Lightworker Perception


My last message must have been incomplete as I’ve been asked more questions to further clarify the subject of discernment and how we decide what material to pass on to others. There are a series of articles on discernment (including a self test) on the Articles page on my website (scroll down list to Discernment section). So here, I address some points I have been asked about.

How do we discern if something is truth or not? The right answer, and the answer to most questions, is to be intuitive. That way, it will be right. I hear the protests ‘but I don’t trust myself enough’! OK, well, keep working on that one because it’s the best and easiest way. But we’ll address the other way.

Give the information you are reading or hearing your full attention. Sit with your ‘discernment hat’ on, really hearing what is being said and feeling if it resonates. You can also apply logic. Is it logical a particular well known person/celebrity/president would say that! Things can be checked on false data websites to see if they are rumours. So, back to listening to what is being said. No washing dishes, handling the kids, talking on the phone, learning how to sew and bake bread (you mean you haven’t gotten to that yet!) which often means you only half listen and miss things. It is our responsibility to do our best when deciding what to send and what to leave. And keep in mind, some people may not have sufficient mastery yet to decide what’s true and what isn’t. Emails are often forwarded to hundreds, thousands or millions. But that doesn’t mean become fearful and not send anything. Send everything that feels good/right/helpful. Jokes, fun stuff, meditations, exposure, lectures, video clips. It’s what the internet is for – to connect us. Maybe just do our best not to clog the timelines with things we are not sure about.

In fact, the right thing is to follow whatever feels right. You may like to go about your business, quietly flowing light; perhaps you feel enthusiastic about sending on material that helps expose distorted 3D areas; you may be inclined to chant or sing or meditate in prayer; to be in nature in quiet contemplation or you may like to chill and seemingly do nothing. We all have different roles to play. As long as we are being led intuitively and not from our head, we’ve got it! What we are doing will be supporting the entire Plan.

Another question was about responsibility. Now we hit another common problem in the spiritual world of understanding. We know we are each responsible for ourselves and that people can choose to delete, ignore, etc what they receive. That is true. However, that fact does NOT negate our own responsibility to only pass on information we feel is right to pass on. The fact that others are responsible for their actions does not negate our responsibility for our actions. Under Universal law, we are each responsible for our own creations. Choosing to pass on information, or not, is our creation. And, in the higher scheme of things, justifying sending on things by saying people can choose to dismiss it or delete it, doesn’t remove our responsibility. Actions can attract karma. There is also a 3D pattern some get caught up in, where they enjoy passing on dramatic news.

Everyone has the RIGHT to know the truth. But that doesn’t mean our survival depends on knowing the truth about everything. Yes, hidden stuff needs to come to the surface now, so it’s easy to assume everyone has to know it. But like everything else in the universe, we draw to us what we need. The goal on Earth is not ‘to be informed’. If that were the case, many wouldn’t make it, such as natives in the Amazon and other indigenous people (who work with intuition instead of information) and the poorly educated. So, information is not the goal. The goal is to increase vibration in order to evolve. Thousands of things achieve this - yoga, meditation, healing, spiritual practises, light, colour, art, music, dance, etc. all help toward that goal. And yes, truth does as well. When truth replaces a lie, it transmutes the lower energy in the lie. Of course, an individual would have to be aware of the lie in the first place.

If we either intuitively select or we listen to material and feel it resonates, then it is fine to pass it on. Indiscriminate forwarding of material we haven’t run past our spiritual barometer, can cause confusion as people try to sort out garbage from truth. So, it can help to prevent lower level material travel unhindered around the world. And being selective is a far more effective use of Lightworker’s time and energy, for the sender and receiver. We are all able to assess different energy frequencies (heavy to light!) and we do know when something is OK. If we are in doubt, wait until we are certain.

Another key reminder is although we may be able to read heavy negative stuff and just discard it – not everyone can. Many do accept things that diminish their light. Therein lays the results of our actions. And even if we think nothing ever gets to us, it’s not a bad idea to check we haven’t let a serious vibe enter our world are still handling life with lightness and humour.

The next stumbling block is the Lightworkers who assume if the person giving the information is lovely and has a good intent – then the information must be OK. It most cases, that will be true. But as we know, not everyone is discerning with where they get their information. I don’t want to give the dark guys credit but they are not totally stupid. They know if they can get a lightworker to deliver their information, it has a better chance of getting through. So, sometimes they use a nave lightworker, who being enthusiastic, fails to check (intuition) the true source of what they are receiving. They are often told it’s from a high level being and they have a special mission which involves delivering a message. That idea can make them feel important and so they don’t check.

It’s lovely to be a kind person. And we don’t want to ever not be. But wisdom needs to accompany kindness. We can’t only be guided by kindness. We need to be a Master and check what feels right also. When seeing someone give false or negative news, the response offered by many lightworkers is they ‘didn’t realise what they were doing’ ‘it was just an accident.’ they didn’t mean it’. We want to be all love and light but allowing people to get away with negative behaviour is not ideal. Yes, often it is an accident. But sometimes it is deliberate. In many ways, it doesn’t really matter which it is. If it really is negative behaviour and is reducing light - it needs to be stopped and not excused. I know it’s hard for lightworkers to accept that anyone would deliberately choose to harm, but we are on a planet of duality, which is a system that learns through opposing forces - bad/good - right/wrong - negative/ positive. It is only the 5th dimension and above that has no duality.

Light teams are in every 3D area on Earth. Some of those teams uncover lies and hidden areas, such as vaccines, EMF’s, abuse in age care homes, sex rings, etc. and disseminate the truth about them. They do a great job and are usually very passionate and also often believing ‘everyone has to know’ the truth. But actually there is probably nothing in the universe that everyone needs to know. A truer statement may be we each need to know what helps us raise our vibration to a higher light frequency.

The Divine Plan is a perfect process. It leads us to whatever will advance our evolution. We only need to be aware and listen.


Sandy Stevenson

22nd April 2020 (4+4+4)