There are millions of Lightworkers. Many are wrapping up now and heading home. The original 144,000 Starseed team are in their final incarnation and are also heading home; many having left already.  

I was recently with some Lightworkers in the USA who were discussing the idea of ‘going home’. From some comments made, I wondered if we really understand what is required to go home. Someone said they ‘wanted to stay around to see their grandchildren grow up’. Another said they ‘thought there was still a lot of work to do on Earth, so they were staying’. Someone else said they’d ‘built up a large clientele and didn’t want to let them down’. Others expressed a desire to ‘stay for a long time’ (however when further examined it often turned out to be a fear of leaving; a common thought but rarely addressed.)

But none of these or similar reasons have any validity regarding the requirements for us returning home.

The following points do apply:-

1.   Complete your contract/role on Earth. We each made agreements to assist Earth with her Ascension process.

2.  Complete your personal spiritual goals. We will review this prior to leaving to see if we’re satisfied to leave.

3.  Everything must be in balance. Before you can return home, balance in needed in everything – e.g. equally happy to stay or leave; internal/external focus; head/heart; male/female; grounded/spaced out; mind/body/spirit; karmic balance; etc.

4.  Raise our vibration sufficiently to return to higher levels of light dimensions. It’s not possible to return home if our lower bodies (mental and emotional) have dense energy stored there. To handle this, we’re constantly shown our reactions/judgments/fixed ideas and stuck patterns, so as to release the dense energy and raise our vibration. To help this occur, stop all criticisms and judgments of yourself and others. All of it! It’s OK to notice things just don’t add 3D judgements to it. They hold very dense energy. Stay in a space of unconditional love as much as you can. And never ever forget there’s a higher picture to everything. For example, if you see a partner abusing the other one in some way – don’t judge it. When you do, you are not acknowledging the higher reason for it. Do yourself and the planet a service and don’t create dense energy in your field by judging it incorrectly.

Test yourself.  When seeing something unpleasant in life/TV/news, etc, do you ever think, ‘Isn’t that awful’ or feel affected by it? Do you know what happens when you choose to respond in that way?

You just got drawn into your mental and/or emotional body which dropped your vibration into a limited 3D perspective.

You failed to acknowledge or trust there is a higher picture to everything.

You chose to lessen your light and therefore the value of your contribution to the planet.

You added dense energy to your auric field.

You ignored your contract and your commitment to your fellow team workers.

You lessened the light on the planet, which has an effect on the whole universe because everything is connected.

That may seem to be a harsh view but if you do that often, imagine the effect it has on you and the ‘whole.’ Also, whatever it was you saw or heard, it is not awful!’ It might seem that way when only seen from a 3D perspective. But if you could see the higher, broader picture of that event, you’d see how perfect it was.

A common response to the suggestion we shouldn’t see things as ‘awful’ - is that we’re being unfeeling and not compassionate. That statement is abjectly untrue. Compassion is an interesting area – there are two kinds. One is emotional, one is spiritual. Our higher self is spiritually compassionate – in fact, incredible so. The type of compassion generally experienced by humans is a sensation in their emotional body. Operating through our emotional body ‘feeling compassion’ creates a dense energy field and reduces our light capacity.  Spiritual compassion means we offer the right help needed, as well as maintain a higher level of vibration to carry out our work in the most optimum way.

The above points are the main ones regarding the spiritual steps needed to return home. Your contract timing may have a relevance to agreements you’ve made with your Twin Flame and other beings from your ‘home’. Ultimately though, time is an illusion and everything is perfect.

I’d love to tell you there are shortcuts or you’ll be scooped up to ascend without having done anything to get yourself into a space of mastery, but I’d be lying. Going home is a ‘do it yourself’ affair and that applies for everyone. May be worth checking if  we’re putting in the work to constantly release our dense energy patterns and are creating peace and fun in our life  and are sitting in a positive, non-judgemental, grateful and loving space, spotting our reactions and transmuting them with light.

May the Light of God continue to surround us on our chosen path,

Sandy Stevenson

15th September 2018