Head in the clouds - feet on the ground




How did you feel when you heard about 9/11, the Tsunami tidal wave and the London bombings? Did you, like most of us, get caught up in these dramatic events and react with pain, sadness, shock or judgment? You've probably heard many times that there’s a higher picture to life’s events. You may have even said this to other people. We do that, don't we - teach others what we need to learn ourselves? If you viewed these events with a detached spiritual perspective, then you may not need to read further. But if not, perhaps you could remind yourself of one of the deepest spiritual truths - there is always a higher picture to personal and world events.  

When you deny or let go of your spiritual understanding, you can get swamped by heavy emotions. When we believe that the third dimension is all that exists, we lower our energy to the same level as the event or situation we are seeing. It is wonderful to be caring and compassionate. The secret is to be spiritually compassionate rather than emotionally compassionate. Spiritual compassion is a detached, higher and profoundly deeper level of caring than can be experienced through our emotions. It allows us to stay in a higher, lighter vibration that is infinitely more effective. If we go into agreement with the third dimension reality, we aren't effective at all. No use to anyone, you could say.

Now is a special time on Earth, with many of us awakening to the power of love. We call this 'moving from the head to the heart.' Whether this happens suddenly or gradually, every lesson or 'change of heart' on the journey brings us ever closer to a wonderful peace and happiness. Gone is the struggle and effort that once seemed so real and unavoidable - for we have discovered that these very trials were leading us to an exciting new life. A life of true happiness and contentment, with joy in our heart that bubbles over into a smile or laughter for the slightest reason.

This special time of Ascension is a long predicted evolutionary leap for Earth, where society based on money and power will be replaced by one of harmony, peace and love. For a planet or race of people to ascend, they need to become more aware of the natural order that exists in the world. ‘Living in the flow’ refers to this natural divine order, which can easily be observed in nature's four seasons. By living in the flow, we allow our intuition - our inner teaching - to determine our actions, instead of being guided by our thoughts or lower emotions. Many events on Earth are designed to help us become more loving and ‘heart based’.  Being in our heart helps us become more intuitive.

Every one of us is intuitive. If you think you aren’t, it's time to discover the truth. Start noticing every time you feel something is going to happen - and it does. Strengthen this ability by saying to yourself, "Yes, I thought they’d phone me" or “I had a feeling there was something wrong", etc. This happens all the time, far more than many of us realise. Spiritually, we know a lot more than we think we do. Sometimes we feel things, but because it doesn’t make sense, we ignore it. Remember, the mind requires logic and can’t always grasp that wonderful unseen instinct we all have. So if it feels right inside, it may be time to trust your feelings. Gut feelings show you the best way to approach any decision you could ever want to make. It will save you lots of time and heartache - and a few headaches as well!

Each of us has a choice. We can keep learning in a society based on money and power or be a co-creator of a society of peace and harmony. How do we choose peace and harmony? Lighten up! Enjoy life! Let go of excess baggage, those often unconscious memories of unpleasant events. Whether they are from this life or a past life, our excess baggage, just like on an overseas flight, can be expensive. It can slow our spiritual growth.

Spiritually – from our higher perspective - we know exactly what to do. Here's how! Just view any old traumatic experiences, emotions and thought patterns you have stored away. Look at anything and everything that throws you off balance in life. If you think you can't find these things, help is at hand – we are all co-creators in this universe. And being a clever lot, we realised we needed a fail-safe system of learning.

So, we set it up to make sure we could always discover what we need to change. Also, as we didn’t want to make it tough on ourselves to learn, we decided that messages would start gently and be little ones – so a gentle tap on the shoulder instead of the house burning down would be enough for us to notice the lesson we had to learn.  An example? A bus driver is a bit impatient with you and you feel a little annoyed. The wise thing to do is to let go of the sense of feeling annoyed. Otherwise, you are going to meet a lot more people who are impatient with you. If you don’t get the lesson, you may end up marrying someone who is impatient with you all the time. And that, though necessary, could be hell on Earth. You see, we attract whatever it takes. 

We've probably all heard of people who have had so much of a problem with a relationship, they moved interstate or overseas. Then we hear they are involved in another similar relationship, but even worse! Sooner or later, hopefully they spot the lesson.

We keep creating stronger and tougher incidents because we are determined to do whatever it takes to make sure we let this old stuff go. We can attract some incredibly painful situations! It’s hard to believe we do this. It seems stupid, doesn’t it? Why attract something that causes so much pain? Well, we do it because we want to learn. We want to move on to higher places. We want to become wiser and more loving. We know it isn’t possible to move into higher levels of light while we still have old dense energies hanging around us. So, we do it for our highest good and our evolution.

When something ‘bad’ happens, our first inclination is to react. Then we usually examine the situation and blame someone, even ourselves! However, all we really need to do is notice our own reactions. At this stage, don’t bother with the details of the external event and who or what caused it. You can do that later when you are calmer. Just let go of the fear, judgement or whatever it is. The amazing thing is that once you let go of your reactions, the whole situation changes anyway. Try it. See for yourself! You can fully resolve a situation without doing any of the things you may have first thought you’d have to do to sort it out. This simple action of reviewing your thoughts can save you a lot of time and effort – it gives you more time to spend on fun things.

Even though you are in pain and the very last thing you feel like saying is ‘This is for my highest good’, that is exactly what you need to do. Here's a tip to make it easier. To help release your reactions or unwanted emotions, pour light through yourself. An article to show you how to easily and precisely release your reactions can be found at http://www.lightascension.com/articles.html . It's called ‘The greatest gift of love’. You can print it off - even at a library or at work- and use it as a first aid manual.

We also attract fun and joyful events to teach us things. Ah, I can hear the collective sigh! They can help us see we can be happy, loving, peaceful and tolerant, both individually and as a group. They show us that when we are in a strong and joyful state, nothing negative can thrive. I recall being outside the church at Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding in London. The joy and friendliness throughout the thousands present was really amazing. It was quite obvious that if anyone had come into that group and tried to stir up hatred or said ‘Let’s start a war’, everyone would have just laughed. But, in an atmosphere where fear has been created, negative input is much more easily accepted.

Whether joyful or devastating, in some way, all events help us to experience joy and to love or release our fears, pain and buried emotions. Events such as the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, New York’s 9.11, the recent Asian Tsunami, the China and London’s Olympics, world-wide Peace rallies against the Iraqi war, Live 8, the July London bombing, the Schappele Corby trial in Bali, to name but a few, all have a part to play in the overall Divine plan. There are always many reasons for any event. Some of the higher reasons for these events are listed ahead.

 Just a point to mention. There are times when we get more benefit if we can’t see the higher reason for something. Sometimes, it can help to just see the lower picture. For example, suppose you had planned to learn how to become spiritually stronger this lifetime. Prior to the incarnation, you arranged to marry and for your spouse to leave you with two small children and very little money. You hope that having to overcome these obstacles will help you grow stronger. But what if you remembered in your current life, that you had both previously agreed to this. It may not have the same impact. Actually, in most cases we don’t need to know what the higher picture is. But it definitely helps us to remain aware that a higher picture always exists.

Princess Diana’s death           

Princess Diana’s death released an incredible amount of buried emotion in millions of people across the world. Reaching almost all nationalities; shock, horror, despair, sadness, anger, frustration and other emotions were experienced and released by people. At last it was OK for men to openly cry. And they did. Many of us saw those wonderful big, tough labourers crying openly, as they placed flowers for Diana at the palace gates.

The same day as Diana’s funeral, the lovely Mother Teresa passed on, helping more emotion to be released from other groups of people. In fact, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa and Dodi Fayed made an agreement long ago to leave together in order to help release huge waves of emotion across the planet. They succeeded.

I have heard people say after the event that they wondered why they were so upset. The answer is that this was a multi-dimensional event, and was intended to reach people through many levels.

Whether Diana was murdered or not, as has been claimed by some, was irrelevant to the above goal. Her death had to be sudden. This helped bring more emotions up. Many felt shock and bewilderment. The quest to establish how she died, pushed by Dodi Fayed’s father, has its own separate purpose. Looking at this allegation may help bring further hidden issues to light, including the possibility that government agencies can arrange for people to be killed.  

Remember that everything that is hidden on Earth is now coming to the surface to be released, in preparation for Earth’s ascension. It may seem that many negative things are happening in the world, but they have always been present. We just didn’t know about them because they were hidden. Now that we see them, we can change them.

And everything has a higher picture!  

9.11 The World Trade Centre in New York      

Seen from a higher level, this event was to bring people closer to ‘unconditional love’. With flights under threat, people around the world were encouraged to stay where they were, absorb the full event and face the truth instead of running away.

It is believed that Atlantis was a technology-based society before its demise. That means people were more concerned about technology than caring and love for people. Earth’s society is similarly based. Perhaps we are being given opportunities to see this imbalance in our society, to make sure we don’t go the same way as Atlantis.

You may remember Y2K. That was the name given to the millennium bug that was going to cause our computers to fail at midnight on 1st January 2000. That was an opportunity for us to see that we have handed over a lot of power to computers and to the people who control them. In spite of the predictions, the Y2K bug didn’t happen. It didn’t need to. We all heard the message so we didn’t need the systems to fail. But, did we really listen to the message? Perhaps not, for we then received a bigger, stronger lesson in the form of 9.11. 

The fact that 9.11 involved the World Trade Centre, a major technology building, seems to be a clear sign. Incidentally, all people involved in these incidents have agreed on some level to be a part of that planetary lesson. The people who were not meant to die, were somehow delayed in getting to work at the Trade Centre that day. The same thing often happens with catastrophes like plane crashes or ships sinking - there are often an unusually high number of last minute cancellations.

So, the 9.11 event offered us yet another lesson and an opportunity to change our way of life. It was another chance to decide that our neighbours, both locally and in other countries, suffering from natural disasters or economical and tyrannical oppression, deserve more of our love than technology. The key here is balance. The technology must balance with the humanities. When anything becomes unbalanced, trouble is afoot.

With 9.11, the world changed overnight. In an instant, people had their attention pulled from buying the latest Pentium 2 computer or new mobile/cell phone. That day - millions of people moved from their head to their heart. Compassion, love and caring for people became the order of the day. It is always up to the individual as to how they respond. And, if they respond with the heart, whether they stay in the heart or need further lessons.  

There was another aspect to 9.11. Many companies stored their technology programmes and back-up programmes in the World Trade Centre. Consequently, many future technology programmes were lost and had to be cancelled. In addition, billions of dollars were wiped off the stock exchange after this event. This may have had the effect, on many people with shares in companies, to consider being less absorbed with making money

A United States of America. Perhaps 9.11 helped pull America together. Maybe it assisted in breaking down more racial barriers. I heard a story about a bus trip in New York the next day. An elderly coloured lady didn’t have enough change for the bus fare. Everyone in the bus leapt up to pay for her, regardless of status, sex, age or colour. A small reflection of the love present in New York at the time. We are rapidly moving to a time where this is the norm.

It may also have helped the American people to a greater understanding of the emotional impact such disasters have on a nation, giving them more empathy with the rest of the world. Disasters of this magnitude, and worse, occur on a daily basis in many countries. Up to that point, Americans possibly viewed world disasters as something separate from them. An earthquake in India (actually killing far many more people than on 9.11) was to a large degree, unreal.

Out of 9.11, many truths have been brought to the surface. All across the world, on radio, TV, in newspaper articles, letters and news stories, journalists and others, raised issues that were never discussed before. The truth about the previous suffering in Afghanistan and other countries is suddenly being read about and known. People are learning more about the world they have allowed to happen. Shocking and painful as this is, it will ultimately bring the peace and love we all desire.  These are only some of the positive aspects of such an event.  

The Asian  Tsunami          

This was another opportunity for the people of Earth to move further into their hearts, and to offer love and compassion to all those affected, regardless of race or religion. Love poured forth to the devastated areas with huge amounts of money and aid, given willingly and compassionately. Disasters like this also provide opportunities to people who wish to die, perhaps feeling they have fulfilled their role here.  

The Peace Rallies against the Iraqi war in 2003     

The display of people using their power of choice, gave us peace rallies in 600 cities. There were thousands more in smaller towns and prayers and meditations involved further millions. This incredible desire for peace, compassion and tolerance expressed itself across the world. Many millions joining in one unified thought of compassion, saying 'We don't want innocent people to be killed. There has to be another way'.

The proposed Iraqi war was a divine opportunity for the people of this planet to make a choice between love and compassion or intolerance and judgment. They chose love and compassion. The fact that some governments ignored the people’s wish was a separate issue and in no way lessens the wonderful outcome of the higher divine purpose. This particular choice for compassion actually gave the Earth a major leap in her ascension process.  

China and the Olympics 2008      

China has tended to be ruled by violence and suppression. This will need to change if China is to be a part of the ascension process. The Olympics give an opportunity for this to happen. Being watched by the whole world may give it the necessary trigger to change. Key issues for change are freedom of speech and access to information, especially on the internet; persecution of opponents versus development of democracy; death penalty and torture; and Tibet’s freedom and the relationship between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.  

London and the Olympics 2012      

Aside from the obvious goodwill and possible financial benefits of this event, the announcement of the Olympics came at a perfect time. London was celebrating the news and was in strong spirits at the time the London bombing took place. Having the good news first, helped the people of England maintain their strength as they handled the suddenness of the bombings. 2012 is the correct time on the planet for the source of the Olympic heart to be held in England.  

Live 8    Bono, Richard Curtis and Bob Geldof          

The whole event was on a much bigger divine scale than the picture we currently see. It was another huge choice for love and compassion. A further bringing together of nations caring for each other as brothers and sisters. More people are now aware that some countries have dictatorial regimes and need change. Once again we see people power at work and another brilliant display of what can be achieved by just a few. 

As we know, even one person with a divine intent can cause great things. A story from Australia along these lines began with a humble soul called Arthur Stace born in 1884. Feeling a divine intent, Arthur, who couldn’t read or write, began writing one word in beautiful copper plate writing in yellow chalk on the footpaths of four major Australian cities. For 35 years, from 1932 to 1967, it is estimated that Arthur wrote the word Eternity about 500,000 times. For many years, it was not known who was writing ‘eternity’. When the Australian 2000 millennium committee began arranging the Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations, someone suggested they acknowledge his work and include the word in the celebrations.

At 12.25pm on 1st January, 2000 the word ‘Eternity’ was seen by over 1 billion people as it blazoned across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the world’s largest fireworks display of the millennium event. Arthur has moved on, but his good intent is forever imprinted on the souls of all the people who saw his humble chalk word - and in those who captured the energy and the beauty of ‘Eternity’ in light entering the new millennium, a time destined for peace on Earth.  

Schapelle Corby trial in Bali (a case widely known of in Australia)     

Schappele Corby, a 27-year-old Australian, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in Bali for bringing 4 kilos of hash (marijuana) into Bali. Incidentally, to take hash from Australia, where it's expensive, into Bali, where it's a lot cheaper, doesn't make a lot of sense. It apparently never happens and is a first time for Balinese customs officers. Schappele says she is innocent and that the hash must have been planted in her surfboard bag. An Australian TV poll showed 98% of people in Australia agree with her.  With it being such a high profile case, many people have had the chance to watch Schappele during her long trial.

As a result of this case, we have discovered there is no real closed circuit TV cameras covering airline baggage handling in Australia. Our airline luggage can be tampered with, stolen or things can be planted. It has now been proven that drugs are being trafficked around Australia, being placed in airline luggage while being loaded onto planes. Some Sydney baggage handlers have been charged with smuggling cocaine inside passenger baggage on the same date Schappele’s bag passed through Sydney airport.

Events like this also have a wider picture. It has helped us discover that there are many other Australians imprisoned in foreign countries. Some of those may be innocent. And how many others are there around the world, locked up and forgotten?

This show of people power has encouraged the Australian government to be more active in helping Australians in trouble overseas. Because of this case, Australia has requested a Prisoner Exchange Agreement to be arranged between Australia and Indonesia. It will help bring home other forgotten prisoners.

 The Australian people have also learnt more about laws and justice in other countries and the conditions in some foreign jails. We’ve heard that corruption and bribes can be a way of life. All this helps people make choices. It also brings greater wisdom when travelling abroad. Ultimately, this case could bring about changes in many countries.

 People power has great impact. When we unite on issues that threaten our society and freedom, we succeed. It may be hard to imagine it would all change if everyone joined together and said, for example, ‘We won’t tolerate chemicals in our food’ or ‘We don’t want a medicated or drugged society’ or ‘We won’t put up with bad conditions in elderly people’s nursing homes.’ But it actually would change!  

The London bombings   

The most devastating event can provide a great learning. As we so often see, people tend to rally together in times of disaster. Such events often bring people closer in love and compassion. The London bombing was an example.

We need to remember that each of us make many agreements in any incarnation. Often these agreements are purely to benefit those we love. For some people, mankind is whom they love. Some people give their lives so that others may learn. This was the case with Princess Diana.

All lessons begin small. If ignored, they get bigger. So, you could say that bigger events occur because the smaller ones have failed to teach that which must be taught. This is how a planetary system works. This is how people choose to work toward greater wisdom and unconditional love. It is the wish of all life to evolve. Therefore, we create whatever is necessary to learn what we need to learn.

The main goal of a situation like the London bombing is to learn compassion and love for all life. Additionally, there are always other lessons.

The English show of strength and determination not to give in, can help us all. Many people, young and old, gained new strength, focus, power and determination.

The bombing helps us release pain and loss of our own loved ones. It came at the same time as the wonderful news that London had won the 2012 Olympic games. Thus, people learned to cope with joy and pain simultaneously.

These things give us an opportunity to rise above judgment and issues of nationality and race. It brings up arguments concerning civil liberty, identity cards, national security and freedom.  

Getting caught up in a dense reality   

Everything that has been hidden on the planet, is now being brought to the surface. If we know something exists, we can make a decision about it. Do we choose to have it stay? Will we change it? Will we let it go? This is why many things are being exposed, in every area imaginable. So, we are hearing about lots of unpleasant situations that were previously unknown to us. This is very positive. It’s better to know than not know! Nothing can be handled if we don’t know it exists.

Corruption by vested interests, governments and big business needs to be exposed. Nothing can continue to remain hidden, not in our own life or worldwide. Much of the data being revealed is true, but some is not – even some that comes from a credible source. As with all things, we need to discern for ourselves, which is which.

People are personally responsible for what they read or watch and how they react. However, some people find it hard to remain detached from ‘negative’ news.

Perhaps, people, and magazines and websites who expose hidden agendas, could deliver this information in such a way as to make sure they don’t leave any readers feeling fearful, overwhelmed or powerless. We understand that sometimes, when things need to be exposed, it may have to be communicated strongly to get through to people. But there is always a positive aspect and higher reason to everything. Perhaps authors and speakers who expose negative and suppressive situations, could add more of this positive aspect. This would help create a balance.

People will be more effective if they are left feeling these situations are not too big to handle. It doesn’t benefit anyone if the reader ends up in a negative space. Someone who thinks lots of negative thoughts can attract beings from the astral plane. They can play havoc with one’s life, by dumping their own heavy emotions, often anger, on us. These emotions can swamp the individual and can be a downward spiral for the person until it’s eventually sorted out.

When any of us have to explain something that appears to be negative, perhaps we could check what positive input we can add to make it work well. It is certainly possible to inform and encourage people into effective action, without overwhelming them.    

The higher picture         

Hold strongly to the truth that there is always a higher picture. It's one of the most profound universal laws­ - and it never fails us.  

We can't achieve much if we get caught up in the dense energies of the limited picture shown to us by the third dimension. It is wise to continually remind ourselves that there is always more to any event than what can easily be seen. It is of great value to stay centred and balanced and in a high vibrational space.

The second you choose to see a situation as ‘bad’ and start making judgements about the rights and wrongs of it all, you just threw your stable divine spiritual truth to the wind and dived head first into the mire. You are saying to yourself, ‘Well, it’s all I can see, so it’s all that exists. Everyone involved is a victim. They are not responsible for creating the circumstances they are in’. As this isn’t true, the energy that is triggered by the situation can’t transmute (get lighter). Instead, it all gets heavier and you become less effective. Then, you stop flowing light. You become sluggish. It becomes hard to be intuitive. In that state, you can’t really help yourself or anyone else.  

Even if you haven’t the faintest idea what the real reason could be for an event, you know there absolutely has to be one. No matter how horrendous the situation seems, there is a higher picture to everything. Divine order does exist. If you can stay aligned to this pure truth, and don’t get caught up in the three-dimensional picture, you will win every time.  

When we maintain our spiritual perspective, it helps everyone. Our understanding and vibration can have a profound effect on a very wide scale.  

By not being caught up in the lower emotional energy, you can help others remain calm. In every situation, you always have a choice. You can opt for the lower picture and get upset, make others wrong and stir up lots of negative energy. Or you can say ‘I choose to live my life with truth at its highest level.’ Remember, if you cannot see the inherent perfection in everything, you aren't looking widely enough.  

You really can live happily ever after, though it may sometimes seem almost impossible. Often, we’ve just resolved a tough situation in our life and we are feeling great, when, lo and behold, we are presented with another one, perhaps even stronger.  

A wonderful life it isn’t a fairy tale. It exists. Your heart can be full of love and amazing gratitude at the sheer beauty and perfection of life. You can overflow with excitement at the simplest things. There is such beauty and grace to life, if we only give ourselves a chance to see it. You get there by living in the flow and being in your heart.  

It is possible to achieve. It’s in your hands.  

1.  Trust yourself, your abilities and your gut instinct. No one knows better than you what is right for you.  

2.  Be true to yourself in all you do. Walk your talk.  

3.  Give yourself time for peace and self-growth. Stop thinking all the time. You often don’t need to think out the details. Live in the flow instead. Everything in divine order still gets done. It really works if you only do the things that make your heart sing. You don’t need to rush around and wear yourself out. Stop. Take the time to be calm. Otherwise, you could dig yourself a deeper hole. Sit down somewhere quiet. Take a few minutes to find the peace within. Let go of the stress. You owe it to yourself. Move from your head to your heart. Find yourself and you will find love.  

4.  Be discerning. Not everything is true. No matter how much it feeds your ego. You always know in your heart what is true.  

5.  If you react to something, let the reaction go. You could do it right now. Think about something in your life that causes you to react. Let it go. Why wait for a stronger lesson? Life was meant to be easy. As the song says 'Don't Worry, Be Happy!'  

6.  Trust the process of life and its lessons. There is a higher divine reason for everything, even if you can’t immediately see it.  

7.  Stay real to others. People don’t accept what we say, if we are unreal in some way – e.g. wild hair, weird name, conversation ‘way out’. Be balanced and centred.

 8.  Love yourself. In truth, you are a beautiful being of light and laughter.

9.  Let your heart love unconditionally.


May Rainbows Light Your Way Home

Unconditional love,

Sandy Stevenson