Lately, we have been observing mainstream media replace their 24/7 Covid fear campaign with war mongering dialogue. But just because the media hasn’t covered it, does not mean Covid has disappeared. Many mandated rules remain in place all over the world, and new emergency laws are being quietly implemented and extended.


Although many people are still detrimentally affected by mandates remaining in place, I feel we are nearing an end of the Covid scenario. I think we are getting close to the exposure of the vaccine as being harmful and the public discovering that this was both known and planned. The evidence is extensive now and cannot be contained for much longer. And it needs to be revealed, for humanity must become wiser and step back from relying on others for direction. There will be a resurgence of self responsibility for health as many people will need to undertake various natural protocols to offset damage from the vaccine. People need to step beyond dependence on the harmful drugs they have relied on for every conceivable illness. More awareness will arise about natural and self healing, particularly as corruption is uncovered within the medical profession and the administration of drugs. Ultimately hospitals will become a thing of the past, but that is a way off yet. Humanity needs to grow up fast and understand how blind obedience allowed this situation to occur and become determined to never ever let it happen again. That same determination will apply to every field of life as more and more lies are uncovered. In the end, we will have a wise and evolving humanity, who will take responsibility for all facets of life and will learn to work together in harmony and integrity.


We are in the middle of the evolutionary movement of the entire human race. We are proceeding with a process of awakening a world population to things they think are impossible, most certainly don’t believe and generally have never conceived of. Those already awake have been astounded and shocked as each new reveal showed a world we had no idea even existed. Confronted with the truth of a makeshift world of fake players and corrupt events, harm and intent to control, we discovered we have been living a lie in just about every field of existence. 


Even a year ago I doubt we’d have found anyone who would have believed that soon millions of doctors and nurses around the world would knowingly place their careers, incomes and certification above the importance of human life. These people are complicit, either by direct application or by failing to speak out against the injecting of experimental vaccines into people of all ages despite being aware of the vast potential to cause permanent harm or death.


Many acted in integrity and bravely stepped out of their field and they deserve our praise and acknowledgment. But for those who didn’t, it will no longer work for them to claim they didn’t know. Maybe in the first few months that applied but that time is long past. There is just too much physical evidence available for any medic to be unaware what is going on. They all have access to Government websites that clearly show vaccine adverse effects and fatality reports. Practitioners could easily all access original laboratory test instructions issued from the CDC that stated the cycles per minute to use in tests. A lot of scientific data was available that showed numbered cycles well above 28 would produce false positives. I found those documents in minutes. We have seen general practice doctors refuse exemptions they knew to be vital; fail to state known side effects to their patients; and actively encourage patients to be vaccinated they knew were not medically able to cope with the barrage of chemical content of the experimental vaccine.


Medical practitioners working within a hospital environment have seen, beyond any doubt, the results of vaccinations; the outcome of putting patients on a ventilator and the fatalities that resulted from administering Midazolam to the elderly. Even staff not directly involved in the actual delivery of the vaccine, cannot claim ignorance. Doctors, nurses, staff and paramedics talk to each other. They see what is going on. Staff in all wards have witnessed extra deaths from many health conditions developed in vaccinated people. They have seen huge increases in heart attacks and blood clotting, including children and in babies stillborn from vaccinated parents.


No, there is just no way doctors and nurses are not aware of the mass increase in deaths and the long term horrendous injuries sustained from this experiment. They were also aware that there was no pandemic and their hospitals were not full until the vaccinated began being admitted. And there is not one doctor unaware of the compound effect of detrimental chemicals, i.e. the more injections, the higher the likelihood of serious repercussions and yet they continue to push for 2nd and 3rd doses and boosters.


Doctors and hospital administration boards are also very familiar with the pricing incentives offered for a Covid diagnosis, the massive increase in payment for a patient placed on a ventilator and the further payment if Covid is written on the death certificate.  Millions of doctors have stated Covid as the cause of death although aware the patient died from completely unrelated causes.


There will be absolutely no way around this for any of them. Everyone is going to be held accountable. No amount of pleading ignorance, offering of justifications, saying they received incorrect data or didn’t really know the true ingredients of the vaccine, is going to work. The only possible exceptions might be a handful of doctors who remained in place to secretly administer Ivermectin or to take steps to avoid people being put onto respirators. Perhaps I am being harsh. Perhaps there will be some extenuating circumstances that apply. But it will be few and they are going to have to do some real convincing to clear themselves. Once this breaks and people recover from the shock, they will not be fooled by pathetic excuses. It’s judgement time. Most were complicit from the moment they received the letter from their local medical authority body (740,000 medical personnel in Australia) instructing all medical personnel to follow the Government agenda and not to deviate for any reason or their licence would be under investigation. For those who contributed, the genocide of humanity is a serious crime and all those concerned know what they have done.


A profession that has experienced an almost god like servitude from people, a state of play endorsed by many doctors and specialists who treat people with condescension, distain and a lack of respect by dismissing questions and genuine concerns voiced by patients, may find their world of egotistical superiority is about to come crashing down around them.


The detrimental effects of the vaccines can be reversed but it is going to require some responsible action by those who have been vaccinated including a positive outlook, healthy eating and the application of a protocol of various natural vitamins and minerals to reverse any adverse effects. For people who got Omicron, I believe it offers some - so far unstated - benefits that produce antibodies that will protect against all future variants. All people are capable of self healing. Physical bodies are amazing constructions with an infinite capacity blueprint to heal when not impeded by detrimental drugs that inhibit healing. We are all bound for a healthy future.




Sandy Stevenson

11th March 2022