We are probably all channelling in some way or another because there are thousands of different ways to channel light to accomplish our work here. Every form of healing is some type of light channelling. Some Lightworkers channel information from the higher realms as part of their agreed work on Earth. Others get involved in channelling for all sorts of reasons. Whatever the agreement or reason, whether we are a channel or the listener, we need to be discerning in what we choose to accept.


It’s important for people channelling Light messages to double check their own channelling. We know that what we believe in our life will always be supported by the events and people we meet. What we may not all realise is the same criteria applies to channelling. Whatever we believe, will be reinforced by the Ascended Masters in their communication to us. Channelling is actually filtered down through our own belief patterns. So, we need to detach from our own beliefs while we’re receiving channelling. When we can put ourselves and our beliefs to one side (or release them) and surrender to the higher aspect of ourselves, then we can be ‘clear’ channels. Otherwise, the Ascended Realms don’t have the right under Universal Law to overrule our beliefs. So, the channelling gets filtered through our beliefs and the message becomes a mixture of both. It may seem silly that they do that. You’d think they’d correct our patterns by giving us the higher truth about that subject. But our beliefs are part of our learning and growth. So, if they did ‘fix’ it, they’d be overruling our free will and choice and our right to learn in our own time at our own pace.


Channellers can test if this is happening. But a test only works if we really surrender ourselves to the higher dimensions. To do a test, note something specific we personally believe. Then receive a channelling from the higher realms that covers the area of that subject. You’ll find the content of the channelled message will support your belief.

Then, completely surrender and let go of that belief. You do have to really let it go - not just half do it or pretend to do it - or hang onto it on some level so as to get the message the ego wants to hear to make itself right. Or at least completely detach from it. Now adopt the ‘opposite belief’ and then receive a new message. You’ll find the new channelling will now support your new belief. So, you see what a difference our beliefs can make to the channelling we receive. This is what happens when we don’t get ourselves and patterns ‘out of the way’ before we channel. That can also apply even if someone has been channelling ‘forever’ and think it’s not possible for that to happen to them or they believe their source in the higher realms would never do that to them. Trust me, they would! It’s for your greater good. We need to understand things are done for our higher learning and growth. 


To get the highest truth, we have to get ourselves beyond our belief patterns. We need to ‘get out of the way’. Then we’re in our mastery. Usually, channels think they are getting themselves out of the way, but it’s not always the case.


Most of us can see when a channelled message is pure light and highest truth and is free of the influence of the person receiving the message. It contains no judgement, no fear, it is helpful, encourages self mastery and is delivered with love. It never tells you the ‘only way forward’ for your advancement and protection is to follow a specific guru, procedure, course, book, process, event, workshop, etc. There’s nothing wrong with anyone suggesting things we can do to help ourselves. We all appreciate useful guidance. But I’d be wary if we’re being told, or it’s implied, that it’s essential, or the only way, or we’re  going to have a really hard time if we don’t do something. The highest light always encourages you to follow your own connection to light/source and to trust your own knowing and excitement for what’s right for you. Also, sometimes we get so comfortable with material from a specific channel because it’s always been OK in the past, we don’t then check our inner guidance anymore. And that’s usually OK, until the time it isn’t! It can happen that a Lightworker makes a new energy connection that’s not ideal (we’ve all done it!) and it affects their channelling.


There are only two forms of communication - love or fear. Lightworker’s whose channelling is being influenced by their patterns, generally have no idea this is happening and would be upset to think this is the case. But we all have a responsibility to stand back and check our channelling in a detached way, to ensure it’s beyond our personal beliefs. Lightworkers who are still operating with ego, would probably be quite indignant anyone could possibly think their channelling could be affected like this - or that their channelling is not from the highest level. Sometimes, when we’re too sure of ourselves, we don’t then regroup and have a fresh look at our work. It’s good to look at things newly and ensure we are aligned with our true intent and original purpose - to BE the light and deliver highest truth.


The intent of most light channels is pure. We know that. We are all a good bunch. We know in our heart when our channelled message is pure.  When we come from the heart in our channelling; if our intent is to receive pure truth; if we can feel love present (not only power); if the message feels right (not only because it’s what we believe); when it doesn’t promote fear or negativity and is clear and helpful; then we’ve got it right. If you are receiving the sort of messages that provide love and assistance, then please don’t doubt yourself. Always trust what you know is true for you.


Channellers need to watch out for any channelled messages that feeds our ego and tells us how wonderful we are. In such cases, it’s easy for the channeller to then not question the content too much because they are so proud of the compliments, they want it all to be right. Ego fed channelling is generally delivered from beings in some band of the 4th dimension.


It’s our combined responsibility to ensure our words or messages or even emails we forward on with others words, whether channelled or not, are the highest and purest truth we can access. If there’s the slightest doubt something is promoting fear, even in a back handed way, (such as ‘this planet is in a terrible state but we can help it’) be aware of the doubt you are sensing and make sure before you say it/forward it/teach it, that it’s a concept you choose, as a Lightworker, to add your power and light to. Passing on material that could cause a lessening of light in the reader or listener, causes an imbalance in our own personal balance of energy and light. That is called karma.


We can all stand back from our personality self. We can be strong and determined to hold close to our heart the goal that brought us to Earth. We came with the intention to increase the light; to hold the concept of Heaven on Earth - a place beyond fear - a place of total divine abundance....and divine infinite love - where each individual is encouraged to realise their own divine connection to source. Let us do our very best not deliver anything to anyone that is less than that.


Many of us have been incarnating here a very long time to bring that Divine goal to reality. It would be a pity to let it slip now, even a millimetre, after all this time and all this work, by letting our ego control any part of our life, affecting the planet and extending our individual time on Earth.


We always KNOW.  We only need to listen and trust. 


Love and blessings,


Sandy Stevenson


15th February 2016