AND NOT A VICTIM

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Now is a time for you to realign your self to Source

No matter what level of drama or trauma you’re sitting in, start right now with this new view. Concentrate on letting go of your own reactions. It may not always be something that is happening to us personally. Sometimes it involves other people. Or you could read something in a book or magazine, have a reaction to a movie or perhaps you hear news of something bad happening to someone else or in another country. There is no difference. The reason you saw that movie or heard that thing is because you attracted it.

Don’t put your attention on the details or significance of the situation or worry about other people’s reactions. They are not your problem. We avoid looking at our own feelings when we focus on what we think other people should handle. Yes, others may also need to release reactions but that is not your problem. Just take responsibility for yourself and the fact you have created this to help you become wiser, more loving and more balanced. Without the influence of our negative reactions, we’re in a place to see more clearly if we need to handle anything with the people involved. Often there’s nothing that needs doing. But if there is, you won’t be influenced by your own emotions. As we know when we’re emotional, we can easily make wrong decisions and judgments. With reactions gone, you’ll regain inner peace about this situation. Then the situation can and will change. Often it simply resolves and disappears without any handling from you. If there is no longer a reason to exist, it will go.

How to let go of reactions, emotions and thought patterns

Handling unwanted reactions, emotions and thoughts will change your life to one of balance, fun harmony, peace joy, mastery and love. Once a reaction is handled, you no longer need to attract events to show you have this reaction that needs to go. By the way, feelings of weariness, tiredness and resentment are only reactions to be released.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Allow yourself to feel the thought, reaction or emotion that is troubling you (even if it’s only slight). We lose ourselves someplace inside negative responses.  The idea is to release negative factors in our life, so we’re free of their ability to control our behaviour. The way we handle this is to visualise or imagine beautiful white or gold or violet light pouring through us from the higher realms of existence - or from heaven or angels, if you prefer.

Our aura and subtle bodies are fields of energy around our physical body. It contains all our thoughts and emotions. That field can extend quite a way out including below and above our body. So, in visualising light flowing through you, don’t limit it. Mentally allow the light to spread it out as far as it is needed. You CAN do this. It is an inherent spiritual quality we can all do. Trust yourself and just do it. Light is high frequency energy. Negative thoughts and emotions contain low frequency energy.  Introducing a higher frequency of light into our aura transmutes the negative energy to positive.

Sequence of handling

Thoughts have great power. Create the thought of flooding yourself with light. If you’re having difficulty, ask the angels to help you release emotions or thought patterns. Try yourself first as it's not hard to do and helps you take control of your life.

To handle a reaction you know you have, but is not present right now

A reaction you've observed in yourself but you can’t feel it right now has to be brought to the surface again so as to release it. A good way to do this is to imagine the same situation again that triggered that reaction in you. Or else think of anything that would provoke this particular emotion/reaction in you. You’ll usually find there are lots of instances that caused you to feel this way. All you want to do is bring that feeling to the surface again, so can be released.

Follow on with this sequence of handling. Once you’ve flooded it with light, check if it’s all gone. Are you feeling good, balanced and no longer reacting? If you feel comfortable and can’t feel that emotion any more, the chances are it’s gone. If you’re still feeling discomfort, keep flooding light in. As the feeling or thought lessens, you may feel less comfortable. But that is not enough as you want it all gone.  Your goal in repeating this action is to no longer feel that specific feeling/reaction.

As you know with most traumas, it’s rare to only have one emotion. Many different emotions and thoughts may be involved. For example, one happening may make us feel sad, guilty, betrayed, pained and abandoned- and trigger critical thoughts, all at once. We need to get rid of all of it. The easiest way is to handle these one at a time. Just check because some feelings aren’t so obvious. Once you handle the obvious ones, check for lesser feelings. Just keep imagining the situation again to show you all of them.

Once you can imagine that particular situation, event or person that triggered the feelings, without it producing unfavourable responses and you feel calm, comfortable and peaceful, you can stop this exercise. Make sure it’s really gone! Don’t bury it again or hide it or decide it must be gone because you don’t want to feel it or because you are enjoying feeling revengeful!

When you’ve handled all reactions to any particular event, the change in your life may not be obvious immediately. But don’t think it hasn’t worked. Give it time. Remember, these things begin to disappear in your etheric body and take time to work their way into a physical reality. We’re very good at creating things. Remember as a kid when you told your mum you felt sick and couldn’t go to school. You may have done such a good job convincing her, you ended up really feeling sick. Give the universe time to rearrange the events of your life.

If you can get into the pattern of handling all unwanted responses and reactions in your life, you’ll start living a totally different life. You start taking charge of your life instead of negative patterns controlling you. If you take time each day to release any reactions that arise, you’ll attract less and less disturbing or uncomfortable events in your life. Slowly, as we keep releasing buried reactions, life becomes more balanced, happy and joyful. Struggle, effort and hardship are replaced by the most amazing sense of well being, fulfilment and joy. Love returns to your life.

Let us be incredibly grateful to each other for this precious gift we give each other right across the planet. Remember you can’t go home unless this buried stuff is released. Dense energy must be released. You must be vibrating at a high frequency of light.

One day you will understand just what a great sacrifice has been made by your loved ones to help you see what you needed to see. That help goes both ways. One day your loved ones will see the great sacrifice you made by being willing to reflect what they needed to see.

Everybody is helping everybody else – right across the Earth.


Sandy Stevenson

Revised May 2018