We deliberately draw different types of events into our life to help us see our negative reactions. These events appear accidental but we’re creating them unconsciously from a higher spiritual level, to help us remove the negative aspects of our personality. We’re not consciously aware of most of our negative reactions. Perhaps we notice some things we could handle better, such as getting less impatient with people or not getting annoyed. Perhaps we even realise we’re critical sometimes and make judgements about people, and if we’re really looking we may see we’ve got fixed ideas and beliefs about lots of areas of life. But we tend to justify these feelings we have by saying ‘Well, everyone’s like that.’ Yes, most people do have these reactions. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for them or they shouldn’t handle them. Any negative energy within our energy field is detrimental to us as well as to others around us. All negative patterns contain dense, slow moving, low vibration energy. This is not ideal for anyone and certainly not for a Lightworker.

Most of the negative stuff we carry with us isn’t visible until something occurs in our life that triggers it to the surface. Then we get a chance to see any negative or destructive behaviour we were unaware we had, buried in our energy field; such as anger, hurt, frustration, pain, sadness, upset, loss, jealousy, depression, critical, fear, guilt, betrayal and distrust.

Releasing unwanted negative reactions, emotions and thought patterns changes our life. Not only are we ‘lightening’ ourselves by moving into a more positive space, we’re also creating steps toward living a hassle free life. When we release a reaction, we will no longer need to attract situations to show us it’s there, because it’s gone. If we release negative factors in our life, we’re then free of their ability to control our behaviour. 

Why is it important to release negative and dense energy stored in your energy field?

The reason you need to release any negative energy you’re carrying is to raise your vibration to a level of light that will allow you to return home at the end of this incarnation. If you don’t raise your vibration to the level of light required, you need to incarnate again in 3D as a baby.

So, there is a choice! You can either return home to the place and friends you totally love in higher dimensions, where you resonate on all levels of your being, operating as your true self in your light body, living in the joy, fun and harmony of the higher frequencies or you can go through the child/teenage/adult thing again!! Just saying! And no, it’s not boring to live in harmony. That’s a human concept. But there are many planets who would greatly appreciate your wisdom and expertise to give them a helping hand if you want to, just as you’re doing here on Earth. The difference would be you can just drop in, help and leave - unlike on Earth, where incarnation is required – and it’s nowhere near as tough.

And just a reminder - you did intend to go home when you finished here. I haven’t seen any agreements that indicated a desire to remain in 3D life once we’d finished here and were no longer needed.

And where is home? Well, your home may not be the same my home. We came from different planets and dimensions around the universe, to help the Earth. But home for you is that place you feel inside your heart, perhaps sometimes experiencing a deep sense of longing and a knowing and understanding that it is ‘your place’.

How to release unwanted reactions

When you notice a negative reaction to something, you can either handle it immediately or make time later to address it. We can have negative reactions to people, places, TV news, events occurring to us, other people and to all manner of everything in the world.

What we need to do is flood light into our energy field around us, so as to increase the vibration of the dense energy contained in the negative emotions and thoughts. This changes them from negative to positive.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Raise the thought, reaction or emotion that is troubling you, to the surface. While that feeling is present, visualise or imagine beautiful white or gold light falling all around you. Your physical body has an energy field around it that contains all your thoughts and emotions. That field can extend out quite a way so when you visualise the light coming down, don’t restrict it. Just let it flow everywhere around you.

Sequence of handling

Hold the idea of you flooding your whole energy field with a perfect level of light that is comfortable for you. Remember your energy field is all the space around you, so that includes above, below, front and back. If you’re having difficulty doing this, you can ask your angels to help you release the emotion or thought pattern. But try yourself first. It's not hard to do and helps you take control of your life.

To handle a reaction you know you have but is not present right now

To handle a reaction, you've observed in yourself but isn’t there right now, you have to bring it to the surface again so as to release it. A good way to do this is to imagine the situation again that triggered the reaction. Or think of any situation you know would provoke this particular emotion/reaction in you. You’ll probably realise there have been quite a few earlier situations in your life that triggered this same reaction in you.

Once you have the feeling or thought pattern raised up again, you can flood it with light. Keep doing that until you feel a change – it may be minutes or longer, depending on how strong it is.

Then imagine that same situation again - to see if that reaction has gone. If you’re feeling good and balanced and not reacting, chances are it’s gone.

If you’re still feeling some discomfort, keep flooding light in. Because the emotion or thought may now be lessening in its intensity, it might not feel as uncomfortable as it did in the beginning. Your end goal, by repeating this action, is that you no longer feel that same feeling/reaction. Instead, you feel calm, balanced and centred - without sitting in judgment or criticism. Then you know it’s gone. It needs to be really gone, so make sure you didn’t just bury it again or hide it or decide it’s gone because you don’t want to feel it.

As you know with any trauma, it’s rare to only have one emotion involved. Often several different emotions and thoughts come up together. Something could happen to us that made us feel sad, guilty, betrayed, pain and abandoned as well as a stack of negative thoughts, all happening all at once. We need to get rid of all of them. Generally, handling one at a time is confrontable to us. Sometimes the less strong feelings aren’t so obvious. So, once you handle the obvious strong ones, check for other emotions that may be present. You do this by just imagining the same situation again.

The result of handling it

If you can imagine that partic fsular situation, event or person that brought up the feelings in you, without it producing any unfavourable responses and you feel calm, comfortable and peaceful with it, you can stop this exercise.

When you’ve handled all reactions to any particular event, the change in your life may not be obvious immediately as it can take a little time to work its way out of your energy field. But don’t start thinking it hasn’t worked. Give it time. We’re very good at creating things again. Remember when you were a kid and told your mum you felt sick and couldn’t go to school and you did such a good job convincing her that you started feeling sick. Give the universe time to rearrange the events of your life.

If you can get into the pattern of handling all unwanted responses and reactions in your life, you’ll start living a totally different life. You’ll be more centred and balanced and loving, in charge of your life instead of letting your negative reactions control you. With the reactions that were triggered now out of the way, it’s clearer and easier for us to see if anything else needs addressing concerning that situation or the people involved in it. Often there’s nothing else we need to do. The situation often completely resolves or dissolves. But if there is something you feel intuitively needs to be done about that situation, you’re no longer influenced by negative emotions and patterns and so can more easily make new decisions and judgments.

If you take time each day to release any reactions that arise in you, you’ll start to attract less and less disturbing and uncomfortable events in your life. Slowly, as we keep releasing all the buried trauma reactions, life becomes more and more balanced, happy and joyful. Struggle, effort and hardship is replaced by the most amazing sense of wellbeing, fulfilment and joy. Love returns to your life.

Sandy Stevenson

Rewritten 2018