We spend much of our life having to discard information we thought was real and true. That is our spiritual journey part of how we keep growing; slowly learning and getting wiser by gaining a broader understanding and higher picture. Every bit is teaching us something. We all know it can be super frustrating when we are in a nice comfortable place where we think we have a fairly accurate picture of life, to then be forced to review it and see we had it wrong or at least had a very limited view of it! And recently most of us have had a great deal of this and had to review most everything! That really had to happen if we want to move on to higher ground.

But as these crashes of reality occur, we begin to see how necessary they are, to knock out of comfort zone so we can evolve. Otherwise we would be stuck in one level of truth and never obtain the wisdom a broader picture presents to us. And it gets easier and easier to let go of an old reality as we replace it with a blank space awaiting further revelation or swap to a higher understanding. It really does get easier, heaps easier. In the end, we are able to confront a whole new way to view something we were previously so sure was right, and it barely produces a shrug as we smoothly swap to a better understanding and higher truth. Impatience, frustration and annoyance it might have produced earlier is replaced with a deeper understanding of the purpose of that universal process. We have learnt to accept it with gratitude and be thankful.  

Another point regarding our reality, while it is ideal for us to visualize (create) the perfect life we would prefer, we need to make sure we don’t lose our ability to appreciate and be grateful for the beauty in front of us. If we fix rigidly on wanting life a certain way, it is easy to become dissatisfied with the present moment. This stops us appreciating the amazing world we have right here and now, which needs us to be fully present to really see it. 

Lately, many of us have been focusing on uncovering negative aspects as needed to help awaken humanity. That is essential but it is not all about negative stuff. It can seem the world is negative because that is where out attention is at present. But that is not truth. Corruption is only a  part of our world, soon to be no longer. We need to keep it in perspective and make sure we balance it with positive energy and focus on pure truth that reflects the immense beauty of our amazing world.  

We have a world full of beauty, if we are only willing to look and embrace it. We are graced with untold wealth through the many things we encounter that make our heart sing and help the soul find love and completion through gifts of snowflakes, rainbows, new born lambs, icy rivers, sunsets over oceans, seagulls, bubbles, laughter, serenity, wisdom, early morning mists, adventures, dawn, coffee, meadows, lapping waves, fresh cut grass, hot mulled wine, grace, cobblestones, log fires, brilliant colours, meandering streams, tadpoles, sunlight, embroidered cloth, mountain peaks, squirrels, butterflies, sunrise, sacred temples, starry nights, kittens, hot water, wine glasses, making snowmen, fairy kingdom, moonbeams, ponies, candles, stained glass, peace, thatched roofs, willow trees, lovely neighbours, roses, dew drops, joy, holidays, hot chips, warm water, campfires, ponds, singing, dolphins, babies, hugs, music, tapestry, hands to hold, gems, fresh grass, trust, weddings, laughter, starry nights, cricket sounds, fairy lights, lullabies, crisp winters, dancing, romantic nights, wonderful food, kisses, relaxation, wind chimes, sailing boats, shells, hay, joy, holidays, crystals, faith, confidence, prosperity, good health, films, light, contentment, ah-ha moments, church bells, dogs, whales, lightning, white sand, blue skies, birds, newly baked bread, full moons, sacred sites, hot water bottles, hailstones, castles, flowers, red bricks, breezes, loved ones, rugs, travel, summer houses, presents, mist, seals, safe journeys, warm greetings, birthday cake, feel good movies, kind words, concerts, cobs of corn with butter, fun, mistletoe, parents, bees, guardian angels, sun, harmony, generosity, care, compassion, salty oceans, organic food, happy tears, grandparents, shooting stars, angels, satin, holly, pansies, copper pans, lace, hot spa baths, choirs, red berries, laughing children, trust, companionship, comets, mud pies, help, hide and seek, rice paper, logs, photos, lamps,  trees, paintings, leaves, farmers markets, duvets, silver foil, pine cones, gold rings, silk parachutes, seeds, blue berries, bamboo sheets, kindness, comfy pillows, cars, coffee, lovely plants, perfect bed mattress, trams, magical events, silver volcanic ash, laser paper, smooth round stones, new ideas, teddy bears, close family, special friends and unconditional love.

With love,

Sandy Stevenson

28th January 2022