Go home or incarnate for a 26,000 year cycle?


OK, it may not be quite that drastic! But it is time to realize no-one sweeps us up and does it all for us - regardless of who you think you are, how much you think you deserve it or how amazing a job you’ve done. It’s all about DIY? So, we need to pay attention to regaining our own mastery to ensure we can leave at the end of this incarnation. Whether you remember it or not, whether it’s real to you in this moment or not, whether you are denying it or not - it is none the less true that before you came here there was something you were sure about. It was your desire and intention to return home when you completed your work here, which for 98% of the entire Light Force on Earth was due at the end of this incarnation. You know if this applies to you. 

This message is brief because I know you’ve heard it all before and are yawning with the repetitiveness of it. Incidentally, we only keep attracting things we haven’t yet taken on board. Just because we’ve heard it doesn’t mean we’re applying it. 

If you still haven’t understood you are a Creator; that everyone creates everything that occurs in their life and that there are no victims, maybe it’s time to review your thinking. If you don’t understand that every time you pass on information you read or hear without first checking your own inner guidance for the truth of it, then you can mislead others and create karma. When you say something - about anything - in that moment you are adding your power creatorship energy to that idea or concept. In essence, in that moment you are taking responsibility as a Creator in this universe, contributing to the unfolding of the vibration and evolution of this planet and are saying - ‘I agree with this. This is what I prefer. This is what I choose to exist as part of this 3D world’.  

Whatever you say or repeat carries the essence of your energy and power and assists this idea to become a possible future reality. Every negative thought or statement from you creates a denser vibration on Earth. Every positive thought creates a lighter finer vibration. Every truth uttered assists dense energy (created from non-truth) to dissipate. You see how much choice we have in each moment.  

The only way to check if something is of a level of truth worthy of passing on, is to get ourselves beyond our ‘head’. If we’re caught up in information and apparent facts, then in order to avoid us just accepting and passing on beliefs that aren’t true (which don’t help anyone and can create karma for us), we need to move into that place of spirit where we’re able to feel its resonance as truth or not. 

Here is possibly all you need to know. Study carefully the following words by Mikhail Naimy. If you really truly get it, then you’ll really apply it and you will go home. Perhaps that’s a bit of sweeping statement! But, if we really act in our mastery, then everything happens as planned. If you find yourself down the line still living in a 3D existence, please remember you had a choice. 


Think as if every thought were etched in the sky for all to see. 

For in truth, it is.  

Speak as if the entire world could hear what you say. 

For in truth, it does.  

Act as if you’re all your deeds would come back upon your head.

For in truth, they do.


Mikhail Naimy  


I printed the above quote and put it where I could see it every day, continually working on incorporating it into my world. I had it on a wall right next to the following two captions, making sure I remember life is not serious!



Additionally, many of us have heard the wonderful profound truth delivered by Sir Laurence Olivier in the play ‘Time’ in London in the 70’s. We may benefit by listening to it again.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWXAiLy786A 

We will all catch up at the end of the road.  

Sandy Stevenson