Many are waking up across the world as we draw closer to the birth of a new world of Right Action, Love and Integrity.

Recently awakened people have realized mainstream media paint a false picture of world events. They are beginning to discern the energy that emanates from lies. Learning in a 3D incarnation includes many lessons to help us become wiser and more loving and a big part of that involves increasing our ability to perceive the energy of truth.

Discernment is an ability we all have. It is awareness or a perception of spirit when something is not quite resonating as true.  Being discerning is a key factor involved in all we will hear, read and see in the coming months and years ahead. Corruption on all levels is being revealed now as well as the people involved in crimes against humanity. We need to remain vigilant until every pocket of darkness has surfaced and it is removed. It may take a few years to weed it all out, but do it we must.

It is wonderful the newly awakened see the falsehoods of mainstream media. However, they may not have yet realized deception also happens in the spiritual arena. We have laws that prevent someone using another person’s identity, but this is not the case in the spirit world. This is where our discernment and intuition comes in.

It is easy to assume it would not be permitted for beings in the spirit world (i.e. discarnate beings) to claim to be someone else. But Beings can claim to be anyone they like. They can also claim to be from any dimension. Someone who is actually from the Astral Plane in the 4th dimension is allowed to say they are from the 7th dimension. From a higher perspective, it is considered this provides valuable lessons in ‘discernment’ for humanity. So, someone falsely claiming to an identity such as Jesus, Ascended Masters or Archangels is allowed under Universal Law, providing it involves the 3rd and 4th dimensions. It does not happen at higher levels. The true ascended Beings have no objection if others claim to be them. They are aware we all need to learn not to be deceived.  Although there is a lot of lovely channelling from true higher beings of light, there are others whose claims are false.

There is a lot of channelling from the Pleiades, which is a constellation consisting of more than 800 stars located about 410 light years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. Most of the Pleiades are in higher dimensions but some remains in 3 and 4D. That means part of the Pleiades is still in duality, e.g. light and dark. So, a channelling said to be from the Pleiades, or anywhere else really, does not automatically mean it is higher truth. The only accurate way to know if anything being said is true, it to make sure every part of a message or channelling feels true for you. Don’t be satisfied if some parts feel true and some don’t! That would be a major red flag. If it really is higher truth, it will all feel right in your gut, even though there may be new concepts in it. We can always ask the universe to bring us more clarity to an area unknown to us. Then watch out for the signs you are given.

If it is a lower level channelling, it is also possible that 95% feels true (to relax you) but tucked away in the 5% is a lie cleverly designed to throw you off your path. One example from a UK workshop claiming to be channelling a high level Ascended Master. Everything through the day was fine, up to the point the audience was told this - “The most important thing we should all be doing is to help transmute all the suffering in 3D. Everyone needs to focus now on the pain and suffering of people. Take it from them and let us help to transmute it. This is the most important job we can all do now.” If someone was not being intuitive or discerning, that statement may make sense, especially if their life is controlled by their emotions. They could ‘think’ – ‘Well, that sounds right, there are so many people are suffering. I need to help them. Whether they did this in the workshop or took it home as an idea to do, it would not serve them well. They would possibly be negatively impacted; physically, emotionally and mentally. In addition, it could pull people from their path and what they really came here to do.

When something you hear doesn’t sit well with you and you are not quite comfortable with it, trust your own gut. Don’t dismiss your instinct with ideas like - ‘they know more than me; they have been doing this for years so they must be right; they must have checked their source is Light; everyone is following them; they have written books; they are well known; they give workshops; they look like a nice person! As we know, large numbers of people doing something, doesn’t mean it is right. We have billions of people on Earth currently following a complete illusion and pack of lies - and they are all wrong!

The key is to develop and trust your own gut knowing. Then life becomes easy. Then we stop struggling in working out what is true or not. The ideal is to lightly dismiss all that does not gel with us (without judging it) and accept but hold lightly (detachment) that which feels true. We don’t fix our truths in concrete because there is always going to be higher and higher level of truth throughout our universal journey, presented to us as our consciousness expands.

Our journey gets more and more exciting as we gain greater wisdom and understanding. We start to experience happiness and gratitude for all we have. We see life as a blessing, being grateful for every moment and for every learning and opportunity offered to us, embracing the love of our friends and family and for the beauty all around us.

Discernment always


Sandy Stevenson

8th July 2021