20th February 2021


Hi all,

Yesterday, people all over Australia came together in every capital city in Oz and other towns – specifically to point out an ‘unsafe recommendation to handle the ‘bug’! (edited to pass censorship)

I went to event in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. We had the mast amazing, high vibe, fun day, sharing a reality of any jab and ant loss of freedom - with like minded people. Singing, some dancing, lots of great placards and T shirts people had created. The 2 hours of music with some great fun up beat talks by an array of good speakers – making different points and unifying everyone. We did an OM, we laughed and the message was given. We had ABC cameras set up there and a TV channel helicopter overhead. Following the 2 hour event we all walked around a few blocks, taking up the whole road. Cars had to wait. Very little police presence. They were not expected anything unruly and there was none. We waved and chatted to them. All cool.

The day had good cloud cover that kept the sun from beating on us and no rain at all despite the previous 80% expected. That applied for the entire day in Brisbane QLD where I was.

As far as I am aware, every event in Australia had good weather. There are a couple I haven’t heard from yet. A bunch of us did concentrate on ensuring we had good weather Australia wide for each location. Seems it worked just fine. Ha, mastery.

All the attached pics were just the Brisbane event. We had 5,223 (yes we do know!) Ours is a smaller area than Sydney or Melbourne, which I expect had many many more.

From my perspective, aside from all the 3D attention it brought to the dangers of the V a x, the 5D higher purpose of the day was to let the rest of Australia know there are more than just a handful of anti-vaxers out there – which is what they are continually being told by MSM. To achieve that goal, we needed to have a large turnout AND for that to be shown by MSM. WE SUCCEEDED ON BOTH COUNTS.

Pictures on TV and in the main Sunday papers (which many people buy) showed huge crowds. Any negative comments in articles under the pictures didn’t matter. I was aware that all that was needed were large crowd pictures. That was going to register in the consciousness of people who saw the pics of big crowds of protesters– as ‘Wow, there are a lot of people who think there is something wrong with this vaccine’. That happened.

AHEAD  are pictures of the day and Front page and Page 9 in Sunday Mail - major newspaper QLD today. 21st Feb 2021 (the day after the event).

 Tons of love,

                   THE END OF A WONDERFUL DAY

My brother’s comments on the day in Brisbane – ahead.
A wonderful and inspiring day at the Brisbane March. Great weather with no rain.
A realistic estimate at the beautiful Botanical Bardens would be just over 5,000 attendees.
Police were not intimidating at all. They calmly stood well in the background in two's and three's. It makes one grateful that we have such police. Very impressive. Congratulations to them and their senior officers for showing the perfect role for Peace Officers. I will write a letter to the papers and the Minister and Commissioner of Police.
Also lots of groups passed out their promotion for the day, including how the vax class action is proceeding.
It began at noon and at 2pm the speakers concluded and we marched through the business area of Brisbane. We had lots and lots of great signs. It was super successful.
Many good speakers, covered a large range of subjects, headed of course by Meryl Dorey of AVN (Australian Vax Network).
My small team distributed about one thousand four hundred of the one page vax sheets = 12 key points against. Very well received.
It was a thrilling day with a high spirited group of people, committed to changing our world for the better.
Wonderful to be a part of the Free World we are all creating.
Best regards

THE EVENT IN BRISBANE, Queensland. It was held in every capital city