It is easy to get caught up in a tangle of indecision regarding events in our life. Should we leave our job, end our relationship, newly decorate our home, move overseas, sort out family who don’t speak to each other, sell the house, change location, handle a tearaway teenager. The list of scenarios that can give us endless conflict is, in itself, never-ending in our 3D world.

The main problem with indecision in such matters often stems from a failure to understand Divine order. The perfect role of Divine order brings us an understanding we planned  an incarnation for ourselves that would bring us the goals, learning and karma balancing (if applicable) we required in that span of time. Within the preparations we made prior to entering into a life span – however short or long that life is to be - we arranged to give ourselves many signs during the incarnation that would signify importance to us – and were meant to pay attention to. We intended they would indicate – ‘Here is a step on the path you chose to walk  to gain what you chose for this lifetime.’ So, we see a sign and something inside us notices it. If we’re in tune with ourselves in that moment of time – we see, feel or hear it. If instead, we’re moving around in an ever increasing turmoil of questioning our every move and motive – it’s extremely difficult to even notice the signs we’re being shown – and certainly have little chance of acting upon it. Prior to coming here, we understood we’re likely to miss a few of these signs – so we arranged for several signs on any one area, to reach us in different ways. This was to give us a greater chance to see them - as they were to be offered within different scenarios – each one capable of drawing our attention and making us feel some sort of interest, excitement or intent to follow it up.

So, in many of these scenarios, we have the scene of an overactive mind filling itself with thought – allowing little else to penetrate the conglomeration of ideas and patterns it continually presents to us – and appears to have some validity because they are so persistent and often quite powerful. That makes it seem as though we need to pay it attention. In fact, we need to go way beyond the entire movement of a thought process, if we ever wish to establish a connection and contact with the Self we seek. The Self leads us to the realization of truth. The Self sees the signs and understands them – for it was the Self who set them up in the first place – knowing they would mean something to us and be significant when we saw them – and would lead us to the next right movement on the path we created prior to coming here. 

Many words are said about seeking happiness, following your dream, aligning with the heart and forming a relationship with the universe reflecting itself in 3D daily life. What does all that mean? Does it mean we should be content with where we are? In some ways, one could say yes - for acceptance of each moment offers harmony and peace within the self – a place without protest or us seeking to be free of that moment. Does that therefore mean that because I’m here accepting this moment, I’m destined to be in this moment forever? To answer this, we draw our attention back to our Plan. Yes, the plan we went to great lengths to arrange with many individuals to come in – pass by – or leave our life. The incredible planning involved in arranging our birth to split second timing of planetary energies to give us the best chance to gain the goals we sought and increase our evolutionary position and vibration of light. Plus the details involved in the many scenarios we created to take place in our life – all in anticipation they would take us beyond the mundane world of 3D and teach us more of how to be one with all things.

So, perhaps in the realization of all we put together – the vast detail and exquisiteness of a plan so carefully constructed with the perspective of our higher state of awareness - that contained more values that can easily be counted in terms of growth and understanding – we have our answer. Be content with each moment – but let it be the soul who is content in pure truth – and not a mind of thought that’s put at ease and not a symphony of emotions that’s put at rest. Let it be the soul – in each wonderful moment, as it resides in the perfection of stillness of itself and not in the mind, ego or emotions. A stillness and rightness of soul that says to itself - this is my destiny - this is what I sought - this is what I planned - here in this place in this moment, my soul aligns with the entire universe in joyous harmony - for I know beyond any shadow of doubt, this is my place. And should someone ask me ‘where would you choose to be in this moment if you could be anywhere? Note your answer. If you can say in pure truth – ‘This is my place. Here I’m aligned with All That Is. There’s nowhere else that makes my heart sing more’ - then you are truly in this moment and in the place on your path that unites you with your Higher Self. Are you there for just this moment but not the next? Only you can know this. The question will be the same for each moment. Its answer always reflecting where you’re meant to be in the highest order of divine alignment. Feel the awareness of difference in energy and in heart felt knowing, when the answer is ‘No, I’m not in a place that aligns with my soul and my purpose. Indeed, be grateful for the moment – for every moment continually reflects brilliance and mathematical perfection that always and inherently offers a combination of the most rewarding and easiest route to our goals.

Happiness always comes from within and part of the journey of life within the 3D plane is to slowly and gently move beyond  the need to be fulfilled by the energy of others in order to feel complete. Once this point of completeness within the self is attained, we’re able to have a mutually satisfying relationship that stands together but at the same time stands alone - beyond a dependency that cannot be let go. This applies to all relationships one encounters in life; business partners, friendships and romantic connections.

The inner turmoil we have as we deal with confusing issues is ideally worked out in the correct environment they’re meant to be worked out in. It’s of no avail trying to try and work out inner trauma and confusion – if we’re located in a traumatic and confusing environment. An age old adage tells us to create space between ourselves and a problem in order to gain clarity. Being amid the problem, we can’t see clearly and we simply become the problem. We’re not super humans on this path of enlightenment – we need to step back sometimes to see with the eyes of the inner soul. And it may be that the internal issues and emotions presenting themselves are simply a reflection of inner torment as we flay against signs urging us toward a direction we must take. And so conflict is created within the soul who denies the destiny it chose – and in such an instance, that conflict will not and cannot resolve. It can be denied and it can be buried - but it cannot resolve.

Do we need to let go of every emotion we are feeling in this situation? We only need to work through thoughts and emotions that resonate intuitively and right as needing to be worked through. Generally speaking, the answer would be yes – we need to let go of enveloping emotions that blind us to what our gut is directing us to do. But some emotions are the resulting conflict of the universe saying one thing and the soul trying not to listen! So, it may be that not everything needs to be let go of. Some things will disappear as soon as we listen to our true self and inner guidance.

Some part of us deep inside senses actions that are good for the soul and are offering a precise lesson and growth that lies firmly on our chosen path. When this inner feeling of rightness is present, we’re able to be positive and act step by step, allowing it all to unfold in divine order in each moment. With  a sense of rightness present, we’re able to refrain from inflicting results and outcomes upon ourselves. Instead we can know as long as we’re doing what feels right in our gut and trusting the process – we don’t need to contemplate the outcome. Some emotions may appear during this time, but somewhere inside we know the rightness for the soul is beyond and not part of the emotions.

If we are having doubts about whether our relationship is still right for us, perhaps we could look beyond just the ‘relationship’ before making path choices. Instead of making decisions based only on the functionality of our relationship (a limited part of our overall life) and restricting our thinking only to the relationship and its associated thoughts, such as - would we be better off with no relationship at all or maybe we can find one that serves us better/deeper/more romantically, etc. Perhaps check a wider view and look for feelings and signs that indicate our overall spiritual path and the goals we seek. Although relationships can offer us definite signs of whether we’re on our path or not, it’s still only a small box with a limited perspective to base decisions on.

It’s a big universe – our path is big – and the universe shows us a much broader picture of our path than only a limited view. It shows signs of interest and excitement and passion about subjects being discussed and hobbies of interest and people and places we are drawn to. These signs are easy to see and can be found in conversations and on TV and in books and practically anywhere. We see them if we haven’t boxed ourselves into a tiny view of whether our relationship is right or not – and have started believing that’s what life’s all about. Getting caught up in any drama with a detailed and limited view, sees the many emotions and thoughts involved attached to it - with no place else to go. So they hover, trapped in the scenario - and we’re often unable to pick up on other movements taking place in life that are signs leading us to our destiny and goals we planned. Seeking a better relationship can indeed move the soul to action and that’s good as long as we remember life is wider, broader and way bigger than just our relationship. The two can fit – and perfectly fit – providing the relationship was divinely intended as part of our plan – in this now moment! And we always know if this is so – when we start listening to our Self.  This universe and we - are all about expansion. Continual growth without stagnation – requiring continual movement – an ebb and flow that serves us in reaching a deeper connection to All That Is.

Do we sit in heavy situations and hope it works, if everything in our heart is telling us something different? When the stars have aligned in our world and the universe has shown us clear signs, do we listen? We’re quite skilled at misinterpreting or ignoring signs and we often do it when it doesn’t suit our ego at that moment or we’re busy being caught up in fear or anger or making someone else wrong. So, we ignore it or overrule it. We have points of choice all through life - choosing lower or higher will. Making a choice of following our deep gut knowing or reacting to negative patterns swamping our very being, making us believe the patterns are us? Is it stubbornness or selfishness to want something different for ourselves, something better?  Yes, it can be selfish - when it comes from ego dissatisfaction. But there’s a big difference between ego desires and destiny calling us to our path. Ego is a surface thing – a transient thing. The soul is an immortal thing of deep substance and has an innate spiritual consciousness to feel rightness or excitement when it glimpses the adventure and discovery it planned on its path to greater enlightenment.

If a soul never wanted something different for itself – there would be no progress of the soul and no evolution. If every soul did this - eventually perhaps the universe would disappear, being no longer needed!

Sandy Stevenson

22nd October 2019