We appear to be gearing a lot of our plans toward fixing our corrupt governments, as we plead with Presidents and Prime Ministers assuming we are dealing with human beings who have a conscience and are willing to reassess situations using logic, facts and figures. We expect them to respond with compassion and understanding for the welfare of people.


We’ve heard many things in the last couple of years that showed us things were quite different to how we viewed society and the world. Some things have been unbelievable or shocking, but somehow we felt a stirring of truth. Even being able to accept some as being possible has freed us from many fixed ideas we had about the world.


People are in different stages of awakening as they undergo the process of discovering not everything is as thought to be. People awake for a while have a range of new perspectives on life. But there is one subject that hasn’t yet received lot of coverage. I will mention it in case it has some bearing on how we move forward. Those only recently awakened will really think it’s a conspiracy theory!  I saw a good meme recently, ‘All my conspiracy theories have proved to be true. Does anyone have any new ones?’


Many of us know about Dolly the Sheep, an artificially created animal in 1997. Dolly died young and this fact was given for it being an unworkable area. In fact, it is quite possible that cloning of animals and humans has been going on for a long time, something always denied by governments and scientists. But we are used to such denials from so called authorities. Research in different states of the USA throws up surprises including companies who undertake cloning such as Clonaid who has now relocated to the Bahamas. There is no federal US law prohibiting human cloning and that same rule applies to many countries. Belgium, Sweden and Spain allow therapeutic cloning and human embryonic stem cell use. Germany and Italy are reconsidering their legislation so as to allow it and Ireland is already doing so.


The point is this technology may have already advanced to the extent of cloning (imitations) people in larger numbers than we might imagine. With the current global exposure of all hidden corruption on Earth, people are coming forward with stories and video footage of human cloning and cloning facilities in secret locations. It seems Hollywood and the entertainment industry is considered major areas for cloning. As we know, there’s a lot of money in the world of entertainment. It has been stated that many well known movie stars, singers and TV personalities have been cloned, perhaps initially agreeing to this believing it to be useful to send their ‘doubles’ to cover boring promotional tours and interviews, while they remain home. We are aware some people including celebrities use ‘doubles,’ which are people who bear a good resemblance to them, but cloning is different.


It is hard to imagine why people would volunteer to be cloned. It could be not all cloning is voluntary. Some people may have been blackmailed, threatened or it was done without their permission. If we think about it, clones could be a great asset for financial gain and manipulation of society. As we know, a celebrity endorsing anything holds great sway with the public.


We may perceive a clone as some sort of ‘double,’ created to give someone a break from tedious parts of life. But a more accurate description might be to think of a clone as a robot or computer with a programme containing the conscious memories of a specific person and is then clothed in a human like body. So, instead of a C3PO or R2D2 (the two robots from Star Wars) we could imagine a more sophisticated version in a human looking body instead of metal casing. Placing a clone in a key political or influential position could see agendas carried out perfectly.


We are assured that only two pieces of DNA are required to clone a human, e.g. a piece of fingernail, blood or a sample of saliva (swab of nose or mouth.) It does pose a different possibility regarding the taking of blood, billions of PCR tests (we are told our DNA information is only stored for 2 years!) and other areas such as giving DNA samples to ancestry organizations to discover our heritage. We could wonder where these results end up, especially as we know major organizations, including in China, collect and store DNA. Australian Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk’s father, Henry Palaszczuk, is the Chairman of GTA (Gene Technology Alliance), a multi trillion-dollar Chinese DNA gene data storage company, registered in Singapore and China-tied. In 2019, the GTA Summit was held in Anhui province, China.


We could believe it would take a long time to clone someone, but we are being told the technology is so advanced that a crude version clone (requiring close supervision) can be achieved in hours, a medium version (less supervision) in weeks and a super version (no accompanied supervision needed) in just months.


Apparently, the full version receives a duplication of all the conscious memory of the original person (also retained by the original). The consciousness transference of memory means the clone would then recognise friends and situations from the individual’s life. This can make it difficult to detect a cloned individual, although apparently there are always visible differences in behaviour, which is usually explained away by friends and family. I don’t think we need to be concerned that people we know might be clones. It would only exist in the realm of very influential people who could have an affect on world opinion. If the original person is alive, it seems they are linked in some symbiotic way to their clone and probably experience events and emotions felt by their clone. The clone relies on the original person for continuous life. If the original person dies, their clone apparently does not last very long. However, many clones can be made of one person, in which case even if the original person dies, other clones may be on hand as substitutes.


If we can accept the idea of cloning as a possibility, it is conceivable some of our political leaders might be clones. We already see many leaders and authorities are resolutely holding to a precise, unbending path of action and appear incapable of reason, no matter how succinct, logical or factual it may be. We see a lack of real emotion or compassion and observe from their actions (not their words) little concern for the hardships being inflicted on humanity.


So, if cloning is real, it is possible in some instances we are not dealing with a human at all. It may be a clone incapable of altering their course of action. If so, we would need to approach the situation differently. Robots function with a computer programme so using reason or expecting a sane and compassionate response will not work. The only change might be a software alteration to create a diversion to make us think we are winning and fail to notice what is going on in the background pursuing the same agenda.


So, if appealing to leaders such as Trudeau, Macron, Morrison, etc. is not a way to go, what do we do? In Australia and Canada, there is an attempt to bypass the main government and request the Governor General, the Queen’s representative, to exercise his right to dissolve parliament if it acts unlawfully.


There is a Divine plan for Earth; it is God’s plan. It is focused on advancing the evolution of Earth and humanity. It includes a series of steps to reveal corruption on Earth. We see many corrupt areas become visible. Even people not yet awake can see social media banning people and millions of good and trusted professionals such as nurses, paramedics, fire-fighters, doctors, etc. losing their jobs. People are beginning to discover their double and triple vaccinations are ineffective against the virus and they will need more boosters for temporary protection. As people see corruption unfold, they will begin to choose a better world. With old ways removed, the vacuum created paves the way for a better society that functions with care, love, compassion and integrity.


There are a couple of ways to remove the corruption and create a society we want.


Plan A.

The quickest way to assist the evolution of humanity and undoubtedly the most effective and rewarding is through increasing light on Earth. To achieve this, those awake would need to step back from the busy treadmill of life and determine their true values. It is easy to lose a sense of our true identity when we are caught up in a busy daily grind with no time to review. Life involves many actions and responsibilities and with few exceptions, can become a continual cycle of work, home, eat, watch TV and sleep. This sort of repetition leaves little time to discover our spiritual nature and examine freedoms we desire. The recent lockdowns assisted this by offering time for people working from home to realize the rat race of their daily work schedule. Pondering what we really value can bring greater enlightenment and awareness of who we really are. It can help us recognise and remove unwanted and indoctrinated beliefs we’ve adopted in life. It can empower us to throw off dense, negative patterns and increase a positive outlook on life. Inner peace is restored when we break free of society’s programmed rat race. We can still be part of society but can alter things we see are not really working for us. We can stop living a life that chokes the breath from our lungs.


As we break free of dense restrictions, we increase our light. Light is a wave length; a field of energy vibration. Our light frequency extends beyond us because we are all connected through the essence of spirit. You may recall times an individual entered a room and their brightness cheered everyone up. Light from individuals moves into the collective energy field and helps increase conscious awareness in humanity. This momentum compounds and increases.


When people wake up at a time of a heightened light frequency, as is occurring now on Earth, it is easier for them to assimilate, adjust and accept information. Even information that would normally be quite disturbing will not produce high levels of shock or anger. This has the advantage of preventing a lot of negative energy swamping Earth’s energy field when people discover the extent of the corruption. An influx of negative energy would inhibit the increase of light on Earth.


The faster route offered by Plan A would require people to rise above their negative behaviour, to let go of dramatic reactions and stop being critical and judgmental and to focus on love as much as possible. They would have to be aware when they are being negative and swiftly change it to positive energy.  Perhaps not everyone has realized what thoughts, words and actions really constitute negative and positive energy and the immense power of choices we make every moment. If people are in a mindset where they can’t wait to say ‘I told you so’ and make people feel stupid or wrong for not waking up earlier, there doesn’t appear to be much chance of a Plan A option.


Plan B.

The alternative to Plan A is the one we seem to be currently following. It allows for a slow reveal of all areas of planetary corruption, delivered at a pace to give humanity the chance to digest something before being faced with the next corrupt exposure. It is a slow but steady route. We continue to reveal truth any way we can. People slowly become aware that major areas of life are extensively corrupt and that many individuals and organizations want control and entrapment of humanity. The lies told begin to reach the masses. People start to notice governments removing freedoms; police making arrests without cause and often using brutal methods; peaceful protests being prevented or stopped in harsh ways; the media being caught out lying; justice systems failing the people; private bank accounts frozen and social media pages closed down or accessed for content that opposes government agenda. All corrupt areas continue to be exposed until the greater majority of Earth’s population are sufficiently informed. At that point, people unite and demand the dismantling of corrupt systems. It doesn’t need every person on Earth to wake up but it would need a majority awake so the main focus of energy is one of truth and integrity to move the pendulum to a successful conclusion.


Although a great deal is happening behind the scenes, with a strategy likened to a master game of chess as it reveals global corruption, with so many actions hidden from view makes it hard for us to gauge our position in the overall goal. But thousands of actions are being taken daily to rid the planet of all corruption and pave the way for a new human existence. The magnitude of what is being achieved on this planet during this very short time frame is magical, spectacular and beyond comprehension. It really has only been a few years of major reveal and awakening. Many of us are now consciously aware of the depth and extent of the corruption on Earth. With corruption infiltrating every walk of life, it has been a mammoth task. Just lucky we are who we are! Millions of awakened lightworkers placed throughout the world, blazing a path of light as we dismantle everything that does not fit a future planet of truth and integrity.


We are being told we need to trust and this is true. We need to trust the universal process and the higher teams of light who are doing the heavy lifting. But mostly we need to trust ourselves!  We are not here by accident (although some are sure they must be!) And we didn’t arrive without a plan (although we wonder sometimes!) We knew what was going to unfold and how to handle it. We were aware we would need to adapt as we observed humanity’s response in coming to terms with the world being turned upside down. We are succeeding in spectacular fashion but now is not the time sit back and relax. There are still many people to wake up and some dark areas to sort out. We need to stay alert, positive and above all hold the light.


We will reach a tipping point where the majority momentum takes hold and swiftly brings it all to a close. When that point is reached, newly awakened people will be looking around for the majority consensus. That is society’s normal human reaction to see what others think. They will discover people who can calmly explain what has occurred, without drama or judgement, bringing love and understanding to confusion. Every human responds and remains calm in the face of love.


Here is an interesting exercise I would encourage us all to do. Sit with a friend and discuss your approach if called upon to explain the current planetary situation to a newly awakened person who has no idea of any of it. This exercise could help us see how to simplify it and omit unnecessary details that could cause shock, overwhelm or tip people into a negative space or make them feel stupid so much happened without their knowledge. It could help us clarify what exactly is needed to ensure they understand and feel OK with it?  People need time to adjust. We all did! No-one needs it all in the beginning.  We could also just check our ego has no desire to create drama and an effect.


We began arriving from the stars, as far back as Atlantis, millions of experienced and evolved souls answered the call to help Earth reach a new level of evolution. We came to free Earth to become a place where all can live together in peace and harmony, in balance with nature, creating an existence where integrity is valued and love is the major factor in how life is conducted.  


Love of Light,


Sandy Stevenson

19th February 2022 (9)