As the global situation unfolds, we continue to trust, use our gut feeling or knowing, research the leaked information and data we are given - some right, some wrong. We do our best to piece it all together as accurately as we can. It is probably helping us get wiser by having to work a lot of this stuff out ourselves.


We have been told it is possible there is a large number of people around the world, holding influential positions in political, entertainment, pharmaceutical, medical, judicial, etc. areas, who we think are women but may be male by birth. We don’t know if this is true, so we just remain open to it being a possibility. We may have a bit of proof in the case of Michele Obama. Many pictures have been taken of this homosexual couple - Mike and Barack – way before Barack became president. There is little mistaking the face and body of Michelle Obama. The two images have also been analyzed by experts. Additionally, there is public video footage of Obama slipping several times and calling Michelle, Mike.


This scenario of pretending there are lots of women holding key positions would fit with the type of deception needed to help reduce the population on Earth from 7.7 billion to 500 million which is the goal written in many doctrines issued by the New World Order and Klaus Schwab. It is also written on the famous Georgia Stones (recently demolished). This would mean they put males in key positions of influence but because that would look like a male dominated world, their pretend to be women.


If this is the case, it would certainly make sense of the current massive confusion being thrust on the world about gender change. Confusion abounds with laws being passed to allow a change of gender, children over 12 told in schools they can decide they are the opposite sex, drag shows to child audience, a push saying that men are women and can get pregnant. The confusion is being pushed as far as it can to cause mass confusion and making it look so big that people will give up trying to work it out. It has a secondary goal of making pedophilia normal and acceptable. One could easily see how the current actions of global gender manipulation, could assist cover any existing situation of women being in key positions, really being men. In the confusion and finally the acceptance of gender alteration, this concealed area could easily be glossed over as people having sex changes.


We are of course aware; there are genuine cases of a soul feeling they are in the wrong body. There are times where this can be a cross over of a parallel life where they were in a body of the opposite sex.


We are seeing a lot of crazy things happening. But we can also see the crazier it gets, it is helping people break free of millions of patterns they have adopted in an illusionary 3D matrix reality. As people reach their tipping point of levels of craziness or social situations become unacceptable to them– they begin to reject that reality. Ultimately, all of it is helping us let go of 3D and that is the goal. As a human race, we are moving from 3D reality. We are raising our personal light frequency and entering a higher awareness of the fifth dimension –a world of peace and harmony.


Sandy Stevenson