AND NOT A VICTIM

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Now is a time for you to realign your self to Source

Handling unwanted reactions, emotions and thoughts will change your life to one of balance, fun harmony, peace joy, mastery and love. Once a reaction is handled, you won't need to attract events anymore to show you have a reaction that needs to be released. By the way, feelings of weariness, tiredness and resentment are only reactions to be released.

How to release unwanted reactions

Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Allow yourself to feel the thought, reaction or emotion that is troubling you (even of only slightly). These types of emotions etc cause us to lose ourselves in there someplace as we are overcome with ‘reacting’.  The idea is to release these negative factors in our life, so we are free of their ability to control our behaviour.  The way we handle this is to visualise or imagine beautiful white or golden light falling from the heavens.

The aura is part of a field of energy around our physical body. It contains all the thoughts and emotions. Light is a high frequency energy. Negative thoughts and emotions are a low frequency energy.  So, introducing Light into our aura allows the lower negative energy to change.

Sequence of handling

Hold the idea you’re flooding your whole aura with the Light that is right and comfortable for you. Remember the aura is all the space around you including front, back, underneath and above. If you’re having difficulty doing this, ask the angels to help you release that emotion or thought pattern. But do try yourself first. It's not hard to do and helps you take control of your life.

To handle a reaction you know you have but is not present right now

A reaction you've observed in yourself but isn’t there right at this moment, has to be brought to the surface again to release it. A good way to do this is to imagine the situation again that triggered that reaction in you. Or you can think of any situation you know would provoke this particular emotion/reaction in you. You’ll generally find there’ve been many instances that caused you to feel this way. All you want to do is bring that feeling up again - so that it’s closer to the surface and able to be released.

Then follow the sequence above. Once you’ve gone through it, then imagine the same situation again - to see if it’s gone. If you’re feeling good and balanced and not reacting, the chances are it’s gone. If you’re still feeling some discomfort, keep flooding Light in. As the emotion or thought may be lessening in intensity, it might not feel as uncomfortable as it did in the beginning. Your end goal by repeating this action is that you no longer feel that same feeling/reaction. Instead now you would feel calm, balanced and centred - without judgment or criticism. Then you know it’s gone. Make sure it’s genuinely not there! Don’t bury it again or hide it or decide it must be gone because 'you don’t want to feel it'.

As you know, with trauma, it would be rare to only have one emotion involved. So, often we have several different emotions and thoughts that come up together. Something could happen that made us feel sad, guilty, betrayed, pain and abandonment - and have mean thoughts - all at once. We need to get rid of all of them, generally handling one at a time. Sometimes less strong feelings aren’t so obvious. So, once you handle the obvious strong ones, check for other emotions that may be present. Just imagine the situation again.

When it’s gone

Once you can imagine that particular situation, event or person that brought up the feelings in you, without it producing any unfavourable responses and you feel calm, comfortable and peaceful with it, you can stop this exercise.

It can take time to work its way through your aura

When you’ve handled all reactions to any particular event, the change in your life may not be obvious immediately. But don’t start thinking it hasn’t worked. Give it time. We are very good at creating things. Remember when you told your mum you felt sick and couldn’t go to school and did such a good job convincing her, you started feeling sick. Give the universe time to rearrange the events of your life.

If you can get into the pattern of handling all unwanted responses and reactions in your life, you’ll start living a totally different life. You’ll be centred and balanced. What occurs is you’re taking charge of your life instead of the negative reactions being in control. Once you’ve released the unwanted emotions and thoughts from the equation, you can check if there’s anything you need to do in the physical world. Without the influence of the negative reactions, you’re now coming from a stable loving place and are able to see the situation more clearly and see if anything needs addressing with the people involved. Often there is nothing that needs doing. But if there is, now you won’t be influenced by negative emotions and patterns. As we know when we’re emotional we can easily make new decisions and judgments. So, check for these and release them also. If you don’t, they’ll affect your life and outcomes.

If you take time each day to release any reactions that arise in you, you’ll start to attract less and less disturbing and uncomfortable events in your life. Slowly, as we keep releasing all the buried trauma reactions, life becomes more and more balanced, happy and joyful. Struggle, effort and hardship is replaced by the most amazing sense of well being, fulfilment and joy. Love returns to your life.

Sandy Stevenson

Rewritten 2016