Hello everyone,

Here is a list of the some of the Alternative news media outlets offering truthful reporting of events going on across the planet. From my perspective, the following people deliver a good level of truth regarding the US election an associated happenings. But naturally, you check it out and decide for yourself.

Many of the people who are currently fighting ‘the establishment’ and offering us an alternative media reporting truth -  as opposed to the corrupt and very false mainstream news being delivered around the world (all mainstream media around the world is owned by just 6 companies) are often spiritually based people. These white hats include a few ex-military guys, great bunch, dedicated to the hilt to expose the baddies – but they can get a bit carried away at times with the idea of civil war and getting the ‘baddies’  so maybe give them a bit of slack and take what you prefer from it all. They all are coming from a place of the heart, with a healthy respect for the US Constitution and the Right of Freedom of the US people (and everywhere) and are all very brave to take the stand the are taking. I respect all of them for their courage. As we know, Americans are far more focused on owning firearms, than Australia or the UK. God Bless them.

Find the news sites you resonate with. There will be other good ones who are not on this list, of course.

So here are some websites for those who are interested. All are free to view (including Epoch Times now).
1.   YOUTUBE – SIMON PARKES  (I call him the 'quiet Englishman')  Eg. one of his videos =
2.   www.naturalnews.com  Mike Adams. Many information/videos
3... https://www.ntd.com/ Great reporting
4.   https://www.bitchute.com/      Many information/videos
5.   https://www.brighteon.com/   Many information/videos
9.   https://www.youtube.com/lorieladd  Lorie Ladd is delivering many lovely higher Collective Conscious views of the proceedings on Earth at present. (She has also a couple of her own personal life videos - so choose what interests you.)
10.  TWITTER - Tweets by  -
Lin Wood  -          https://twitter.com/llinwood


Sandy Stevenson

21st December 2020