Hi everyone,

We are at an important time on Earth and naturally there is a lot of information and video links going around. And being such a special time makes it even more important for us to apply discernment. It is really time for all lightworkers to act in their own mastery, to be intuitive and be guided by that.

I’ve spent many years explaining the importance of discernment and how Lightworkers need to be alert to messages that are intended to reduce light, diminish us or divert our attention in some way. Most messages like this also contain some truth (or a lot). In that way, it gains our agreement and lulls us into a sense of feeling that if part of it is right, then it’s probably all right. If it didn’t contain some truth, we’d never accept it. 

Because we know that everything hidden on Earth now needs to be exposed to main stream, it is easy to assume that means ‘everyone needs to know everything’. If we are excited listening to ‘possible’ 3D hidden areas being exposed (excited by the actual information, not just happy it might wake people up) --- AND we are able to discern the truth from fake/lies --- AND we can hear it without letting it reduce our light --- AND we are sure it is not triggering our negative emotions or thought patterns – then it could be of use. Of course, we know there are specific Light teams on Earth whose Divine work is to expose and handle hidden stuff. And we each have our own jobs to do and they are clear. They feel right and excite us!

I‘ve received many videos since Covid 19 began. Some are beautiful truth and often include 3D exposures but it is delivered in a framework of high vibration, without judgement. Some others are full of possible dense 3D scenarios with the intent to reduce our vibration. Often the person passing on very negative information (from the idea we all need to know!) has a good intent and doesn’t realise they are not really checking the source they are connected to. It’s not always easy to spot. Intuition and gut feeling is the key, having detached from mind and ego.

I just watched a video that had some truth but also firmly pulled people’s focus into very heavy 3D negative belief patterns, being offered as truth. It also mentioned the higher realms were taking care of things (eg. vaccinations/5G, etc.). This is not actually true. There is a Divine Plan. It is being enacted. But being informed ‘it is being take care of’ could encourage people not to bother with it, as its already being handled.

There is also a statement around that Bill Gate’s ‘Predictive Contagion Model’ has been ‘dumped’ by Trump and the US Surgeon General. Well, that’s not really accurate. I believe it was genuinely misunderstood and it’s not a huge deal. But someone hearing it could get very excited and then feel a loss discovering it is not exactly right. Loss can lessen our light. I listened to every word of the interview given by Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General - to Sirius XM radio and there is no mention at all that ‘Bill Gates’ Predictive Contagion Model’ has been ‘dumped’. What he does say is now they have some real figures to work with, they don’t need to only rely on ‘models’ (all models). Of course they don’t. It was always understood that as soon as they had accurate data to work with, they no longer need to surmise any more. 

There is also data that permission is not being given to use human foetal tissue in the US to test vaccines. It does seem to be true. Although this won’t stop the creation of a Covid 19 vaccine - providing it stays in place (it is being fought) it does make it harder to experiment by adding that tissue to mice. This is good news. But let’s just make sure that hearing this doesn’t stop us exposing the harm of vaccinations.

Sometimes, information is said to be coming from high level light beings and it often is. But not always. Listen to the words and be intuitive. Don’t let things quietly pass you by, without noticing. Accepting things that are not true can influence your actions. I just heard one group say the ‘dark forces won Earth in a battle 300,000 years ago, killed the Light - and have owned Earth ever since.’ I wonder if people hearing that – really heard it - and re-assessed the entire video! 

Look, it’s just my observation. I may be wrong. But for 50 years I’ve watched attempts to deceive the Light force and unfortunately, sometimes it works. Many scenarios have been given credit – such as the space fleet about to land on the White house lawn! I know we want big stuff to happen and wake everyone up. I get it. Just trust that big stuff is already happening in every minute.

Intuition is the key. We are a pretty amazing Light Force on Earth and able to instantly feel if something resonates as truth or not.

What remains pure truth is the original Divine Plan we came in with. It is working perfectly. Trust you. Trust the Plan. Unconditional Love.


Sandy Stevenson

20th April 2020