Message to the entire Light Force on Earth



We came here with a goal to help the Earth ascend. The plan was to help her cleanse all her bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of dense energy, allowing her a full ascension to her new evolution in the 5th dimension.

We also had a goal to help enlighten humanity, encouraging them to align to the divine flow of love, cleansing their dense energies, so they could join the Earth in her ascension.  

Millions of us have worked since Atlantis, using love, wisdom and LIGHT to achieve these goals. We have attained our major goals. The Earth is now ascending, putting in place the final touches of cleansing her emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Her ascension will continue over the next 18 months. And billions of people are now proceeding to their personal ascension because they’ve aligned closer to source and are more in their heart space.  

In highest truth, we know linear time does not exist. But in the third dimension, timing has always been part of the ascension plan. There was a predestined time arranged for Lightworkers to awaken and remember who they were, to move into mastery, finish their work here and cleanse themselves of any dense energies, so they could make their personal ascension.  

The Earth also had set a specific time for her cleansing to occur. Her subtle bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) have been sufficiently cleansed in this time period. But her physical body has only been partially cleansed. She now needs to cleanse it quickly to keep within the time frame.  

Regarding the reality on Earth. There are many parallel realities running at any one time. The one that we see being played out in the moment is the one that has been given the most energy input and agreement. This also applies to our own life. The way to change a current reality is to put energy into a different scenario.  

As it stands now:

1. Earth is ascending, but will leave her physical body behind. Note: The physical Earth has its own life force and can continue on in third dimensional form.

2.  The Earth has begun to use water to cleanse dense energies. She intends to bring the physical Earth into as pristine a condition as possible, in order to give it the most assistance for when it commences its own journey toward ascension. This action has many ramifications.  

If we wish to help the Earth change the process of cleansing with water (which we see is beginning to occur) we need to do something that will permit her to restore the original Plan of cleansing with Light, if she wishes to do so. Note: Our action would help Earth overcome the interference that has been, and is being, created by those powers that encourage fear based thought patterns to undermine Light projects. If we can get sufficient numbers to put their energy into restructuring the future of Earth, we have the chance to change this reality, if it be in Highest Divine Order.  

This would mean:-

1. The Earth will continue her ascension, but may be able to include her physical body in that ascension process, if it can be quickly cleansed with Light.

2. The Earth could cease cleansing with water.  

The most optimum way to handle this is to do a Decree. A Decree is the Right of every incarnated Lightworker and Starseed on Earth to request action from the Higher Realms of Light, to act on our behalf. In many instances the Higher Realms cannot act to assist because under the ‘Universal Law of Non Interference’ they require the authorization of the inhabitants of a planet.  

Where it is difficult to see the Higher picture or we feel we may be emotionally too involved, it can become hard to be specific in our request. So, it has always been permissible, and often advisable, to ask that Highest Order takes place concerning a specific situation. In that way, rather than stating our personal preferences, we keep our own desires out of the way. It’s easy to become personally and emotionally involved in ‘outcomes’.  This form of decreeing allows what is best and right for the Earth in Divine Order. Please read it through and see if it resonates with you.  

Important: The decree needs to read through THREE times (Holy Trinity/Power of Three) and needs to be word perfect each time. That does not mean it has be read at the same speed, or have the same pauses, etc. but MATHEMATICALLY it does need the wording to be the same.

NOTE: A Decree, if done correctly, only needs to be said once (but three times through).  

What to do:

Please take this step seriously. If you are not in the right space, it may not reach where it needs to go. We need to become still and peaceful, aligned to highest Light, and step into our highest point of evolution. That means step fully into our mastery and merge with our I Am Presence of our Highest evolution.  

First step:

“I demand that I am now fully aligned with my I Am Presence of my Highest evolution.”  

The Decree (to be said three times):  

“By Divine Decree, in the Name of God and under the Law of Grace, I ask the Highest Realms of Light, to act now on my behalf, in Highest Divine Order concerning the final cleansing and the full Ascension of Earth.”  

Having said the above decree through three times, then please say the following line once –

“So Be It. So Mote It Be. It is Done.”  


With the Grace of God, may the decree reach the required mathematical number on Earth to bring into being the Highest Light Plan of God to take this beloved planet Earth to her new evolution in the 5th dimension in the manner she prefers for herself and all her life forms.




  9th May 2011