The difference between Fasting and Living on Light




A simple brief explanation.

Fasting is the name given to the process of stopping eating food. People usually fast for spiritual or health reasons as it’s a wonderful way to cleanse the body of stored toxics and disease. To restore the body back to full health, usually requires a total fast over a period of time. But there’s also benefit gained by doing a partial fast. That could mean fasting for just one day a week or only eating one type of food for a week or so. Fasting has to feel right for you and medical advice should be sought.

Eating is something humans have been effect of all their life. So overcoming the body’s constant demand for food by fasting, even for a temporary period, can cause a ‘high’ for many people. There are other spiritual gains.

Fasting causes stored toxics in the body to dislodge and start shifting as they begin the releasing process. This can be uncomfortable, often bringing headaches and loss of energy. As we start to fast, we usually feel hungry for several days. However, as the body changes its metabolism and adapts to the new circumstances, the feeling of hunger goes. As the toxics disappear, the headaches stop. The process of cleansing has begun. Without food, the body uses what it already has stored, such as excess fat. After it uses the excess fat, it starts on any bad tissue. Bad tissue would be areas of ill health. The length of time this process takes depends on how much toxicity is in the body. Once all the toxics and bad tissue are handled, the body’s survival mechanism kicks in - and we start to feel really hungry again. Hunger is a sign telling us to begin eating again. It’s important to heed this sign as it’s a warning that starvation is beginning and from this point the body will start to live on good tissue. Ending a long fast requires gentle handling, so it’s good to begin with liquids and then small amounts of easily digested food. You generally experience weight loss during a fast because you are not sustaining the body with food. I saw a website which I felt offers a clear picture of fasting.

Living on Light is different than fasting. When we fast, there is no food intake. Instead we are using light as our food source. To succeed to live only on light, we need to have a personal high energy vibration. It won’t work if we are in a space of dense energy and negative vibrations.  Similar to fasting, living on light also removes bad tissue and restores health but it does so because that frequency of light entering the body floods the denser energy of bad tissue and releases it. You can also experience a loss of weight. But having rid itself of toxins and dense energy (which gives weight loss), the body doesn’t then start to use good tissue to live on because light is sustaining the body.  So you won’t get a signal to start eating again.

I don’t believe living on light is a necessary part of evolution toward ascension.  I feel that if this was a requirement then a vast percentage of humanity would never make it to ascension. To choose to live on light has to be a true part of your own personal journey and needs to feel right on a deep level of inner knowing. When it’s right, living on light works. It’s important that it’s part of your own divine plan, because to stop eating without being sustained by a high frequency of light is to place yourself in physical danger. Light becomes your food. Some people feel guided to live on light when working on higher dimensional levels. Some do it out of curiosity. There may be other reasons. Whatever the reason, it has to truly feel right and you need to be in a high vibrational space to achieve it. You will know if it is your path.

There are various reasons for weight gain. One of those reasons may be that we can put on weight if we are bringing more light into our body than we are sending out.  The solution in that case, would be to emit more light out - to others or the planet. As we live our daily life, we are all passing our light to people, places and into the Earth itself. This makes the world go round!

Additional note:

The original guy who wrote on the subject of fasting was Herbert Shelton – who wrote a book in 1922 which was republished in 1996. So, you can see the older style of wording. (Shelton, Herbert M. An Introduction to Natural Hygiene. (Sep. 1996).

One important feature about fasting has been entirely overlooked by all the so-called scientific investigators of fasting. I refer to the manner in which it causes the breaking down, absorption and elimination or use of abnormal growths, effusions, exudates, deposits, etc. The scientists have conducted all their experiments on healthy animals or healthy men and are, for this reason, in no position to know its effects in the sick body.

They learned that useless fat and the less essential tissues are consumed first, and the most essential tissues of the body are hardly touched, even where death from starvation results. But never having watched the process they cannot know anything of the rapidity with which dropsical fluid, for example, is absorbed from the cavities or tissues and utilized as food. They cannot know how tumour-like growths are often rapidly absorbed and how, even large tumours are reduced in size. Resolution in pneumonia is hastened, the process taking place so rapidly, often that it would be difficult to believe unless one should see it. "Diseased" tissues are broken down, exudates, effusions and deposits are absorbed and either used or eliminated. The body utilizes everything it can dispense with during a fast in order to preserve the integrity of the essential tissues. The useless and least essential things are sacrificed first.


 Sandy Stevenson