To the newly awakened,


You are on a fast learning curve. You might hear people say it took many years on their journey of understanding the spiritual nature of life, where they were could see things from a different point of view. And this indeed was the way of the past. However things have changed, so it will not be the same for you.


 We are now in a different time frame. Everything has speeded up. Events that would normally take years are now taking months or weeks. There are many reasons for this. We are at a special time in the evolution of both the Earth and humanity, and light is now flooding the Earth. This increases Earth’s overall vibrational frequency, which allows quicker learning. There are also now millions of awakened souls able to guide you. All of us have a 6th sense. When we use it, we can feel truth and know our path. It is a sense of inner knowing when something is valid or a lie. This ability heightened in all of us now, with the additional influx of light. You can trust this inner sense because it is you. With this sense you will find a place of surrender, moves you beyond mind and ego, that allows the universal flow to guide your direction. Those newly awakened are also being helped by the people who have gone before; those who became aware of their spiritual nature. They took the information they encountered, sensed what felt true and arrived at valid conclusions. The processed and resolved information was passed into the collective consciousness of humanity. This offers answers and helps awaken people faster and more easily.


Like most people who enter their extra 6th sense awareness, moving beyond the limited 5 senses, truth bcomes so incredible we feel we just discovered the secret golden treasure trove and found all the answers. It is a fun and very exciting time. Slowly we realize there is actually a whole path of discovery and we are on the first rung of the ladder. But however many steps there are to take us to full awakening, doesn’t matter, because as each new section of the jigsaw falls into place, we are taken on the flight of eagles, soaring across sweeping oceans and over highest mountains, with nights embedded in a zillion stars of galaxies and other worlds and we know deep in our heart we are on the most exciting and wondrous adventure possible. Worlds we never even dreamed existed, unravel before our eyes and we know we will never be the same.


This awakening time will now go fast for you, but don’t be in haste to rush ever onwards. Stop for moments along the way to savour the magical and precious gift of golden elixir that has been set before you. You are moving from human existence set within a third dimensional plane to a new higher frequency of existence that just may be everything your dreams could ever imagine.


With Love,


Sandy Stevenson