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Each person is a creator and every situation that happens to an individual is created by them. This is the essence of life in the third dimension. No matter how remote a possibility that seems, it has been created or it would not exist. We can only have happen to us that which we need to experience. There are no unnecessary experiences. The overall journey involves creating many experiences in order to learn and grow. We want to become a wise, loving being and everything is geared toward that. This is the goal of every incarnated person regardless of what appears to be contradicting that fact.  

We go on through as many life incarnations as is needed to gain a greater understanding of what life is about and how we can best interact with it. When this knowledge is gained, we can depart from the third dimension and begin to experience life in other forms, in other bodies, in other dimensions.  

As we travel this path of life in human form, at times we may feel all is lost, as we sink into consequences of our actions (we often don't realise they are consequences). We become disillusioned with the possibility of joy entering our life. It is not so hard to remove ourselves from such a scenario. All we need to do is be a creator and vanish it all. Just joking (although it may be true!) What we need to do is start realising we create through our thoughts -everything that happens to us. It is a pretty amazing statement really, and one that is often hard to grasp.

The main reasons it is difficult to comprehend are:

1) Generally, we have forgotten who we are and

2) because there can be life spans in between us thinking a thought and having it manifest, the two can seem unrelated. It may also manifest a second later, which makes it much easier to see the relationship between the two.  

When we acknowledge to ourselves that we are special people doing a special job, we start to get closer to truth and this allows us to act more as our true self. By recognising that you are special, you understand that you are a part of God. That you can behave as such.  Everyone is special and everyone has that realisation at their fingertips. It is only when you see that truth that you can adopt your own mastery. Being as God, you can truly act in amazing ways. You enter fully into the flow of the universe and can reap all its powers and benefits. If you truly want to help, as most do, here is the place you can most help from. From the True Self. For every particle of doubt you have, every time you are critical of yourself and your abilities and every time you fail to love yourself, you are reducing your own worth and rendering a lesser service than you are capable of giving - to yourself and everyone else.   

The third dimension is a great lesson giver, we receive so many chances to grow and expand our spiritual self. Although sometimes you may see it as a great trial, I promise you when you look back on this time, you will appreciate the immense growth that it offered and that was attained. There are few other ways to attain this type of understanding, wisdom, love and compassion.  

Whenever you think of your life, try and see what you have gained. Look at the pluses. In fact, why not sit down now and make a list of everything and everyone in your life you are grateful for. Really give it some thought. Put it all in - the washing machine and the clothes to wash. You may want to list your family, friends, pets and material possessions, your five physical senses, the air you breathe and water you drink. Then go beyond those things and think about nature, the stars, the oceans, birds and the animals. Try for 100 items. If you get to just 10, that is surely worth something. Allow your heart and mind to fill with gratitude. Living life with gratitude is an amazing place to be. It is hard to explain how much change occurs in someone when they suddenly get it! A miracle takes place. A door to happiness and contentment opens for them. They become grateful - for everything - for the life they have, for their very existence, for the chance to learn, to interact, to grow and to make a difference. It is a humble place of being, but from that humility comes such inherent power - the power to act in good - to be of great service - to truly make a difference. Ego has blended with humility, giving a strong compassion, a desire to serve and love for others. And now, even though one has reached a state of not needing or wanting, it is as though a key has been turned in a giant universal door and one becomes blessed with great love from others. An abundance of all that is perfect pours in from the universe.    

You could also make a list of what you wish was not in your life. After each item, write down what you think you could learn from that experience. It could also be that you trying to teach someone something. See if you could change something to make that better. And  check to make sure you are not trying to make someone wrong or feel bad. Perhaps then you could decide that is not being very loving and you could let go of that behaviour pattern.  

There are many choices we can make all day every day, that can help us become a wiser person. If we work at making the type of choices that feel right from our heart, we can be pretty sure we are on track. And that is all we can ask of ourselves really. That what we do feels right from a place of love. That we can act without deliberately trying to hurt or harm another or making someone feel wrong or bad. If we can achieve that, we are well on the way to becoming that person we would like to find inside - a grateful person who appreciates the feel of a gentle breeze, who rejoices in the magnificence of a thunderstorm and whose heart fills with love and compassion as they step forward to assist an elderly person struggling with the shopping.  

It is a blessed life we each lead - we only need to see it as such.  

Sanat Kumara     

Channelled by Sandy Stevenson  May 2007


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