Everything is in Divine Order and there is a higher picture to everything. Even if we don’t see it, it is so.

We are all aware that for some years we have been working on releasing and cleansing ourselves of denser forms of energy in our lower emotional and mental thought bodies. We have been working on this for a couple of reasons. It assists us attain a personal higher vibration as we move toward the high frequency band of the 5th dimension to ascension. That is also the light vibration needed to return home when we leave Earth. The other reason is that as we increase our personal light frequency that helps raise the overall light frequency of humanity and the Earth.

My understanding is this is the time for the Divine Ascension Plan for Earth and humanity to come to fruition. As we know, we are now at the point of a major awakening for humanity. Right across the globe a new path is appearing. We arrived at a pivot point when the Majestic Gateway opened on the Solstice on 21st December 2020 and the planned huge influx of light flooded the Earth. This was brought in to assist the Earth divest itself of all lower frequency energies. This was to occur from the exposure and breakdown of all the systems and structures across the globe that has an intent to deceive, manipulate or control humanity. We will now see the public disclosure of all corrupt systems of governments, big business, mainstream media, pharmaceutical companies, financial and educational institutions, as truth reveals is revealed and these systems are dismantled. It is the time.

We saw this recently when the whole world observed the immense power held by the social media platforms around the world. Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Amazon, Instagram and other platforms joined forces to apply heavy censorship and deny the right to free speech, by closing down thousands of accounts almost overnight. One may think, perhaps it happened that thousands of people were suddenly attempting to subvert the government and maybe this action was justified. But this huge closedown of accounts (still continuing daily) included thousands of accounts belonging to regular people who had simply privately discussed with friends, their concerns about things they were witnessing, such as watching the official public hearings held in locations such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, USA where hundreds of affidavits, witnesses and court documents were submitted as evidence of extensive fraud in the presidential election. The point here is not whether fraud occurred or not. Everyone is capable of researching that for themselves. The point is that these media outlets chose to silence people’s right to express genuine concerns. These were not people organising mass demonstrations or smashing up property. Social platforms had already allowed, without any censorship, BLM and Antifa demonstrations to be organised using their social platforms. This obvious devastating blitz on free speech was observed around the world and drew heavy condemnation from the leaders of Germany, the UK, Mexico, Russia and Brazil.  

Interestingly, the decision by these social platforms to deplatform Parler, a popular free speech platform, caused millions to migrate to Telegram, another free speech platform. This has resulted in millions of people now all in one place, viewing both sides, including the thousands of declassified government documents being published daily, as different people on Telegram offer their perspective on the immensity of this global awakening.

I think many of us have been surprised to discover lightworker friends hold strong and often emotive opposing views regarding current world events and particularly the US presidential election. This appears to be fairly evenly balanced on both sides.  I believe this also is in perfect divine order. I feel we all agreed to this, from a higher level, to ensure we begin to seek our own inner truth.

In order to achieve the higher level of vibration and level of mastery we need in order to ascend, we need to be resonating with truth. Anything we are holding that is less than truth contains dense energy, which limits us increasing our vibration. If we have not yet reached deep within ourselves to know truth, but are still relying on others for truth, we cannot reach the vibrational frequency necessary to return home.

I think the Light Force on Earth is being given a great gift. I think we are being shown, right here, right now, whether we are finding our truth from the depth of our being or whether we are still relying on outside sources. I think many feel they are establishing their truth from within. I think we are now able to test that out for ourselves.

I believe there is higher part of the Divine Ascension Plan being enacted right now for the entire Light Force. This is only my perception and everyone needs to find their own resonance with this idea. I think we are deliberately being given opposing views regarding the US presidential election result - by people we love and trust 100%, who have been chosen from a higher dimensional level, to express opposing views on this subject. My understanding is this is in Divine Order with one important objective; to increase Lightworker mastery and vibration. It offers an opportunity for every lightworker to easily determine if they are finding their truth from within and thus their viewpoint will remain stable, regardless of what anyone says - or to see whether they can be thrown into doubt about their view just because someone they know, love and trust expresses a different view than theirs. For this exercise, the point is not about whose view is the truth. It is solely about how we are deciding truth and to make absolutely sure our truth is determined from a place of inner knowing.

Imagine if all external sources of information suddenly disappeared and we had to rely solely on our inner knowing. Are we able to remain totally comfortable, solely relying on our inner knowing, while stably Holding the Light for Earth as it awakens, processes, releases and moves into full light?

Love in Light,

Sandy Stevenson

24th January 2021 (in Australia)