary energy. If you look globally, you clearly see we are releasing information on a gradient. This is to minimise any major shock releasing of negative energy across the world.  

Another key point regarding passing on negative information. Regardless if it is to friends, family or on a forum or channel, we need to balance the energy. THE INPUT OF NEGATIVE ENERGY HAS TO BE BALANCED WITH POSITIVE ENERGY. Otherwise, people can drown in negative energy. That can lessen their light and create doubt and uncertainty regarding Light winning, all of which reduces their ability to maintain a light focus and achieve their work.  

We are looking at the end of a 26,000 year planetary cycle that brings to the surface all that was hidden and reveals the illusion of a world people thought was real. And people see the truth and the confusion passes, they begin to experience something amazing. They see a new world arising, where values mean something. Where corruption and wrong doing play no part and all that held that in place, has gone. A world of integrity, honesty and fairness, where each are acknowledged and respected. Where we can be proud of the work we undertake and it is seen to be worthy.

And deep inside a recognition takes place that we are entering a new world. A slow bubbling of excitement and inner joy begins to rise and somehow we know we are witnessing a whole new Earth and a new time of planetary harmony, happiness and love.

The Eternal Light of Source Floods The Earth.


Love and Blessings;

Sandy  Stevenson

20th June 2021